View all necessary information about your device and its network connections (Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Cellular carrier) in a beautiful and unique animated manner and how to optimise your device use. Features include:Device information: - name - model - screen size - iOS Version - time since last reboot - cpu cores - active cpu cores - processor type - physical memoryRAM information: - total - free - used - active - inactive - wired - unused - GPU (video allocated memory)Storage information: - total - used - freeNetwork information: - ISP (Internet Service Provider) - active network traffic for Wi-Fi and Cellular Data - total network traffic for Wi-Fi and Cellular Data - connected by (Wi-Fi or Cellular Data) - external IP - gateway IP - local IP - broadcast - subnet mask - Wi-Fi SSID or Cellular Data provider - BSSID (Mac address of the Wi-Fi router) or Radio technology used to connect to the Cellular provider - location: Country, State, City - latitude - longitude - cellular data provider information: - name - radio connection technology - network code - country code - ISO country code CPU information: - name - frequency - coprocessor nameBattery information: - capacity - voltage - status - charge level

MStats - View your device information alternatives

PYAUNG - Convert Between ZawGyi and Unicode

Easily convert between ZawGyi and Unicode. Widget to convert the text from pasteboard without leaving the current app Easily paste the text you want to convert Easily copy converted text

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Fast calculator for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch that shows the calculation History, includes a Today Extension that allows for fast calculation by swiping down and 3D Touch for quick interactions. Numbers are formatted for your country, i.e. period in the US and comma in Europe. The Key Clicks may be turned off in the CalcFast Settings.- When installing the Apple Watch App, wait while it installs, if it doesnt try again and allow it more time.

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Night Vision(Photo and Video,Long exposure camera)

SysInfo Pro - System Stats and Information Widgets