Kramer Control is an award-winning cloud-based room / space control and management platform that lets IT/AV managers easily control, monitor and support AV systems, infrastructures, and any third party devices. By leveraging existing IP network infrastructures, and due to its distributed architecture, Kramer Control provides scalability and reliability with no single point of failure. Kramer Control enables controlling Brains, smart device drivers, and customizable user interfaces on popular devices, including Kramer touch panels.


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eKeypad Pro
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Kramer Control alternatives


BlueJeans makes business-quality video conferencing easy, accessible and affordable. The BlueJeans app works with the BlueJeans service to provide true universal, multi-party video calls on the go with a variety of video conference systems such as Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, Tely, Microsoft Lync, and more. Were always happy to hear from our users.

  • size 98.7 MB

OvrC for iPhone

OvrC (oversee) is a remote management and monitoring service for professional integrators of power, audio/visual, networking, and surveillance products. Works with products from brands like WattBox & Araknis Networks & Luma. Download the OvrC for iPad app instead.

  • size 10.2 MB

TSheets Time Tracker

TSheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app that allows your employees to clock in and out from the job site with the devices theyve already got in their pockets. Accurate, electronic time data replaces paper timesheets and makes payroll and invoicing faster and less costly. REPORT TIME See day and week totals at a glance Easily access a breakdown of employee hours by employee, job, customer, or location View timer history with map Keep a black-box history of all edits and deletions, in case of an auditPLUS, using the web dashboard, managers can: Manage PTO, leave & holiday time Schedule overtime alerts Set up custom approvalsContinued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • rating 4.37209
  • size 28.7 MB

SMART kapp

The free SMART kapp app connects your mobile device to kapp digital whiteboards, SMART kapp iQ interactive displays and SMART kapp iQ Pro interactive displays. One app lets you share whatever you write, erase and scribble on your kapp, kapp iQ and kapp iQ Pro in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world. To learn more, visit smartkapp.comYou can read our Privacy Policy ( and Terms of Use ( online.

  • rating 3.89474
  • size 35.5 MB

Mocha WOL

Wake-on-LAN for easy wake up calls. Use your iPhone or iPad to power up a sleeping Mac or PC on your network. If the iPhone or iPad is on another network, such as 3G, you must first configure the HOME router to forward the special UDP package.

  • rating 4.83333
  • size 1.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

eKeypad Pro

eKeypad provides a highly customizable interface for controlling your security, video surveillance and home automation system. No longer do you have to use a mix of applications with different looks. Everything is included- Unlimited systems can be configured in any combination- Profile support for managing complex, multiple locations systems - Direct connections made to all devices to improve reliability- Extensive customization options for stock interface- Fully customizable landscape interfaces on iPad devices- Security features to safeguard your system data and access- Configuration backup, restore and sharing via Wifi and email- Secure access for Cellular and even faster access via Wifi - Universal application optimized for all platforms- Advanced features available for professional installers

  • size 102 MB
  • version 3.0.42

Ecler UCP

iPad and iPhone client for controlling EclerNet devices via WIFI using comfortable and nice User Control Panels. EclerNet Manager software allows to create custom graphical user interfaces to control and monitor real world parameters like volumes, mutes, GPIs, GPOsNote that this app is designated to be used with EclerNet hardware and software only, excluding the demonstration mode which allows you to see how it looks and performs locally with a demonstration project.

  • size 19.4 MB
  • version 1.1.16


Qulu is an elegantly simple cutting edge new approach to managing HD surveillance video in the enterprise. The hyper-optimized architecture of this new video management platform provides unlimited scalability, automated device discovery and configuration, simplified setup and ease of use and the lowest total cost of deployment and ownership of any solution on the market today. The New qulu2 app is required for qulu versions 2.5.0 and above. FEATURES * Connect via Wifi or Data connection to local or remote Qulu system* View and Connect to Auto-discovered Qulu systems* View status of connected IP cameras* View live recorded video from IP cameras* Adjust streaming resolution on-the-fly from cameras* Control PTZ Cameras* View Layouts* Control the Q Lite Client

  • size 144 MB
  • version 17.3.0


ControlFX allows your iPhone or iPod Touch to become a state of the art home remote controller, together with a required control system this app allows complete control over your AV, lighting, heating and security systems that are either Infra-Red, RS232 or Ethernet controlled devices. Using our iGuiFX configuration software that can be downloaded Free from our ControlFX website, a unique interface can be designed with buttons, sliders and other components that in turn are linked to commands that will not only amaze your friends and family but also provide a system that you will never want to be without. Volume level from an AV amplifier*PLEASE NOTE* This application with the associated configuration software is a specialised application with huge possibilities for controlling an infinite range of devices, it does however require an additional system controller from companies such as Global Cache, it also requires an understanding of Infra Red, RS232 and TCP/IP to achieve its full potential.

  • rating 2.46153
  • size 3.9 MB
  • version 4.0.6

eKeypad M1

The most customizable and advanced interface is available for the Elk M1 Gold, Elk EZ8 and Ness M1 security and automation panels. - Easy setup. Alarm Systems: Elk M1, Elk EZ8 and Ness M1Automation Systems: Elk M1, Elk EZ8, and Ness M1Supported Lighting Technologies:INSTEON, X-10, Z-Wave, UPB, ViziaRF, Clipsal, ONQ-ALC, Centralite, Radio RA and C-Bus Thermostats: RCS, HAI, all Z-wave thermostats and Aprilaire eKeypad Platform Features: - No 3rd party servers or services required- No additional fees or services are required - One license supports all devices: iPhone, iTouch and iPad- Universal application optimized for all platforms- Configure any combination of supported equipment- Both dedicated or consolidated modes for multiple systems - Direct connections made to all devices to improve reliability- Security features to safeguard your system data and access- Configuration backup, restore and sharing via Wifi and email- Secure access for Cellular and even faster access via Wifi - Advanced management features for professional installers Optional features:- Multi-system Module for control of unlimited systems- Custom screens with the Blueprint Module (iPad Only)- Co-branding to customize the look of the GUI- IP Camera, DVR and NVR viewing and PTZ control- Universal Devices ISY automation controller supportSupported equipment through add-on modules:Automation Systems: Universal Devices ISY-99i, Universal Devices ISY-994i, and Universal Devices ISY-944i ZLighting Technologies:INSTEON, X-10, Z-Wave, UPB, ViziaRF, Clipsal, ONQ-ALC, Centralite, Radio RA, Radio RA2, Zigbee and C-Bus Thermostats: Venstar, RCS, HAI, all Z-wave thermostats and Aprilaire IP Video Cameras Devices: Yoko Tech, Night Owl, Averfocus, HAI, Axis, Mobotix, Ness, Razberi Technologies, GrandStream, Sony, Dedicated Micros, IQinVision, Visualint, TRENDnet, Vitek, Wansview, ACTi, Channel Vision, Panasonic, Linksys, Level One, Sharx Security, Samsung, Wirepath, NetMedia, Asoni, D-Link, Wowwee, Y-Cam, GVI Security, Hunt, VisionTech, Toshiba, Bosch, Ubiquiti, Canon, Digital Watchdog, GeoVision, SMARTHOME, Foscam, Basler, Brickcom, Dahua, Vivotek, Etrovision, EverFocus, Hikvision, IC Realtime, Arecont, LTS, ZuumMediaNetwork DVRs and NVRs: Digital Watchdog, Razberi Technologies, Ness, Everfocus, Dedicated Micros, Wirepath, GVI Security, Hikvision, Night Owl, Yoko Tech, Visualint, ZuumMedia and LTS

  • size 65.8 MB
  • version 3.0.42

ManageEngine Desktop Central

Manage Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Supported Features: SoM, Asset Management (Inventory) and Patch Management ManageEngine Desktop Central iOS App empowers admins perform key desktop management routines on computers across the globe. Tasks that can be performed using the app:Scope of Management: Add or remove computers to be managed using Desktop Central Initiate installation of agents in the computers to be managed Check status of installation of agents in computers required Monitor frequency of agent contact to the server Review information on Remote officesAsset Management: Overview of assets being managed by the app Scan systems for generating information on hardware and software Review information on Hardware assets being managed Check software compliance status Analyze software usage of any software to optimize resources Prohibit software: Forbid usage of certain applicationsPatch Management: Scan and identify vulnerable computers Detect missing patches for Windows, Mac, Linux and 3rd party applications Approve/Decline patches Monitor automated patch deployment tasks View system health statusRemote Control: Troubleshoot remote desktops from anywhere Ensure users privacy by giving a choice to ask user for permission before connecting Multi-monitor support helps automatically detect multi-monitors and displays them Perform quick actions: run command prompt, change control panel settings, initiate task manager and more Allows option to take control of either a user session or computer sessionInstructions for activation:Step 1: Install the Desktop Central iOS app on your deviceStep 2: Once installed, give the credentials of server name and port being used for Desktop CentralStep 3: Sign in with the username and password being used for Desktop Central ConsoleAwards and Recognitions: Recognized by the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 for the second year in a row Won Community Choice Award for Best Configuration/Deployment and Best Patch Management solution at Windows IT Pro magazine awards in 2013 Ranked third by Windows IT Pro in server administration tools, in the year 2013 InfoTech research names Desktop Central as value for money in its research report of the year 2012 Approved for use on US Navy networks

  • size 25.8 MB
  • version 1.2.3

KIS OneTouch

KIS One Touch a mobile and highly flexible solution that is an integral part of the award winning Kings Intelligence Service (KIS) Platform Can be used by stores, store detectives, third party contractors and engineers within the Security, Crime and Risk Prevention sectors to capture real time incidents, complete many types of processes, gathering data at the touch of a button Can be used to streamline and automate processes such as civil recovery, patrol management and health and safety process to improve success rates due to the ease of reporting Delivers real time intelligence sharing of incident alerts/notifications including images securely Key Features Fully Configurable with branding capability for your company- Powered by highly fully configurable e-Form, button and workflow engines Allows raising of any type of incident report by one touch of an on screen button with as much configurable extra data as required in the process Ability to capture and upload evidential media along with the reported incident i.e. captured photos, videos and audio as evidence to support an incident using the device - appears in KIS in a number of seconds as part of the reported incident Live Site information available on demand as per KIS Site page e.g. Statistics, Key holders, Contact Details, Systems, URNs etc. Ability to raise a site specific Service Call directly from the device including System, Reason and Details Ability to trigger CCTV alarms on button selection Map location of Site and Device based on up to date Geo-location (Latitude, Longitude) updated every 15 seconds Ability to read NFC tags into form fields to collect a wide variety of asset, location or other information Devices can be set as NFC Roaming enabled which allows a guard, engineer or other staff member to use the device at multiple sites by placing the device on a programmed NFC tag the process automatically pulls down specific buttons, forms workflow and settings held and managed centrally the secure KIS platform NFC Tag Engineer Check-in/Check-out and Patrol Route Management actions with flexible logic - this provides the features to do full warehouse patrol management, with configurable routes Ability to log into a particular site/store using various methods creating a check in / out activity time sheet Options to collect additional incident details, with advanced rules, after pressing a button Options to include extra information that is incident type specific Option to Confirm Send of the report after selecting a report button Full Push Notification feature to share intelligence with 100s of devices, in seconds, of live Incidents, known Offenders and suspicious Vehicles allowing the recipient to drill down to details to the shared record as well as other directly related records Full transactional logging of user and device actions and map-location - building up detailed evidence of all OneTouch events Full device registration, configuration and management using license keys which enable particular functionalityVisit for more information on Kings Intelligence Services (KIS)

  • size 13.8 MB
  • version 1.4.11