- The powerful app that shows system information on your device such as Memory usage, CPU usage.- Graph monitor to track real-time memory status.- Show system information such as: Memory, CPU usage.

MEM Advanced : System Utilities, RAM, CPU Status Activator alternatives

VPN Guru - Master of Fast VPN

Enjoy secure and free connection to the world VPN Guru is truly a secure, fast and stable VPN proxy that enables you to access your favorite websites and apps, and keeps your privacy safe with bank-grade security. It is the worlds trusted security, privacy, and access platform. Privacy: https://s3.amazonaws.com/commonfile/vpn_guru/privacy_policy.htmlTerms: https://s3.amazonaws.com/commonfile/vpn_guru/terms.html

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iChecker- Check storage memory clean contacts aid

Quick Launch - App launcher by 3D touch

Using magical 3d touch function to start app quickly. Time-saving;Super fast and easy to use;Keeping your home screen clean and organized;Customizing the content to start,no more restrictionsyou can also add websites. Contact [email protected]

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System Status Lite -

System Status Lite is the most powerful real time monitoring tool for your iPhone and iPad performance. You can watch the usage current as of the memory, CPU, network, battery and disk at the same time. Supported by Split View and Slide Over of the iPad.

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System Status - Battery & Network Manager

Would you like to control and monitor all activity of your iOS devices then System Status Monitor is the perfect app for you people. System Status Monitor is the ultimate app for activity monitoring, managing and optimizing your device performance. It provides significant system status information such as battery charge and activity log, memory manager, cpu and disk usage, network info with wifi or cellular identification, various hardware-related data etc. Battery charge and activity log Battery level visual display Battery status monitor (discharging, charging, fully charged) Battery work time usage activity (video, audio, Wi-Fi and 3G internet, talk time, 2D and 3D games, stand by) Tips on saving battery life Memory manager and storage (disk) monitoring Runtime memory consumption Graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory Total, used and free storage (disk) usage observation CPU usage monitoring & processes list Runtime CPU usage & CPU load graph CPU Usage with user usage, system usage and idle usage All running processes and applications list with detailed information about each of them including process name, process start time and date, priority & PID List of application services in background Network connection details Network connectivity information Wi-Fi data usage and 3G (cellular) data usage MAC and IP address of the current connection Network data send and receive details General Device Information like system boot time, device model, operating system name and version etc Detailed CPU information like model, CPU frequency, and others Hardware features of the device including display resolution, pixel density, battery capacity, front and rear camera resolution and many more Other features Full support for all iPhone and iPod Touch devices Retina display, high resolution, pixel perfect graphics Real time updates of the display every time the monitored parameters change Share general information like device details, CPU information and hardware information via email Easy to use interface and much moreCheckout app video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD_47ByeRdE

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