Magazines Collector allows you to create a catalogue of your magazines and comic books to have access to your collection all the time. The purpose of the app is to help you keep track of your collection, especially in those moments at the store or the flea market where everything is on sale and you may end up with two copies of the same issue. You may include:- up to 10 pictures per issue from the camera or your photo album- the issues volume, number and publication date- the condition of your copy (you can add or edit the conditions available)- the purchase date (when you bought the copy)- the store where the copy was purchased- the storage location (if you have a big collection, you can indicate the location of the copy)- Observations

Magazines Collector alternatives

Toy Collector Checklist 3

The next major release of Toy Collector is here 1) Runs side-by-side with Toy Collector 2. Try out 3.0, provide feedback, and watch it flourish while maintaining your collection in 2.x 2) Export from 2.x to 3.0 to bring all your data over at once3) Participate in design and feature ideas. You can find me on Twitter (@toycollectorapp) or on email ([email protected]) if you have concerns, complaints, or suggestions

  • rating 4.625
  • size 84.7 MB

Toy Collector Checklist 2

Welcome to the second generation of Toy Collector This application has grown organically with the help of collectors all over the globe. What started as a simple checklist for M.U.S.C.L.E has grown into a database of over 67,000 toys, figures and collectibles. Nothing needs to be left out if there is something you want added, just let the developer know

  • size 30.1 MB

CLZ Comics

Easily catalog your comic book collection. Just scan barcodes with your camera. Then check out our other iOS apps, just search the App Store for CLZ.

  • rating 4.79807
  • size 37.5 MB

CLZ Games

Easily catalog your video game collection. Auto-download full game details from our Core online game database* Game descriptions, publishers, developers, release dates, etc* Cover images, backdrop art & trailer videosQuickly add games to your database* by scanning game barcodes with your device camera* or by searching our Core database by platform and titleOptional: Sign-up for a free CLZ Account and use the CLZ Cloud to:* Make an online backup of your game collection database. Then check out our other iOS apps, just search the App Store for CLZ.

  • rating 4.52381
  • size 39.0 MB