This free application allows for remote control of the LI-COR LI-8100A Automated Soil CO2 Flux System for long-term or survey measurements of soil CO2 flux. You can perform any action from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that is available from the LI-8100A Windows Application Software. After connection, simple menus provide for setup and configuration of the LI-8100A measurement protocols, data collection parameters, manual control over soil chamber opening and closing, starting a measurement, and real-time viewing of output variables, among others.


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Internet Speedtest Master

Wi-Fi2G3G4G30wifi- - - - - -

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Pix4Dcapture turns your consumer drone into a professional mapping tool. A free companion of Pix4D software, Pix4Dcapture is the perfect tool to automatically capture image data for optimal 3D models and 2D maps. Discover our cloud and desktop 3D mapping and modeling solutions on our website.

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Termius (ex Serverauditor), the most innovative and popular cross-platform Telnet, Mosh-compatible and SSH client. Manage your Raspberry Pi, a Linux machine or a UNIX server farm easily, on the go, with Termius on your mobile device. For more information, please consult the privacy policy and terms of use more information about Termius at

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DescriptionBlueSense is an environmental awareness application that allows you to manage all of your BLEhome Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) sensors and home automation devices. It provides a user friendly and interactive way to monitor (via alerts), configure, and control your surroundings. BlueSense SensorBug and BLEfob Features: Temperature sensing with alerts Light sensing with alerts (light left on/off or specific light levels) Motion sensing (accelerometer) with alerts: Garage door sensor (open/closed) Glass break sensor (window break-in detection) Vibration sensor VerminAlert mouse trap sensor (SensorBug only) Proximity can be used to find and identify a SensorBug Alerts can be configured for specific time windows and snoozed/ignored Can function as a beaconBlueSense iAlert Features: Motion sensing with alerts Tampering alertsBlueSense Contact Sensor Features: Senses opening and closing of doors, windows and drawers Activity log BlueSense Mongoose Garage Door Opener Features: Open/close your garage door Activation log tracks when and what device opened/closed the garage Link a SensorBug or BLEfob as a garage door sensor

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  • version 1.8.9