MD-Lotto provides winning numbers of all lotteries in Maryland.- Winning numbers stats for 1-year, last 10/20/30 drawings- Latest winning numbers right after announcement- Auto matching of favorite numbers with draw results(easier continual play) - Winning numbers stats for 1-year, last 10/20/30 drawings- Past results for 1 year of drawings- Favorite numbers management for repeated use- Tickets management with winning numbers matching function- E-mailing function to send latest winning numbersWith Maryland Lotto App on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you will be able to maintain and match your lotto tickets easily. It can be used in checking draw results, picking your numbers, matching your numbers, reviewing historical draw results, etc. FEATURES MAIN screen - Latest drawing results Powerball Mega Millions Bonus Match 5 MultiMatch 5 Card Cash Pick 4 Day Pick 4 Evening Pick 3 Day Pick 3 Evening REFRESH latest results: lower left button E_MAIL latest results: lower right Lotto AngelOn each LOTTERY screen Past results of the lottery(1 year) RETURN to previous screen: upper left button STATS: upper right button FAVORITE numbers: lower left button TICKETS: lower right buttonOn FAVORITE numbers screen Select your favorite numbers for repeated use RETURN to previous screen: upper left button DELETE ALL favorite numbers: lower left button(trash) SAVE the list into the TICKETS database: lower right button(shopping cart) To select numbers, - Choose numbers by touching the number buttons - Touching selected button again unselects the number - Quick Pick selects numbers for you - Enter draw date if required CLEAR selected numbers: Clear button KEEP selected numbers: Keep button To delete a line in the list, just swipe the line to right or leftOn TICKETS screen List of saved tickets RETURN to previous screen: upper left button DELETE tickets: upper right button(Edit), supports SWIPE-TO-DELETE MATCH NUMBERS with the result: lower right button(Reload) DELETE ALL TICKETS after confirmation: lower left button(Trash) HIT main numbers are in BLUE HIT bonus/powerball/megaball/etc numbers are in ORANGE/RED/YELLOW FAILED numbers are in GRAY/DARK GRAY Not yet matched numbers are in GREEN/PURPLE

Lotto Angel - Maryland alternatives


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