Link-Ed is the easiest way for teachers and parents to communicate in a secure and trackable way. Teachers can easily send templated communications to parents or create custom messages on the fly. They built in everything they need in their day to day jobs educating dozens of students and created an app that any parent or teacher will love.


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Remind: School Communication

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This App is for Teachers and Staff and requires a myLexia account. The myLexia app brings student and classroom performance data to your fingertips, and allows you to leverage the power of the Lexia Reading system anytime, anywhere, with mobile access to key information and data-driven action plans to help all of your students on the path to reading success. The companys award-winning instructional approach has been nationally recognized and proven effective in six peer-reviewed, research-based outcomes studies published in scientific journals such as The Journal of Reading Research and the Bilingual Research Journal.

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Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards

WONDERFULLY EDUCATIONAL READING PROGRAM FOR BEGINNING READERS (AGES 2-7). Developed in cooperation with educational specialists by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills and reading program Phonics: Fun on Farm, to best prepare your children for success in kindergarten and school curriculum. 22learn, your trusted educational apps developer

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Optimized for mobile phones, the official itslearning app brings you some of the key features of the full web version: Clear and simple overview of the latest changes from your courses Messaging function with instant new message notifications Task list (including follow-up tasks for teachers) Easy access to the calendar Full overview of new assessment notifications and other important actions More features will be added and the app will also be optimized for parents and teachers over the coming months. Stay tuned To start using the app, select your site name (e.g. school or district). You need an itslearning account to use our app.

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Plickers lets you poll your class for free, without the need for student devices. Just give each student a card (a paper clicker), and use your iPhone/iPad to scan them to do instant checks-for-understanding, exit tickets, and impromptu polls. Happy teaching

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PINfrom allows teachers to easily communicate with parents regarding student performance via email. These include: annotated photos of student work, homework not completed message, and broadcast messages to all parents in a class. This allows the teacher to effectively communicate with parents on a current basis updating them of students progress.

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  • version 3.1


PRONOTE incorporates all domains of academia: grades, competences, report cards, scheduling, attendance, tardiness, sanctions, orientation, homework notebooks, exercises, multiple choice questions, school agenda, infirmary, learning outcomes, multi-annual monitoring, student files, grade school certificate, internships, school road safety certificateFrom their smartphones, Students, Parents and Teachers access their data in real time, in a secure environment, wherever they are. The students always know where they stand, the parents are reassured, the teachers have a broader prospective of their students. Today, PRONOTE has become the reference in student administration: thousands of institutions use this platform to communicate and millions of users consult their Web Space every day.

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  • version 0.1.18

PS2ME Parent Pro

Preschool2me Parent Pro makes it easy for parents to view their childs pictures, activity reports, announcements sent from the preschool. Parents can even communicate with the preschool by sending At Drop Off and Absence information. Enjoy the ease of viewing everything you want to know about your childs day right at your fingertip Preschool2me Parent Pro provides the following features:- Beautiful Activity Reports- Announcements- View and Download Photos- Communicate At Drop Off information to teacher- Meal Calendar- Communicate Out Sick and Planned Absence to director and teacher

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The ZippSlip Parent App allows parents of students in districts that use ZippSlip to electronically view and respond to communications from administrators and teachers. Parents can securely register their students, provide consent to field trips, respond to emergency contact forms, update medical forms, etc. ZippSlip keeps parents up to date on school activities more easily while eliminating the paperwork.

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  • version 1.3

TalkingPoints Education

TalkingPoints connects educators with all parents via text messaging in 20+ languages. TalkingPoints mission is to help build strong home-school connections, so parents and teachers can be real partners in their childrens education. TalkingPoints helps teachers to - Quickly and easily send messages and announcements to all parents, a group or an individual parent - Communicate with parents who do not speak English through real-time, two-way translation- Hear from parents via text messages - Keep their cell phone numbers private by sending/receiving messages through the web and mobile app

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TinyApp application is for kindergarten and parents to communicate daily activities and share pedagogical information. TinyApp for Managers:- Straightforward management dashboard- One-click user invitationTinyApp for Teachers:- Intuitively & fast child attendance checking- Always on track of child/teacher ratio- Messaging flow designed for group announcementTinyApp for Parents: - Stay engaged with your childs day by constant stream of photos & messages. - Notify your childs attendance to teachers - Share your childs info for teachers referencesIf youre looking to try out TinyApp, please contact [email protected]

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LaoSchool app provides a best way to communicate between students parents and the school where their children are learning. Parents will be updated all informations from school such as exam results and comments from teacher, ranking in class, attendance tracking, new messages, announcements from teacher and school, timetable, and other activities. Thank you.

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  • version 1.0.4

Carrot Rewards Parent Portal

A positive link between teachers, pupils and parents can be invaluable in a childs education. We wanted to make this link even more accessible for teachers and visible for parents. Our new Parent Portal allows parents to be updated in real-time on various aspects of school life.- Get involved with your childs learning and encourage them to achieve - Receive notifications every time your child receives a reward- Send your child messages of encouragement- View details on which classes and groups your child are in- Receive messages and photos from your childs school so teachers can share key moments from the school year- Receive calendar invites of key events

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  • version 2.0.6

Connected Learning Gateway (CLG)

CLG APP is a native mobile application for teachers and students, that combines the teacher and the student most wanted functionalities in one application. CLG APP is a native mobile application that combines teachers, students and principal most wanted functionalities in one applicationThe app offers different features for teachers to access their timetable information, Courses, classes, class members and communicate with students and parents. , , , CLG Connected Learning Gateway

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Nomp is a free and commercial free service where you can practice math. Our vision is to create a service where students, teachers and parents can turn home work and math assignments into something modern and fun. You compete against yourself (and not other kids).If youre teacher or parent is using Nomp, they can give out assignments to you.

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  • version 2.4.5