LifeCharge: Simple Elegant Journal of Your Ups and Downs!

5There are usually 5 things that make your day good or bad. What were yours today?Life Charge tracks your ups and downs through the day, so you can quickly find whats contributing to your happiness. You can change the date or time of the event, in case you want to enter an event in the past You can share events by selecting them (as many as you want) and tapping the share button.

LifeCharge: Simple Elegant Journal of Your Ups and Downs alternatives

Personal Journal - Best diary & gratitude journal

Personal Journal is a private daily diary that takes less than 5 minutes a day to complete. Capture the moments in your life and keep a positive mindset everyday. We hope you enjoy your Personal Journal If you any questions or would like to say hi then contact us at or through the app in the Get in touch section :)

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THE STORYOne mans 7-year battle with cancer yielded gratitude, a thankful app despite the hardships- Deseret News, November 25, 2013The story behind thankful is a very personal one for our family and friends. We created thankful with our brother before his 7-year cancer battle ended. Now you can help support ongoing improvements to thankful via thankful store subscriptions and tips + thankful app for Apple Watch for quickly adding reasons to be thankful + System Requirement: iPhone/iPad/iPod must have iOS 9 or laterTHANK YOU+ Thank you for helping to make the world a more positive place + We are #thankful for you + @TheThankfulApp @EddyStreetPro+ If you encounter any issues or require assistance, please contact support at [email protected]

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10 Reasons I Am Glad For Gratitude Journal

When is the last time you expressed your appreciation for someone special in your life? Take a minute to think of a moment when you were truly happy. Glad For Name a person that you are Glad For Name items that you are Glad For List up to 10 reasons why you are glad for that person Top 3 reasons list for all entriesFeatures Reorder numbered reasons by long press Share to Social Media or by email Export to PDF Print iCloud SyncI am Glad For (examples): Dad Mom Wife Relatives Friends John, Linda What I have Doctors Health Talent iPad, iPhone Technology App that you like Podcast Life Sports Gratitude God, Religion Items that make our life easier Anything

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HappyFeed - Private gratitude journal and diary

HappyFeed is a private journal to help you focus on the little things that make life great. Record just three moments each day to start feeling happier. Reach out to us directly at [email protected] or send a tweet to @getHappyFeed

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HappiJar - The Happiness, Gratitude, Blessings and Affirmations Jar & Journal

Build your very own beautiful Jar of Happiness Then look back over your years best bits by shaking your jar :)The Memory Jar, Jar of Happiness, Happy Jar and Jar of Blessings for your iPhone that you have been waiting for HappiJar is a stunning new way to both safely and privately save away all your happy thoughts in one beautiful app. You begin by turning your happy memories into one of HappiJars customisable sewing buttons, choosing a fun design to make it unique. Please if you wish to remove them and help us to grow and reach the world with this ground breaking idea, then feel free to upgrade to Ad-Free version within the app :)

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Teen FunBlast! Trivia

Trivia can be fun but not when its about crazy stuff that happened before you were even born right? Finally Teen FunBlast is the trivia game about the things you care and know about such as your favorite movies, TV shows, pop stars, social networking, video games, teen culture and much more Most questions focus on whats hot in the past decade, not whats not from the 1960s. When you want fun and you want the best, the choice is easy: FunBlast

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  • size 7.0 MB
  • version 1.09

Daily Horoscope by Moonit

Life has its ups and downs - now you can see whats in store for you every day with Moonits Daily Horoscopes, sent right to your phone Simply pick your sun sign and then instantly read your personalized horoscope, written by world renowned astrologer Rick Levine. No need to waste time creating an account or seeing any annoying ads. I really do Keep up the good work ;)Great, the best, thanks, you make my day brighter.Terms of Use: Policy:

  • size 5.5 MB
  • version 1.2

Little Firsts

Capture and share the amazing things your kids do every day. Little Firsts is an incredibly simple app for busy parents to log treasured moments for all time in a visual timeline, and share what they want when they want to with friends and family. As theyd added to their families, memories were even sketchier With Little Firsts, youll never forget.

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++ Featured in iTunes Whats Hot Aug 2010 ++People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. - George B. ShawWe should not fear death, but the bad life. You can also add past achievements to this list to allow building up a list of things you have already achieved, next to your list of things you would still like to do during your lifetime.

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  • version 2.16.0022

What's Good: daily gratitude

Whats Good is a simple and elegant tool designed to make you happier - by helping you notice and appreciate the good things in each day. HOW DOES IT WORK?We naturally tend to focus more on the bad things than the good.

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  • version 1.3.1

Sutras - For Business Success

Stay motivated to handle the ups and downs in your professional life and constantly move forward to achieve your next big target. Business Sutras App will deliver a daily inspirational quotes to get you closer to professional success and help you to stay motivated throughout the day. Offers in-App purchases to add custom background and save quotes as wallpaper.

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  • version 1.1

ShowStopper Photos

Pick photos you want share. Handover your phone. So if you forget your passcode, dont worry, you can always exit the app, enter again and set a new password if you forgot yours.

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  • version 1.2

Journal Pal

Journal Pal is a practical app designed to keep track of your everyday events and share them with your friends as you go, while its cross-journal search function helps you find a specific event in no time. Features:- Open the app with Todays Journal each day- Capture past-day events by selecting dates in My Journal- Allows users to assign weather status, enter headline (e.g. quote of the day, or important milestones)- When recording an event, you can: define your pal names and choose associated icons define your place names and location range by the map, the app will automatically detect current geo-location to matchenter address or text to search related place names and locations on the map add text and photo as memo or reminder- Allows users to add event types in each category- Allows users to add, delete and edit events in the journal- Show journal events by geo-location on the map- Search specific event through journals by criteria- Allows users to delete unwanted journals- Share contents with friends by email, Twitter or Weibo- Choose favorite color from color scheme- Label favorite journal with heart- Sync with iCloud- Work off-line - Support any size of devices under landscape or portrait mode- Dynamic text size upon user system configuration

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  • version 1.0.4

Funny Cat Emoji Stickers

Your day went bad and you wanted to talk with your friend with just one sticker? Weve got your back You just had a fight with your SO and want to apologize but dont know how to start? We cover that as well Our cat emoji stickers covers a wide range of expression, from utmost happiness to frustration ( it can even solve all the world problems ) We can continue till tomorrow to convince you this is the stickers you have been looking for, but were afraid no one will feed our cats So, what are you waiting for, get it now

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What's Happened On This Day

Travel back in time discovering whats happened on a particular day in the past years using your Apple Watch or iPhone. The application shows you the events, the births, the deaths and the holidays recurring on the current day or in a different date of the year at your choice. You can mark as favorites the events you like or share with your friends to let them know whats happened in a particular date.

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  • version 1.1

Christmas Cookie - Match 3 Game

Whats the biggest, bestest way to satisfy your sweet tooth this holiday season? By grabbing a handful of cookies and swapping until Christmas day arrives Christmas Cookie is an amazing match-3 game thats all about tapping, swiping, and combining cookie flavors to earn power-ups and clear the screen as fast as you can. Christmas Cookie is the best way to satisfy your match 3 puzzle craving and your sweet tooth at the same time

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  • version 2.3.5

My Happy Place

My Happy Place is your own personal app for storing things that make you happy. Photos, videos, quotes, songs and even journal entries - If it makes you happy then it belongs in your happy place. Features:-Add photos from your own personal library or from Instagram-Add videos from your personal library, Youtube or Instagram-Add music from your music library-Add quotes from our quote bank or create your own-Create journal entries (for happy occasions only of course)-Change your home screen background to an image of your choice-Create a daily gratitude message and see past gratitude messages-Create a happy alarm to have different happy things pop up on your phone throughout the day-Share any of the things that make you happy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or e-mailRemember, the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude, so why not be happy?

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  • version 2.1

DAILY DAY - D-day Schedule

Add a variety of anniversaries easily and simply[ DAILY DAY Features ] Various types of calculations D-Day, Anniversary, Monthly, Annually, Months and Days Make your customized D-day cover Provide basic cover photos and make your own D-day cover with the pictures you want Sorting the D-Day event list Upcoming event, Older event, Manually sort event Count anniversary automatically 100th day, 200th day and 1st anniversary, 2st anniversary App lock function Protect your app with passwords Share D-Day event Share your D-day with SNS

  • size 56.2 MB
  • version 2.3.0

TimeClock (location-based)

The TimeClock with location events tracks your time automatically as you enter or leave the office The TimeClock will help you track your working hours. Do you want to know when did you arrive or leave the office and what were you working on? Plus, you will have full control over your data: the information is stored only in your iPhone.

  • rating 2.53333
  • size 1.2 MB
  • version 1.0


We believe renting isnt as easy (or fun) as it should be yet. RentRedi gives you a suite of tools to help make renting easy all year round. Renters Insurance: it can be the difference between a bad day and a disaster, so were making it easier for you to get connected with someone as soon as you want to Moving: whether youre taking the DIY approach or hiring some movers, well help you get moving help when youre ready More coming soon Are you redi to make renting easy?

  • size 49.6 MB
  • version 2.02