Finally quick access to your music collection A Kodi/XBMC remote control specifically designed for music lovers. View your music collection and playlists, play and shuffle tracks, and watch what is currently playing in a slim and elegant user interface. Officially supported are Kodi Isengard, Kodi Helix, XBMC Gotham, and XBMC Frodo.Thanks for using the app - we hope it makes your Kodi/XBMC music listening experience really enjoyable.

Kodi/XBMC Music Remote free alternatives


Do you have a music collection of thousands of albums on your computer or network drive? Now you can browse and play that music directly on your iPad without syncing or waiting for a download. We would love to hear your feedback on [email protected] and this will drive new features in future updates.

  • size 19.9 MB

Sesam Music UPnP DLNA Player

Access all the music from your network and broadcast it where you want. Sesam Music is a UPnP / DLNA Media Controller and Player dedicated to music. This version gives you access to all the features.

  • size 12.2 MB


Linn Kinsky allows you to wirelessly control your Linn DS system from an iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch. Linn Kinsky supports all the features of your DS, allowing you to: * Browse your music collection by album artwork * Quickly change the playlist in any room * Tune in to internet radio stations * Play music all over your home in perfect synchronisation. Linn Kinsky works with: * Linn DS systems running Davaar firmware * OpenHome Media Players * UPnP/AV Media Renderers

  • size 46.9 MB

mconnect Player Lite

(mconnect Player) . , PC NAS , TV .1. , PC NAS TV .2. iPhone, iPad, AirPlay, Apple TV AirPort Express Apple .DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance .UPnP UPnP Forum .TIDAL ASPIRO AB .Qobuz XANDRIE SA .

Volumio iOS

* You MUST have at least one Volumios installation to use the app. To suggest new features, please include a brief description into your review, ill try to include them into the next releases ;) This app is developed as community support for Volumio, im not part of the project and what i did is just a way to make it easier the Volumios experience. Headless means that the only way to control it will be with another Mobile phone, computer or tablet.

  • size 27.7 MB