Laser Beam Pro!

This app is for a user to use Laser Beam Pro projector. This app only works with Laser Beam Pro projector. volume, keystone, menu buttons, scrolling, etc.)

Laser Beam Pro alternatives


tbs . tbs TV, tbs Radio(FM, eFM) You can enjoy tbs diverse contents optimized for mobile devive. Key FeaturesLive streaming of tbs TV, tbs FM, tbs eFMLatest newsLocation based living informationReal-time traffic information

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Hue Lights

Hue Lights offers full feature support for all of your smart lighting needs: Precise control, multi-room scenes, schedules, sequences, dynamic lighting, and special effects. Create advanced configurations for your Hue motion sensor, Hue dimmer switch or Hue Tap. See for more documentation and supported hardware.

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TOTAL CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPSPersonalize your product with Beoplay App and use Tonetouch to select a setting that gives you beautiful sound whatever youre listening to music or podcast. DONT FORGET Beoplay App works with Beoplay A1, A2, S3, P2, H5, H7, H8, H9, M5, E8, Beolit 15 and Beolit 17.To use Beoplay App you must update the software version of your Beoplay A2, S3, H7, H8 or Beolit 15. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE, BLE, marketed as Bluetooth Smart).

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More alternatives


This app is for Smart Beam Laser users. Previously, a user had to visit on the browser to change settings or to upgrade F/W. - Key features Volume control Keystone control Auto power-off timer Language setting DLNA WiFi Band WiFi access F/W upgrade homepage : http://

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  • size 1.6 MB
  • version 0.4


ViewSonic Virtual remote App provides end users and installers with projector control capabilities directly from their iOS mobile devices. This app is specifically designed to control ViewSonic DLP projector with AMX support feature. Key features Support capabilities of standard IR remote Menu Projector on/off Blank on/off Freeze on/off Keystone Auto Keystone Volumn adjustment Color mode Aspect ratio select connection projector Input source selection Auto sync

  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 2.8

Q-Sys Control

Control Q-Sys audio systems from your iOS device Within Q-Sys Designer software, user control interfaces (UCIs) can be created, and nearly any element in the system can be placed in the UCIs for control and monitoring. This enables a nearly a limitless array of control capability, all from your iOS device. Things that are commonly placed in UCIs include: audio source selection buttons, lighting dimmer controls, projector on/off selector, signal meters, screen up/down, snapshot recall buttons, volume control faders, user security PIN input, etc Note that this app is designed for use with QSCs Q-Sys hardware and software only.

  • size 10.5 MB
  • version 1.7.1

Beam Remote

Use the Beam Remote app to control Beam, the smart projector that fits in any light socket. With this app, you can control your Beam with a keypad, touchpad or keyboard. Order it now at www.beamlabsinc.comFor questions, troubleshooting or support, visit

  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 1.7

Laser Light : Simulator

If you want to play a laser pointer simulator on your phone or tablet this free app is perfect for you. You can leave your children playing without worrying about the damage that a real laser pointer could cause in their eyes. Disclaimer: This is a prank app and it does not produce any real laser beam and its safe to use.

  • size 18.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Laser Effect Calculator

Explore the world of lasers and optics with the interactive Laser Effect Calculator. - See the resulting laser effect, laser brightness and laser spot size when you change the laser power, firing time, range to object, wavelength of light, exit lens diameter and beam quality- The app uses Gaussian physics and thermodynamics to estimate how much of a material you can melt, or how many photons arrive, taking into account the variables above- Values are displayed in accurate scientific notation - change them precisely over 40 orders of magnitude with customized sliders, and pause at a value for half a second to lock in the selection. Also you can submit favorites to be included in the next release- Laser Effect Calculator is for educational use only, as many assumptions are made: The circular laser beam propagates according to Gaussian physics A perfectly collimated beam is focused by one lens to a beam waist The laser beam is not affected by atmospheric absorption, scattering or thermal blooming The phase front of the beam is perfectly corrected for aberrations The focusing optic has a focal length equal to the distance Range The focusing optic is sized to avoid clipping The spot size reported is the beam waist, is not diffraction limited, and is measured at the 1/e2 values of irradiance The beam has a Gaussian spatial profile and a flat-top (not Gaussian) time profile The beam waist occurs at the focal length (even though at long distances it occurs earlier) For melting calculations, it is assumed that all laser energy is absorbed, and all second-order effects like variation of specific heat with temperature are ignored

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  • version 1.2

Sci Fi Button Box Free

12 FREE Sci Fi Weapon Sound Effects If you love SCIFI, or have a child who likes to pretend theyre an intergalactic bounty hunter, youll love this app - Laser- Laser 2- Explosion- Pulse Laser- Energy Rifle 1- Energy Rifle 2- Hand Cannon- Ice Beam- Railgun- Electric Shot- Shrink Ray- Sniper BlastUpgrade to the paid version for 60 Sci Fi Effects with free updates

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  • version 1.0

Light Beam For Cat Joke

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true LaserLight Beam For Cat JokeThe light beam for the Cat Joke - a joke simulation game where you will be able to let the light beam from the phone which will run for your cat or other beloved pet. Play with the cat with the help of laser light directly from the phone completely free of charge and without an internet connection. Please note that this is only an emulator simulator, it does not bear any harm and created only for fun and entertainment Thank you for using our game, leave your feedback and we will do even better

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  • version 1.0


KeyStone is an exclusive App developed by KeyStone Semiconductor Corp. to control FM, Digital Radio. * This KeyStone App works with 1. iPhone Speakers with FM/DAB receiver * Common Features that works with iPhone Speakers 1. FM, DAB, DAB+ channel scan and play

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  • version 1.0.6


SOLASE is an App, which should be used with SOLASE dental diode laser. With this App, user could fully control his SOLASE laser and do a lot of things:- Adjust the parameters of treatment setting and get laser into READY mode.- Save and review the patient records for reference of further use.- Get training of yourself by the instructions of Quick Start, User Manual, App Guide, Video, Literatures, etc. Learn more:

  • size 81.3 MB
  • version 1.1.7

Deeper Smart Sonar

The No.1 downloaded fishfinder app with great features for planning fishing trips, this free app can be used with or without a deeper sonarWith the most downloads of any fishfinder app, Deeper is the best app for smart anglers. It works with or without a Deeper sonar and boasts great features for planning fishing trips and maximising your catch rate. By boat (use boat mode, works for all models), from the shore (use onshore mapping mode, works only with PRO+).

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  • size 154 MB
  • version 6.3.10

Laser jack

This APP is made for the product Laser jack. With product Laser jack plugged on iPhones earphone jack, this APP can control the laser beam produced by the product Laser jack. You can see the demo on youtube

  • rating 2.16
  • size 7.9 MB
  • version 1.3


Power Beam Technology is a Leading Laser Services solutions provider based out in Mumbai with experience of over 25 years in Laser Technology. With this application you can get in tough with us regarding your requirements related to services of Laser Marking, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting or Fabrication. Our service offerings are available worldwide.

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  • version 1.1


PhoneAudioTest app allows you to analyze and test your devices Speaker, Microphone, Earpiece and Headphones, to make sure everything is operating correctly. Must have app When you buy a new or used Smartphone: Eliminate your risk on purchase. Volume Buttons - This test will help ensure that +/- volume buttons on your phone works fine.

  • size 25.7 MB
  • version 1.0

PromptSmart Pro Remote Control

PromptSmart Pro Remote Control is the free companion app to the PromptSmart Pro teleprompter app (with Extended subscription), that lets you control the scrolling of the script with a simple tap of your finger to move it forward or backward, start/stop, and return to the beginning via a Bluetooth connection. PromptSmart Pro Remote Control only works with a PromptSmart Pro Extended subscription (available via in-app purchase).

  • rating 4.2
  • size 5.8 MB
  • version 1.0

Laser Hazard Distance

Laser Hazard Distance is an easy to use laser safety calculator that can be used to help determine the safe viewing distance for direct exposure to visible laser beams. The light created by a laser beam is far more concentrated than other forms of light, and if viewed directly can be harmful to eyesight. Laser Hazard Distance is provided as tool to aid those competent in assessing laser exposure risk, and should be used alongside other assessment methodologies, not as a substitute.

  • rating 2.8
  • size 0.5 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Laser Box - Puzzle

Laser Box is a puzzle game that offers a lot of elements to control the laser beam and the 120 levels from the very simple to the extremely complex LASER BOX PUZZLE FEATURES: 120 levels of varying difficulty in 6 chapters HD graphics and colorful special effects intuitive gameplay various elements for controlling the laser beam hint system without advertising Move elements, activate the laser receiver, get crystals, reach new chapters and levels

  • rating 4.86667
  • size 412 MB
  • version 2.35