Lottery Number Generator generates random lottery numbers.

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All randomness wasnt created equal. This app offers certified true randomness, generated with atmospheric noise and independently approved by several testing labs. Our mission is the generate the highest quality true randomness and make it available to the world in useful forms.

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Lottery Balls

When using most lottery number generators (even the national lotterys own lucky dip), they will produce multiple tickets independently of one another. That means if youre buying more than one ticket most of the time youre playing the same number on several lines. @MarkBridgesApps

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The Random Number Generator

Make sure you have The Random Number Generator for those inevitable times when you urgently need a random number Features:- Utilises superior algorithms for a unique sequence of random numbers every time.- A customisable appearance.- Speech Synthesis to read out your number.- Options to choose both a minimum and maximum number to limit the result to the random number you really need.- An option to show a history of generated numbers.- The ability to only generate unique numbers.- A clean, minimalistic layout with no clutter.- Support for second screens using AirPlay or wired connections.- Ideal for a lottery.- Designed to fully support all iPhone and iPad screen sizes.- Works with iPad multi app modes. (Split-View and Slide-Over. If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see, please contact us at: [email protected]

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Fast Random Number Generator

Ever need to think of a random number or list of random numbers? With Fast Random Number Generator, you will possess an ultra-convenient way to generate a random number or batch of random numbers in the range you specify.Features: Generate single random number within a specified range Generate a batch of random numbers where every randomly generated number is within a range you specify. We listen to and implement ideas from feedback all the time

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Random NumGenerator Lite: A Full-Featured Random Number Generator

Random NumGenerator Lite offers the essentials in a random number generator. Seamlessly set the range of, sort, and share your numbers. Wed love to hear from you at [email protected]

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