Learn to read, write and pronounce Sanskrit language alphabets and words in Devangar script. Around 200 Sanskrit words with phonetic pronunciation have been provided. It also provides score of your success rate.

Learn Sanskrit alternatives

Hindi Flash Cards Free : Kids learn to speak Hindi language with video & audio flashcards

Liberation Philology Sanskrit

No one could learn Sanskrit without the aid of at least a good set of textbooks and, if possible, a congenial teacher. But Sanskrit is a very complex and demanding language, and in order to master it, one must memorise a great deal of information. A further Reference module allows you to review the vocabulary word-list and the noun and verb paradigms.

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Hindi Vowels - Script and Pronunciation

Are you studying Hindi? Are you trying to teach the Hindi alphabet to your kids? To practice all letters, check out our app Hindi Letters - Script and Pronunciation.

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Sanskrit Dictionary Monier-Williams,Apte,Macdonell

Academic Room Sanskrit Dictionary is a premium Sanskrit to English dictionary app developed in the Harvard Innovation Lab. Its massive database provides over one million definitions derived from classical Sanskrit dictionaries by Monier-Williams, Apte, and Macdonell. Key Features:- Beautiful user interface and design - Uses iOS easy to use Devanagari keyboard - Partial word search - enter half words in Sanskrit and obtain top 100 matches - Mark words as Favorites to review later - Review the history of words that you have looked up

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Teachings of Swami Dayananda

TO ALL SEEKERS OF TRUTH,Swami Dayananda Saraswati called himself a traditional teacher of Vedanta. He is the rare teacher who communicates with total clarity, keeping his audience spellbound as he drives home concepts and definitions. We hope the APP will help realise AVRandPTs vision and commitment to reaching out Swamijis teachings to all seekers.

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