Magic Wipe is a great opportunity to deliver personal messages to friends in an awesome and innovative way. If you like Simon Pierros iPad Magic you will love this app. Instead of a personalized message you can use the camera to surprise your friends.


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Magic Wipe! alternatives

PhotoPrediction - Predict the future with photos! (magic trick)

AppFind - One of best 5 magic trick apps of 2013 World Magic Shop - App of the month M.U.M Magazine - Featured in Tech tricks column, by Bruce Kalver This version is exclusive to iPhones and iPods If you are using an iPad, check out the specific version on the App Store. PhotoPrediction is a powerful new tool that will allow you to perform an awesome and impossible mentalism trick The effect:You ask your spectator to name a card from the deck. Cleaner impossible - Easy setup, that you do once and the trick is ready forever - Easy customization: you can create several different presets for several situations- Share your presets with other devices- Training mode to facilitate understanding of the method- No voice recognition- No wireless comunication- No forces- Compatible with all iPhones/iPods (iOS 8.4 or later)- It looks like a real magic Nobody will be suspicious of anything - Application camouflaged to not be found, and the with possibility of password protection- TouchID support- You do not need a deck of cards to perform the effect, only your iPhone/iPod- App and explanations available in portuguese and english, but the app can run in ANY language and the trick will work properly anyway.

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 45.1 MB


TRULY ASTONISHING - David Pogue, NY TimesSO CONVINCING - Washington PostSearch iForce magic on YouTubeSeen on TV. UKs Ch. Email me at: [email protected] You,Greg Rostami

  • size 6.9 MB


Rostami brings magic into the 21st century. No skill, No memorization, No Accomplice (If you want SUPER easy, you can use an accomplice) Perform surrounded, anytime, anywhere (with internet) with NO PROPS No Bluetooth, No Wi-Fi, No Voice Recognition. Please contact Greg at [email protected] for details.This app is intended for entertainment purposes and does not provide true mind reading functionality.

  • size 40.4 MB

The Card - A magical experience, card tricks pro

The best magic apps for iPhone AppPicker. Your iPhone has magic powers, without touching it, to reveal a thought of card in mysterious ways. Inspired by great friend, magician, tennis coach and life mentor: Bill JacobsonIcon and Graphics Art Director: Sarah MaApp Preview Video Director/Actress: Heeva ParsiWatch Cody Scott Invisible Card WOW performance (

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 16.5 MB


Genii, The Conjurors Magazine, is your entry into the fascinating world of magic. The largest selling independent magazine for magicians, published since 1936, Genii is a full-color magazine devoted to this hobby and profession. When you read Genii, youll experience the world of magic and magicians in a completely new way.

  • size 29.8 MB

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Magic Experience by HocusPocus Festival

Magic Experience gives us the opportunity to bring the world of magic to the palm. Magic Experience will certainly surprise you. If you like the world of magic, this is your app.

  • size 7.1 MB
  • version 1.4

Photo Magic All In One Now support facebook Albums!

Wanna be a celebrity? this app make it happen Photo Magic All In One gives you funy experiences Just choose an effect you like from over 100 different effects, pick a picture from Camera Roll or take one with iPhones built-in camera and wait to see the magic Customer Reviewsthetickpicker by Yvonne DanielsThis app is totally awesome my friends have asked me when did I go to Paris. I love it.

  • rating 3.35874
  • size 3.3 MB
  • version 1.2

Monogram - Lock Screen & Home Screen Background Wallpaper

Make your lock screen different Monogram is the best and easiest way to design your pretty Lock screen & Home screen wallpapers A lot of best-selected patterns, personal wallpapers by professional designers Add a monogram frame and your name or your initials with customized fonts, color, size and latest fashion Change your lock screen as you like, send your personalized surprise to your friends, share your lock screen& home screen with your friends. Save your design on your camera roll. Easy, quick and fun to make monogrammed wallpaper for your iPhone and iPod touch

  • size 32.4 MB
  • version 2.0

Pocket Campaign

Pocket Campaign is the best way to send personalized mass-emails to a group of friends, family, and business associates. Have you ever received a message like Dear Friend. You will love it.

  • size 13.8 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Happy Birthday Wishes.

The BEST app to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your friends, loved ones, family members, colleagues and others. This app will give you the right quote or message: sincere, funny, loving and memorable. Currently FREE App Awesome HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESSAGES SEND via facebook, twitter, sms, email Regular UPDATES with more quotes Save your favorites for frequent use Easy to use, designed with love Surprise the recipient with amazing birthday wishes

  • rating 2.71429
  • size 6.8 MB
  • version 1.5


ClipConnections is a way to send video messages to friends with a personalized message. It grew into being a personal assistant to the vast amount of video available online (Youtube, Dailymotion for now). - On the web: - On Facebook: Enjoy ClipConnections

Truth Stickers

Expose the truth Messages are an easy way for your friends and family to make excuses to you so expose them Show them you know what they really are trying to say Additionally you can use scribbles to wipe out those pathetic lies and put exactly what they are trying to say for them instead Tap and hold then drag to a speech bubble to expose the truth

  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Color Texting for Message

Enjoy our new awesome colored Text for Valentines Day Surprise your friends Customize your iMessage/SMS/Email to have colorful background. Feel yourself like a real artist by mixing and choosing textures that we offer Features: - Customize the background of your Message - UNLIMITED Background Colors selection - UNLIMITED Text Colors Selection - Text Style - Text Font & Size - Background images (Texture) Enjoy the new way to send messages Usage: 1) Type your Text and customize it as you like 2) Press Send 3) When the messages app opens, in the text field, Tap and hold then select Paste 4) You have now an awesome colored Text More Feathers come soon

  • rating 4.02273
  • size 1.9 MB
  • version 1.3 version

Voice by Email

* Send free audio messages through email, sms and more. * Texting and driving is DANGEROUS, use this app to send a quick voice message instead* Smallest sized messages with great quality* Super easy to use, record and send all the messages you want in just two steps* Does not require complicated registrations, credit cards or your personal emailThis application lets you send free audio messages of small size via email, SMS, WhatsApp , Bluetooth, etc. One minute of speech typically occupies about 50 kilobytes.

  • size 16.2 MB
  • version 5.1

Magicam - Free Valentine Camera for Couple Selfies

Magicam is the latest theme filter app from the creators of PicCollage Use our magic effects button on your photos and *POOF* youll get a fun surprise every time Valentines frames and filters help make this the funnest, easiest way to add festive cheer to your pics. Once youre finished, easily share with friends via email, text, Instagram, Facebook, or SnapChat Awesome features:* Take a selfie directly or Import photos from your camera roll. Enjoy the cute and fun magic :)

  • size 27.7 MB
  • version 1.10.1