the software is mainly through the iPhone or iPad by connecting the corresponding WiFi. to control lighting, Instead of the traditional lamp switch button, and have diversified lighting control effect and any light color you wanted. the videos as follow:

Magic Color 2.0 alternatives


This is a native iOS user interface application for openHAB - an open source home automation system. The open Home Automation Bus (openHAB) project aims at providing a universal integration platform for all things around home automation. You will find openHAB at

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Magic Home WiFi

Magic Home is a wifi controller APP for smart led lighting. What product does this APP support?1.WiFi RGBW/CT led bulb: It has ON/OFF,colors,dimming,timer,fade.jump,music and remotely control function etc;2.WiFi CT/RGBW led downlight: It has ON/OFF,dimmer,timer and remotely control function etc;3.WiFi RGB/CT/Mono led controller, It has ON/OFF,colors,dimming,fade.jump,music control function etc;3.WiFi RGBW led controller. Run magic home APP.

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  • size 18.7 MB

XKchrome - Bluetooth Remote Control LED Lighting

XKchrome is an innovative app-enabled light system that completely changes the look of your night rides. It casts dynamic light that highlights the beauty of your vehicle with any color you picked. You can also turn off this feature at any time.

  • size 31.2 MB

Magic Home Pro

Magic Home Pro is a wifi controller APP for smart led lighting. New feature:1. New UI design

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  • size 11.5 MB

LED Magic Blue

This is a application software for built-in bluetooth light. It let smartphone directly control built-in bluetooth light wireless come true. Wonderful Thank you

  • size 12.1 MB