Definitive automatic Dungeon generation roguelike Arranged for the smartphone rogue and Hack & Slash. You can take the card as a combat party. And also friends ranking only in the group who followers, you can challenge.



From the creator of MinuteFrontier comes the hotly anticipated MinuteMonsters Please become a lucifer.jr this time

  • rating 5.0
  • size 69.7 MB

Soul Crystal - Hack&Slash RPG

Alternate Universe x Adventure x Treasure = RPG The game is set in the distant world of Grand Garden. Become an adventurer living in this fantasy world and get the treasures lying in the depths of the dungeon Plenty of Battles and Plenty of Loot in Quest Mode In Quest Mode, youll enjoy a super exciting hack and slash RPG.The pixel art characters in Quest Mode are always moving and shaving off each others HP.Your quest will end when you make it to the end of the stage or if you retreat before you get totally crushed, and youll get experience and items. Soul Crystal - Hack and Slash RPG Introduction Page (

  • size 134 MB

BattleDNA2 - Idle RPG

DungeonRPG Craftsmen adventure

Hack and Slash system dungeon RPG* Everyone likes very much, turn system battle* Characters are made from job which has 8 kinds and team is organized. * Player operates and searches dungeon. It corresponds as quickly as possible.

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 189 MB


From the creator of MinuteQuest comes the hotly anticipated MinuteDungeon A classic dungeon-crawler guaranteed to suck you in to its pixelated 2D world, one minute at a time Mysterious labyrinths and fearsome enemies await you.

  • rating 4.5122
  • size 19.7 MB