Welcome to our survival game. Years after a plague has eradicated humanity and transformed many into monsters, the survivors struggle valiantly to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse that is now their reality. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LADEAD1Game Page: http://lad.yahgame.comPrivacy Policy: https://goo.gl/AQP4aGTerms of Service: https://goo.gl/uUchvC

Last Another Day alternatives

Demoncer US

Demoncer USMMO free world mobile game, a massive 3D masterpiece 3DMMOARPG hundreds of people fight for their territory Not your typical pay to win gamefree trading market system A brand new MOBA experience10V10 team-fights happening in an instant Domineering mount petsnever leave and never forsake Find your true loveexperience a different lifestyle 2017 Epic mystical mobile game, making a 100% PC gaming experience with your mobile, Demoncer USinherits the essence of the classic designs of a PC game, Brawl PK battlesFree tradingChangeable fashion outfits10V10MOBAWorld BOSSTerritorial fightandRomantic weddings and more elements of a classic PC game all presented perfectly on your mobile device At the same time, using the newly integrated 3D engine, re-making the elegance of the PC game and a seamless gaming experience. Relive the excitement of fight along with your brothers, bringing a heavenly gaming experience FeaturesLife like characters: Fresh-new fighting experience, feel every hit happening in your deviceWarriors, Assassins and mages, the classic triangular privity cooperation, performing the perfect 0 heavy sensation. ExperiencetheepicactionsinaworldofMMO We would like to listen to the issues you are facing, dont keep the inquiries to yourself, feel free to contact us Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/eyouwitchers2017/Instagrameyougame_enEmail [email protected]

  • rating 4.55172
  • size 521 MB

Bloody West: Infamous Legends

Become a legend of the Wild West in Bloody West: Infamous LegendsDust, sand, spurs that sparkle in the sun. Twelve men are standing opposite each other in the scorching midday sun. Play the game by your own rules and try out different tactics to win.

  • rating 4.07143
  • size 166 MB

Zombie Attack - Sniper Shoot

Zombie Attack is a shooting and surviving game, featured in RPG and action gameplay. Grab your weapon, be a zombie killer and sniper Zombies squad are tilting and running to you. Zombie Crisis come, time to battle

  • rating 4.84091
  • size 416 MB

City of the Undead

City of the Undead is a doomsday survival RPG with realistic scenes, thrilling plots, and various characters. People see the warmness and ugliness in humanity through City of the Undead. Customer [email protected] fans pagehttps://www.facebook.com/cityofundead.en/

  • rating 3.59091
  • size 186 MB

The Walking Dead: March To War

THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR is an all-new intense multiplayer strategy game set in the world of the beloved The Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved.

  • rating 3.14423
  • size 127 MB