Loan-U-Later is a loan (such as mortgage) and investment calculator that can calculate many aspect of a loan or investment, including the interest rate, and total interest paid or total contribution made. Loan-U-Later also features an amortization table for the currently calculation.

Loan-U-Later alternatives

Debtor the Debt Pay Off Calculator

Debtor The Debt Payoff Calculator is a simple budgeting tool that has two modes: A Per-Month calculator for debts such as a credit card, and a By-Months calculator for debts such as a home loan that would be amortized over the number of months you specify. In Per Month mode, you can see at a glance how much those credit cards are really costing you. Use the compare feature to see how changes to the monthly payment or number of months can save you money (or cost you more money) Once you enter your comparison values, tap the Results button to see your results clearly displayed in green how much you would save, or in red how much more you would pay for each scenario.

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Slider Calc - Mortgage Calculator

Payoff! Auto

Payoff Auto is a simple, useful tool to figure out all of the info you would need when contemplating a new car loan, including: Monthly Payment Payoff Date Total Interest Cost Total Loan Cost Compare Loan Length vs. Interest RateThe custom keypad allows you to enter your info quickly and easily with an ATM style entry. You can enter data, clear fields and even turn off the need to enter cents without having to leave the keypad to change fieldsWith the compare screen, you can quickly see how these important figures change as you increase or decrease the interest rate and loan length, allowing you to decide if a lower interest or a longer term is better for you

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Amortizator is a free amortization calculator. It has a very simple interface that only requires you to enter the loan amount and interest rate. Very useful when comparing loans Thanks for trying The Amortizator

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Delay It: Loan and Investment Calculator

Want to borrow money for a new car? What if you delayed your gratification and invested the monthly payment instead. For example, if you knew you could afford $525 per month for a new car, do you know how much interest you would pay the bank versus how much interest you would earned if you invested the money instead?Delay It makes it easy to calculate a loan payment on one tab and then consider that payment as an investment on another tab.

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