LoanRate is your credit calculator for the easy calculation of your next credit / annuity loan .The credit calculator provides a quick and easy to read overview of the amount of the credit rate, the amount of interest paid and the annual percentage rate. Please note that this app is available as a free app and also as an ad-free paid app. Mortgage loans are typically annuity loans.


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Loan Calc +

Die Anwendung stellt die grundlegenden Informationen und Berechnungsmglichkeiten fr folgende Darlehensarten: - Ratenkredit; - Tilgungskredit; - Ballonkredit; - Zielkauf; - Hypothekenkredit. Sie ermitteln Ihren Darlehen Zustand auf Wunsch, kalkulieren Zahlungsplan und vergleichen ihn mit dem nher hnliche Berechnungen. Wir sammeln Ihre Anfragen und werden den liebsten Berechnungsarten umzusetzen.

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Outbank: Intelligent Banking

Mit Outbank alle Finanzen im Blick haben egal ob Girokonto, Kreditkarte oder PayPal Konto. Ttige berweisungen, kategorisiere Transaktionen mit Tags und optimiere deine Ausgaben smart und effektiv und greife auf allen deinen Lieblings-Gerten auf deine Finanzdaten zu. Mit Outbank sind deine Finanzen in guten Hnden in deinen Hnden Folge uns auf Twitter: uns auf Facebook: mehr ber uns auf unserer Website: uns an: [email protected]

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Finance Calculator Pro: Lite

Finance Calculator Pro is an universal iPhone / iPad application giving ordinary users a quick way to estimate credit parameters and evaluate performance of deposits without help of banking professionals. The program also provides a detailed calculation report in graphical and tabular forms, which can be printed or sent via e-mail for further processing. Check video review and report examples on the developers web site Key calculations:- compound interest- saving plan- inflation- installment loan- amortizing loan- balloon loan- target purchase- mortgage loanKey features:- graphical data representation - simulations with gestures on graph- advanced reports (see examples below) - report distribution through e-mail or print- currency configuration (, $, , )- in-app calculator- save data when exitOther features:- localization: EN/DE/RU- animated user-friendly help- universal app: pay once and use on both iPhone and iPad- comfortable interface- retina (HD) display support (iPhone4+ & iPad3+)If you like this App, take your time and rate it on the AppStore

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Vergleichen, wechseln, sparen: z. B. mit dem Kreditvergleich ber 2.000 , bis zu 850 mit Deutschlands grtem Autoversicherungsvergleich, bis zu 1.000 mit dem Strom- und Gasvergleich und ber 1.000 mit dem Reisevergleich. B. aus dem Ausland)- bersichtliche Auswertungen durch Kategorisierung Ihrer Umstze- 100% kostenlos und 100% Datenschutz Die Vorteile der CHECK24 App im berblick: - Bequemer, kostenloser Vergleich berall- Gespeicherte Vergleiche unterwegs aufrufen- Kostenlose Beratungshotlines- Mit Ihrem persnlichen CHECK24 Kundenkonto noch schneller vergleichen- Abschlsse in Ihrem persnlichen CHECK24 Kundenkonto einsehen- Von attraktiven Gutscheinaktionen profitieren AGB und Datenschutzhinweise:

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EuroConsultant is a credit calculator for the easy calculation of fixed-rate and balloon payment loans. Its intuitive operation allows for the fast calculation of- installment- effective annual interest rate- interest rateJust as easily, you can calculate the loan amount or the credit period by specifying the desired installment and additional parameters. In the case of further financing, the monthly installment and the interest rate are usually renegatiated.

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  • version 1.2

Loan Calculator App

Loan calculator app is an application to calculate monthly loan payment, interest paid, the total cost of credit, annuity, differentiated and fixed payments. This simple loan calculator app will make your loan calculation easier. This application can be used asCar loan payment calculatorInterest rate calculatorMortgage loan calculatorMonthly payment calculatorLease calculatorFinancial calculatorFor issues and question, send me email from the application contact.

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Financial Calculator Free

Financial Calculator Pro is a simple, yet powerful calculatorfor evaluating Compound Interest, Present Value, Bond Yield, Mortgage loans, Retirement, 401(k), Life plan. Common features: Graph Display Easy Input Interface BookMark E-mailFeatures: Simple and Compound Interest.- Simple Interest/Compound Interest Growing annuities and Present Value of Annuity.- Annual Payout Amount Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value of money.- Compound Annual Growth Rate/Future Value/Present Value Bond Yield calculator.- Current Yield/Yield to Maturity Amortization and Loans calculator.- Monthly Payment Return Rate/CAGR calculator- Compound Annual Growth Rate Retirement calculator.- Annual Retirement Income 401(k) calculator.- Balance at Retirement/Annual Payout Amount/Taxes Life Plan calculator.- Success PercentageFeel free to contact us with suggestions, comments, praise, or problems.

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  • version 1.0

Loan Calculator%- Simple Loan Calculator

The Simple calculator for affordable, differentiated and fixed payments. This application is perfect to calculate a loan or mortgage. Calculation: the monthly payment, the amount of interest paid, the total cost of credit, amortization schedule and a comparison of all these indices between different loans.

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  • version 1.0

Loan Calculator - Mortgage Calculator - Easy Calc

Loan Calculator that calculates monthly payments, total interest, and total amount paid over the period. This loan calculator is best used for mortgages, auto loans, and any other bank loan. Features: - Calculates monthly payments on the loan over the period- Calculates total interest over the period of loan- Calculates total amount paid over the period of loan- Uses the amount or principle to calculate the monthly payments- Uses the years and months to calculate the monthly payments.- Uses the loan rate to calculate the correct payments for the loan.- Easy to read graphical interface to read the loan details like monthly paymentsAlso check out my other apps:Grocery List FreeLivestock RecordRGB Color App - RGB Value Converter RGB CodeRainbow Calculator - Colorful Calculator PlusLoan Calculator - Mortgage Calculator - Easy CalcBMI Calculator - Body Mass Index Calc Healthy ProKeep It Going GameCoin Flip

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iLoans Calculator

The Loan Calculator for iOS is a tool which allows you to use your phone or tablet to work out what ends up being paid to the bank in interest. Features of the Credits Calculator Mortgage Calculator Loan Calculator Calculating mortgage fees Calculating loan fees Calculating credit feesWhen requesting a loan its always important to analyse the interest rate offered by the bank. Download the Loan and Mortgage Calculator now

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Loan-U-Later is a loan (such as mortgage) and investment calculator that can calculate many aspect of a loan or investment, including the interest rate, and total interest paid or total contribution made. Loan-U-Later also features an amortization table for the currently calculation.

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  • size 7.7 MB
  • version 2.2.1

Equity Release (Reverse Mortgage) Calculator

This is a simple equity release (or reverse mortgage) calculator that considers an initial lump sum equity release and/or regular (monthly/quarterly/annual) equity receipts thereafter. The idea behind a reverse mortgage is that a homeowner may have an (estimated) amount of equity (over and above any pre-existing mortgage or borrowings) locked up in the value of their home. Regarding how the interest is calculated, (i) the initial sum is compounded on an annual basis at the annual interest rate input by the user;(ii) the future value of the regular equity releases is calculated on an annuity basis using a series of regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) payments at the relevant interest rate (annual rate/12, annual rate/4 or annual rate respectively).PLEASE NOTE that your use of this calculator is at your own risk and should not be construed as financial advice.

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Quick Loan Calculator-GS

Quick and Simple Loan Payment CalculatorQuickly determine the amount of monthly payments by entering the amount of the loan, interest rate, and term (number of years). -Home mortgage loan payments-Car / Auto loan payment-Boat loan repayment amount-Recreational Vehicle (RV) loan repayment amount-Business loan repayment calculator-Debt repayment calculator-Student loan paymentsFree Supported through in-app Ads.

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Home Loan Cal - EN

Use this app to determine the monthly payments of home loan, auto loan or other loans. FeaturesMonthly Payment Calculator- Monthly payment- Interest paid- Total paid- Show monthly payment tableLoan Terms Calculator- Loan terms- Interest paid- Total paid- Show monthly payment tableCompare Interest Rates- Compare two types of interest ratesAuto Loan Calculator- Monthly payment- Interest paid- Total paid- Show monthly payment table

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