Natural evolution of the remarkable inclination to technological innovation for Ksenia Security is thenew possibility to program and manage the system via Ksenia SecureWeb, in addition to the standard mode via Keypad or PC. Ksenia SecureWeb, in fact, allows the installer to use a dedicated APP named KSENIA PRO, enabling the programming of panel via any mobile device (smart-phone included) through the acquisition of the Control Panel by scanning the QR-code, the registration of Panel itself with geolocation and push notifications. - Viewing / monitor and manage system- Sensors Management, Events, Scenarios- Home Automation Management- Thermostat function- Events Log- Management Video Streaming and Video Verification- Push Notifications


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Ksenia SecureWeb
CAME Domotic 3.0
My Tickets
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Ksenia lares wls alternatives

SICE Radiolink Wireless WiFi AirGHz

SICE AirGHz: the must-have iPhone/iPad application for Telecommunication professionals. AirGHz is a complete and powerful Software Suite for SICE devices end-users and all designers and operators in radiofrequency world. All results are sharable by e-mail; Be updated on last SICE product news

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UltraSync +

Welcome to the Secure Smarthome The UltraSync app enables remote control of Interlogix, UltraSecure products in homes and businesses. The UltraSync app provides real-time management of security and automation control systems from virtually anywhere. Key Features:Security- Arm and disarm system- See if doors and windows are open- Monitor special areas such as a safes, liquor or medicine cabinets- Monitor property and safety of loved ones- Know when children get home from school or leave the home- Look in on pets during the day- Monitor history of users and events- View live video and event-triggered recorded clips from security camerasLighting- Turn on, off and dim lightsGeo Action- Automate actions on users location events when leaving or entering the home or business*Door Locks- Lock and unlockThermostat- Change the temperature and fanVideo- Watch live-video and recorded clipsSchedules and Scenes- Create scenes that are triggered by specified actions (i.e., When system is disarmed, turn on house lights)- Create schedules that limit system access (i.e., Housekeeper user account only active Monday - Friday from 8AM to 12PM)- Combine scenes and schedules for enhanced automation (i.e., Monday - Friday, after 10PM and before 6AM, when system is armed, lock doors, turn off lights and set thermostat to 70 degrees)Alerts- Receive Email notification of system alerts- Emergency alerts- Non-emergency Alerts* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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UMobile UBNT

The UMobile app is a convenient client application for installing Ubiquiti Networks airMAX and edgeMAX devices. It features device discovery, site survey, airMAX device installation using the U-Installer and airGateway Installer, provisioning with configuration templates, antenna alignment, configuration backup and sharing, and offline firmware upgrades. Minimum Firmware Requirements:- airMAX AC devices: version 7.2.0 or higher- airMAX M devices: version 5.6.5 or higher- airGateway: version 1.1.7 or higher- edgeMAX devices: version 1.9.0 or higher- edgePoint devices: version 1.9.0 or higher

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Ksenia SecureWeb

Natural evolution of the remarkable inclination to technological innovation for Ksenia Security is thenew possibility to program and manage the system via Ksenia SecureWeb, in addition to the standard mode via Keypad or PC. Ksenia SecureWeb, in fact, allows the installer to use a dedicated APP named KSENIA PRO, enabling the programming of panel via any mobile device (smart-phone included) through the acquisition of the Control Panel by scanning the QR-code, the registration of Panel itself with geolocation and push notifications. - Panel management and monitoring- Panel QR-Code scanning for easy assignment- Panel Configuration (using mobile, instead of PC only)- Panels Registration with geo-localization- Marketing Info for news and promotions- Loyalty Program with Automatic Updating- Product Manuals updates and notifications- Quotation tool- Push-notifications

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  • version 1.2


The APP of AVS Electronics that allows you to manage your burglar alarm system of the XTREAM family and receive real-time push notifications on the status of the system. Complete management of the XTREAM system: Sectors ON-OFF; Domotic Controls; Control and Zones management; Diagnostics; Reading Event Logs; Display weather data from NetAtmo compatible stations; Receive notifications Alarm, On-Off, Faults System, Access; Creating custom scenarios; Video verification with compatible ONVIF cameras; Video verification with compatible MJPEG cameras;Everything is managed by the infrastructure Cloud myAVSAlarm that enables simplified configuration of network settings without the need to perform configurations on the router without ask to your provider one static IP address. Try before you install.

  • size 48.5 MB
  • version 1.3.3

CAME Domotic 3.0

Domotic 3.0 The app for controlling the CAME home automation system. Domotic 3.0 lets you manage all the functions of the Came home automation system via a simple, intuitive graphical interface. All of the functions featured in the system, like operator management, thermostat control, lighting control, shutter or awning opening and closing, burglar alarm control and scenario management, are readily available to users via the portable device on which Domotic 3.0 is installed.

  • size 69.3 MB
  • version 2.1.1


Manage the By-me home automation system and the ClimaPhone chronothermostat directly via your iPhone. You can control the lights, shutters, temperatures, scenarios and the alarm system of your home via simple SMS that can be seen on your display screen with stylized and intuitive icons. Vimar positive energy; production of electric material for traditional and home automation systems for residential and tertiary purposes.

  • size 3.7 MB
  • version 2.2


ipDatatels SecureSmart combines your alarm system with smart device control into one app. The SecureSmart full virtual keypad delivers full control over your home by having access to your security system. Features:- Remotely arm/disarm- Full panel programming- View event logs- Receive notifications via text/push, email or voiceSupported panels include Helix, GE, DSC and Honeywell.

  • size 50.6 MB
  • version 2.5.2


The first home automation system fully programmable from smartphones. Economic, Easy, No Wires No automation expertise to configure your home automation scenario. Supervision and reporting of energy consumption- Security: Protect your home from theft, fire, flooding and much more - Energy management: save money by monitoring and managing energy consumption - Home Automation: automate the lights, thermostats, blinds, irrigation and much more SAFETY unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions) Alarm activation if: - Intrusion (motion sensors and door / window sensors) - Fire (smoke detectors) - Flooding (sensors of water leaks), - Gas leak (CO sensor) - Panic button, - Duress (if anyone forces you to disarm the system) - Easy integration with existing alarm systems - Easy on-line configuration and configuration via web interface ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Energy consumption in real time with your smartphone - Automatically turn your appliances - Detailed analysis of energy consumption - Save energy by automating lights, thermostats, awnings LIGHTING - Easy installation of wireless modules - Support Z-Wave - Support remote dimming and on / off with any smartphone - Unlimited number of scenarios - Advanced Configuration rules - Automatic lighting programs to discourage intruders, while the house is emptyCLIMATE - Multi space heating and cooling control with your smartphone - Easily create an unlimited number of custom zones (thermostats) - Multi humidity control using standard dehumidifiers - Advanced scenarios to automate the climate on the basis of other environmental events and domestic- Notification and automated actions if the event of over-temperature, power outages, and other incidents IRRIGATION - Control unlimited number of irrigation areas - Use of advanced programming options online to install irrigation process - Automated irrigation system on the basis of weather forecasts on the Internet - Integrate the irrigation system with your home automation scenarios completeACCESS CONTROL - Control shutters, awnings and access with your smartphone - Automate engines using easy programming tool - Add commands sun shading in domestic scenarios together with lights, climate, alarms wireless modules for easy installationBut also: Surveillance, Control of Smart TV and more

  • size 38.3 MB
  • version 1.0

My Tickets

This is a simple, but powerful ticket-management-system to manage support tickets. Features:- Create new tickets- Edit ticket tickets- Recieve push-notifications- Write comments on each ticketPlease contact us via email for more [email protected]

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  • version 1.o

Horizone Web Server

The HORIZONE app allows you to manage your intelligent building, both on a local and remote network, in total autonomy, handling everything in a simple and intuitive way. Do you have a KNX home automation system? If you want to try Horizone, download the demo Horizone PDK from www.eelectron.comScope of use:- Residential- Offices- Commercial buildings- Industrial buildingsFunctionality:- Lights Management- Automation Management- HVAC Management - Irrigation Management- Scenario Management- Energy/Load Management- Intrusion Management- Audio/Video Management

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  • version 1.0

Sharp Security

SHARP CLOUD SMARTHOME SYSTEM (CSS) brings you the next generation cloud-based automation and monitoring for your home and business. This unique system is easy to use and install, and can be expanded and customized to your needs. Receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications Manage multiple locations with one mobile app Sends a 30-second video clip to group when alert is triggered Easy add-on devices by simply scanning the QR code Define your own control devices, authorized users and emergency contacts

  • size 42.3 MB
  • version 2.2.2


iRISCO enables you to remotely control your RISCO security system, smart home system, retrieve live video monitoring and event notifications. Do it all using the iRISCO from anywhere, at any time Arm/disarm your security alarm system remotely Video verification - view live video streaming, retrieve image snapshots and video clips from events all via VUpoints wireless IP cameras Smart Home easily control and operate your home appliances, lighting, climate, roller shutters, garage door, door lock, and more Notifications and event log receive notification upon all or specific event types for security, safety, panic, or elderly care and view a listing of events from the event log To use iRISCO, first install your cloud-enabled RISCO system, and then register it via this app or from:

  • size 47.9 MB
  • version 4.7.0