LentiLens 3D!

Create your own 3D lenticular images with LentiLens. Lenticular images are pictures which change when you look at them from a different angle. * Turn your lentigram into an animated GIF and email it to others.

LentiLens 3D alternatives

GIF Maker for Instagram- GIF to Video to Instagram

3D GIF - Video GIF Maker to Convert GIF to Video to Post GIFs for Instagram

Viewmee 3D Photo Animator - Live Parallax Effect

Transform your static pictures into impressive, dynamic 3D animations. Viewmee 3D photo animator is the New Standard in Photo Sharing. Live photos are great for sharing with family and friends

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  • size 45.6 MB

More alternatives

Camera 3D 360

Make 3D images on your device Lets make 360 degree photos With this app, you can take up to 99 photos for one 3D image set, the maximum number of pictures will largely depend on the memory available on your device. You can now share the 3D images directly from My upload page. Vibrating Stereo:- Take 2 pictures, and click Vibrating Stereo to preview as vibrating stereo.- Vibrate 2 images to produce 3D effect- Slide the screen to change vibration speed.- Export to Animated GIF Export path : sdcard/PicturesMulti-angle:- Take 3 or more pictures and preview as multi-angle 3D image- Use accelerometer/slide to control the faces of the imageTips to take good 3D pictures:- Always take from left to right.- Dont move your device too far away from your last position.- Try to match the object from the last pictures overlay.- Slide the screen left or right to change last picture overlays opacity.- Try to put the object in the middle of the screen.- Export to Animated GIF Export path : sdcard/Camera3DAR:http://camera3d.apptech.com.hk/Camera3DAR.png

  • size 23.7 MB
  • version 1.1.1

Gif Maker & 3d animated photo generator - Pro

Photo and video editor to make your personal animated GIF with 3d video effectsDownload Gif Maker Create 3d animated gifs generator app to create fun animated gifs with 3D effects. We offer you the latest animation options in trend; we have collected the coolest and funniest 3d video and gif effects to decorate your videos in a more fantastic way. Save your GIF and share it with friends on social media platforms such as Snapchat or WhatsApp When your personal keep calm poster will be created, it might go viral even before you notice it If you like our app, please rate and comment to help us improve

  • size 53.8 MB
  • version 1.0

GIF Maker- Free Animated GIF Maker

GIF Maker-Free Animated GIF MakerGIF Maker is a very cool application that can makes animated GIF from your photographs. It can either make an Animated GIF or a Animated Video. Share it with your friends and family via Social app installed on your app .Create GIF, share it and have fun .Please rate us if you like us .

  • size 19.1 MB
  • version 1.0

GifTastic - GIF Maker App

Hi yall This application will take your local images, your videos and will string them together to create an animated GIF. Thats pretty much it. Thank you in advance for your purchase and if you like it please let others know about it Thank you -Scott

  • size 5.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Impressionism Now

Impressionism Now turns your photos into paintings like an Impressionism art Choose from different styles to change your photos. You can also create your own picture by repeating the transformation. Please have a look at the screen shots below.

  • rating 4.5
  • size 13.0 MB
  • version 2.11

Insta GIF movie maker - An easy way to make animated collage from photos and videos

Now its possible to create animated gifs with just a few taps. If you have some photos and/or videos that you want to turn into the GIF sequence, then try this app. Share the GIF using any app extensions installed on your device (such as Facebook or Twitter) Share your GIF files via email or Clipboard

  • size 22.4 MB
  • version 5.01

GIF Maker Pro

Create high quality animated gifs & videos of yourself or advertisement banners, easy to use, no sign up needed. Gif Maker is a powerful tool for creating animated gif images. Make GIF with my photos (Make GIF with my album)- Make GIF : You can make GIF the maximum of 50 photos with your album.- Make collage : template (maximum 9 photos), photo enlargement and enlargement, changing of photo location, appointment of photo exposureGIF Album- GIF album : share, address, edit, delete and others.

  • size 66.1 MB
  • version 1.1

Wiggif-create 3D GIFs

Create 3D animated GIFs(Wigglegram) in seconds With Wiggif you can make animation photos(GIFs) from your camera You can share the GIFs to Facebook/Tumblr/SinaWeibo/Email or convert GIFs to video. DEMO YouTube:http://goo.gl/MoZf1NOTE Although Wiggif can save your GIFs to Camera Roll, iPhones Photos.app wont play them. Because Facebook doesnt support animation GIF, share to Facebook will generate 5 seconds VIDEO instead of GIFFeatures can convert GIFs to video GIF Gallery: discover all GIFs that stored in Camera Roll there are 9 effects make your GIFs more special support front & back camera back camera support flash can change speed(FPS) when create GIFs can share GIFs to Facebook, Tumblr, SinaWeibo and Email direct save GIFs into Camera Roll (and you can send them to your friends via Email or Message)

  • size 5.4 MB
  • version 1.4

GIF Creator-Free Animate your Photos

GIF Creator-Free Animate your PhotosGIF Creator is a very cool application that can makes animated GIF from your photographs. It can either make an Animated GIF or a Animated Video. Share it with your friends and family via Social app installed on your app .Create GIF, share it and have fun .Please rate us if you like us .

  • size 19.1 MB
  • version 1.0


SearchYou can find animated GIFs from GIFMAGAZINE.SendYou can send animated GIFs from GIFMAGAZINE.Recommended to:-GIF animation lovers-Those who want to look at only and many interesting GIF animations smoothly.-Those who want to share interesting GIF with friends. GIF animation works posting & sharing service to which GIF animation lovers gather,-GIFMAGAZINE-http://gifmagazine.net

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  • version 4.8


Create new and fascinating pictures Change all your images with many tools and filters and share them with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, iPhoto, Twitter or via email

  • size 18.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Caricature Maker - Change Photo Into Caricature, Pencil Caricature

Caricature maker, an app where you can change your face with hilarious caricatures image which brings a touch of humour into your life. This caricature app provide more than 150+ men and women funny caricature and cartoon images, in which you can turn your images into caricature or manga and share to friends on all social sharing app. Caricature maker app that lets you create comic like cartoon pictures of you, your friends and anyone around you.

  • rating 2.81818
  • size 40.2 MB
  • version 1.0

Live Memories - Your Memories with Live Photo

Enjoy Your Live Photos- You can see your Live Photos. - Your Live Photos will be played automatically. Make Your Own GIF- You can turn your Live Photos into GIFs.- You can change the playback speed of GIF.- You can change the playback direction of GIF.- You can also change the quality of GIF.

  • size 16.6 MB
  • version 2.4

UltraMessage - Create Gif Animated Messages

Create super duper cool Animated Messages Just take a bunch of photos and UltraMessage will compile them into an Animated Gif Frame by frame, your photos will become an animated movie that you can send by SMS, iMessage or E-Mail to your friends. Give it a try

  • size 1.1 MB
  • version 1.0

Gifflr - Animated photos for Tumblr, Messaging And Avatars

Gifflr is a simple and fun way to create animated photos to use on Tumblr, SMS messaging, iMessage, email and save to camera roll for you to use as your avatar on forums and sites that allow animated Gif images. Supports open in sharing direct to the Tumblr app if you have it installed making Tumblr life a lot simplr Create hilarious Tumblr photo sets Amaze your friends with moving video like photo message attachments Two shoot modes:Shoot frame by frame almost like animating yourself or your subject - allows you to create fun and interesting Gifs. Shoot video style, move around, dance Whatever you do will be turned into a funky short animated photo to use where you like As well as this your are able to email as animated gif photos to friends and allows sharing direct to other apps that work with Gifs - all from one simple share option.

  • size 6.1 MB
  • version 1.0

Flash Gif: Create animated pictures

Create animated pictures in no time at all - Add as many photos as you like- Choose the animation speed- Share your GIF with friends via Messenger or SMS

  • size 23.8 MB
  • version 1.0