Use LSM Remote to control Philips Color Kinetics Light System Engine from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Simply add a wifi access point to the network on which Light System Engine is installed, and LSM Remote can control all of your shows remotely. For each zone programmed on the LSE you can select which show to play, adjust its brightness, or turn off its lights. Additionally, you can specify a show transition type and time.

LSM Remote alternatives


DMX Dip allows you to easily calculate the correct address setting on your fixture. DMX Dip saves you valuable time, you dont have to calculate what dip switches you have to set to put your fixture on an address. Set the offset to 4 and with the press of a single button you get all those addresses in no time.

  • size 7.3 MB

Signal Generator: Audio Test Tone Utility

Signal Generator is an app that produces audio test tones. The basic app produces sine waves, and it can be extended and customized (via in-app purchases) to produce white noise, pink noise, frequency sweeps, and (on iPhone 4 and better) square waves, sawtooth waves, and triangle waves. This app can be used to: Test Speakers and Headphones Balance your Home Theater System Tune Your Car Audio System Mask Environmental Noise Burn In Headphones Tune Musical Instruments

  • size 7.9 MB