Whimsical, magical, and enchanting Touch Arcade, 5/5Kiwanuka is an action-puzzle game with an entirely new game-mechanic designed uniquely for touch screen. Guide the tiny citizens, instruct them to build towers, knock the towers over to grab ledges, then use them as bridges to reach the exit. - The Guardian

Kiwanuka alternatives

Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds: Experience Music and Animation Art in an Indie Game

Get a full-length 7 track LP with your purchase bundled with this relaxing, exploratory audio-visual experience for all ages Experience a new world where theres a lot to see and even more to hear. Help Poco Eco, the curious explorer complete his mission. Download Adventures of Poco Eco, experience dreamy beats and help Poco Eco in his mission For more info visit us athttp://www.pocoecogame.com/ https://twitter.com/POSSIBLEgames https://www.facebook.com/pocoecoTune in to Iamyank athttps://www.facebook.com/iamyankmusic https://twitter.com/iamyankWe are excited to hear your opinion on Adventures of Poco Eco, please rate & review on the app page, or leave your comment at [email protected]

  • rating 4.43548
  • size 966 MB


Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game set inside a Japanese pop-up book. Fold and slide the beautifully crafted paper world to solve puzzles and discover secrets. Visit us at http://nyamyam.com and follow us on Twitter @nyamyamgames

  • rating 4.18182
  • size 260 MB

Last Voyage

App Store: Best of 2015 Mind-altering - WIREDLike going through the Star Gate in 2001: A Space Odyssey - Pocket GamerPrompts players to ponder how they think - National PostA Beautiful Space Opera - Kill ScreenA feeling of awe in everything you do - GamezeboMinimal and Seductive - The Creators ProjectStylish and Breathtaking - AppAdviceA new gaming experience that breaks the mold - AppleNAppsUncharacteristically comfortable with the unknown - Pocket TacticsOne of the 15 Most Imaginative Games - AppleJOURNEY BEYOND THE STARSLast Voyage is a cosmic adventure through space and mind in 10 unique chapters. Go through psychedelic portals, solve abstract puzzles, explore grand minimal forms or race against the stars. While these chapters form a continuous narrative, you are constantly surprised with new ways to interact as you seamlessly transition from one chapter to another.

  • rating 4.28814
  • size 319 MB


A beautiful and relaxing paper puzzle game. Editors Choice Mac App Store# 1 Best New Game, Mac App Store# 1 iOS Puzzle Game in 12 countries# 1 Game Mac App Store US# 1 Game Mac App Store UKKAMI is deceptively simple: fold out coloured paper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible.Beautiful aesthetics, soothing sounds and deceptively challenging puzzles - MacworldKAMI feels fresh and unique. Beautiful handcrafted Japanese look, created using real paper Calming and elegant soundtrack Created by State of Play, creators of the award-winning papercraft game Lume

  • rating 4.92
  • size 65.4 MB