You dont have to know anything about the Thai language to use L-Lingo Thai to equip yourself to converse in Thai. L-Lingo is designed to be easy to use. Our Thai 105 lessons (full version) cover the following:- Introductions & Greetings- At Home- At the Airport- At the Hotel- Colors- Food- At the Office- Professions- Numbers- Clothes- Telling the Time- Animals- Meals and Cooking- Asking Questions- Buying and Selling- Landscapes and Nature- Weather- Sports- Family and Relationships- Countries and Continents- Seasons- Shopping- Days, Weeks, Months etc.- Quantities and Shapes- Present, Past and Future tenses

L-Lingo Learn Thai alternatives

Learn Thai Phrases & Words

Easily learn Thai phrases and words Speak Thai with confidence Using this app, you can learn Thai phrases and words from our native Thai speaking parrot. The parrot works together with you to practice your speaking and listening skills, wherever and whenever you are. Learning Thai can never be easier FEATURES - Commonly-used Thai phrases & words- Search by Thai or English - Native Thai pronunciation - Customizable font size- No Internet connection requiredIf you are traveling to Thailand (e.g., Bangkok), make sure you bring this app with you ABOUT Bravolol - Web site: - Facebook: - Twitter: Instagram: Email: [email protected]

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Learn Thai - Free WordPower

Are you interested in learning Thai, but just dont have the time?Lets face it, not everyone can commit full-time to learning a language. We know there are many things going on in your life: school, work, the kids, that special someone. Mix up question types (recognition, production, audio and visual) for a full understanding of each word- Listening Practice: Hear each words proper pronunciation by a native speaker- Perfect your Pronunciation: Compare your pronunciation to the native speakers with the Voice Recorder, easily accessible throughout the app- Personalized Word Bank: Save difficult or useful words, with their audio files, to review at any time- Advanced Search Function: Search entire database in English or Thai- Progress Bar: Keep track of how many words you have really mastered- Word View Options: Romanization can be turned on and off100 words not enough?Upgrade to WordPower Learn Thai Vocabulary full edition to get 2000 more words and phrases

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Thai Alphabet Chart

Thai script (Thai: ) is used to write the Thai language and other languages in Thailand. It has 44 consonant letters (Thai: ), 15 vowel symbols (Thai: ) that combine into at least 28 vowel forms, and four tone diacritics (Thai: ).Thai Alphabet Chart app will helping you to memorize Thai script. Key Features:- 4 charts (consonants, vowels, tones & numbers)- Hi-res pictures & sounds- Auto-play mode- Chart customization- Thai, English language options.

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