Learn the difference between Left and Right with this standards aligned, teacher/parent guided lesson app for the iPhone and iPad Original song Left and Right by the Electrobeats. Used in several preschools Learn Instruction about Left and Right Sides with tip on how to remember which is the left. Learning ObjectiveStudents will: Learn their left and right hands Place objects to the left or right side, as directed Sing along and dance to a song that teachers left and rightGrade Level(s)PK K 1

Left and Right alternatives

First Grade Learning Games

12 fun games to help your child learn First Grade lessons Teach them reading, spelling, math, fractions, compound words, contractions, and more Whether they are just starting first grade, or need to review and master the subjects, this is a perfect learning tool for your kids aged 6-8. All 12 games are designed using real 1st Grade curriculums and use core curriculum state standards, so you can be sure these games will help give your child a boost in the classroom. If you are having issues with the sound stopping, or any other problems with the game, please email us at [email protected] and we will get it fixed for you ASAP.LEAVE US A REVIEW If youre enjoying the game then wed love for you to leave us a review Reviews help small developers like us keep improving this game.

LetterSchool Lite: Learn to Write the ABC Alphabet

The #1 alphabet tracing app for toddlers & preschoolers. Recommended by parents and teachers. Before you realize, it writes the complete English alphabet For more reviews, features and contact information visit our website www.letterschool.com

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Little Writer - The Tracing App for Kids

Articulation Station

I knew I had a winner when I used Articulation Station with my kids, the parents saw how much fun it was, and bought it immediately for home practice -Sherry Artemenko, SLPNote The P sound program comes free with this download. Additional sound programs can be purchased from within the app as needed. Your input is much appreciated

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Bitsboard - Education, Games, and Flash Cards App

- Top 5 Education Game in the US App Store- Study almost anything for free across 25 addictive mini-games in one app- Easily create your own study sets or download study sets from teachers and classmatesBy far the best educational app A must have for any parent, teacher, or student Discover why Bitsboard is trusted by over 3 million students and teachers and frequently mentioned as one of the best Educational Apps of the Year. WHAT YOU GET: Access to the Bitsboard catalog including tens of thousands of gorgeous flashcards and carefully curated lessons covering hundreds of topics. Email us at [email protected]: Whats the difference between Bitsboard and Bitsboard PRO?- Bitsboard PRO allows you to add multiple users- Bitsboard PRO includes import / export of boards via Dropbox- Bitsboard PRO includes web image search- Bitsboard PRO offers bulk discounts for schools- Bitsboard PRO comes with even faster and more responsive email support- Bitsboard PRO gets updated faster and more frequently than the free appPrivacy Policy: http://bitsboard.com/privacy-policySubscription Terms: http://bitsboard.com/subscription-terms

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