KittyKey, the iPhone and iPad keyboard that purrs, includes 10 cat themed keyboards with cat sounds like purr and meow as you type, Kitty Chat Stickers, Cat Kaomoji & Jumbo Cat Emoji.- 10 designer cat keyboard themes inspired by our favorite furry friends Includes English Autocorrect and awesome spacebar cursor control. - Select from 12 different cat sounds while you type, including purr, meow, hiss, and even roar Switch back to the regular keyboard click sound at any time. - Over 50 original Kitty Chat Stickers to send in messages, emails, and most social apps They are SO Fun Just click the paw on the keyboard - Cat Kaomoji (Word Pictures): We love Japanese Kaomoji but hate how hard they are to type Now you can quickly insert Cat Kaomoji without having to remember - Jumbo Cat Emoji are just a paw click away KittyKey is purr-fect for all ages Dont wait, download today


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KittyKey - Cat Keyboard, Stickers, Sounds, Emoji & Kaomoji alternatives

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FutureCalc: ergonomic calculator for single-handed use

FutureCalc is an ergonomic calculator, possibly the first of its kind, specifically designed for single-handed use. All buttons are accessible for the thumb without repositioning the phone or supporting it with the other hand. Enjoy your numbers

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EverPass Password Manager Pro - Passcodes secure wallet vault to lock private accounts data

Reported by BGRThe Best & Most Convenient Password Manager Have you ever forgotten a password? Do you reuse the same password? We would very happy to answer any question in your email E-mail: [email protected]

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Dvorak + Colemak Keyboards

The Dvorak and Colemak keyboard layouts now available as software keyboards for your iPhone. Type with astonishing dexterity Tap out messages with an impressive 10% efficiency gain Amaze your friends with your incredible keyboarding skills You just gotta move those fingers Please note that autocorrect and physical keyboards are not currently supported. Good for the body Good for the heart

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Soft kitty, warm kittyblack kitty This sticker pack is the cats meow when it comes to black cats. Whether you are owned by a shadowy cat yourself or just love a kitten with dark and shiny fur. Includes 24 stickers with: Cat face emoji Catnip mice and catfood Black cats playing & napping Footprints & cat hairFor Tarzan, Binx and Frank, three black cats who are responsible for much cat hair.

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Customize your keyboard background with animated, colorful images and amazing button effects Stop using the boring default keyboard This app allows you to customize the background of your iPhones or iPads keyboard. You can use our themed keyboards to type in ANYWHERE on your device (in any app) that allows standard keyboard input. Features:- Multiple button effects - Combine button effects with keyboard background animations- Designed breath-taking themes- Quick emoji bar- Click sounds- Quick reaction - Use in any other appCustomize your keyboard now and type with a whole new look and feel All of your friends will be so jealous of your cool keyboards

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Color Keyboard Themes Pro - new keyboard design & backgrounds for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Stop using the boring iOS default keyboard Color your keyboard now and type with a whole new look and feel keyboard Designed for iOS 8, Color Keyboards are available in anywhere you can type, including Message, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Email, Notes, Facebook, Twitter and more. Awesome Features: All new look and feel keyboards 50+ Beautiful themes to choose from 30+ Pleasant click sounds System integrated keyboard Change background, colors, textures and more

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Steve Smith Sr. Stickers

The Official Steve Smith Sr. Stickers & Emoji Keyboard are here Cant get enough of #Agent89? Take your texting game to the next level with one of the greatest wide receivers ever Revel in the legends 16 football seasons and new journey of retirement with these 24 action-packed stickers and emoji keyboard 3 Ways to Share:1. iMessage App Drawer tap sticker to send as new iMessage or hold sticker to peel, re-size and post on chat bubbles2. Select added Keyboard and Allow Full Access We DO NOT track personal information or see what you type as our keyboards only contain sticker assets

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The ultimate emoji haul.introducing Beaumoji, the new emoji keyboard for all things beauty and beyond that lets you and your squad stay on fleek Attention beauty junkies: the days of #basic beauty emojis are over. Beyond the kiss emoji, the hair flip emoji, the lipstick emoji, Beaumoji offers so much more For all your beauty moments, weve got the new emoji app for you: Beaumoji. Now includes Beaumoji Stickers for iOS 10 users Features: Beaumoji Stickers Free emoji keyboard Choose over 100 Beaumojis All of this plus an integrated QWERTY keyboard will work with your favorite messaging apps: iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email & more.

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TIMOJI: Animated Emojis Emoticons

TiMoji Keyboard is your own personal emoji. Express yourself with any emoji you want in this Totally Free app Include: New Emoji Keyboard, Fonts Maker, Emoji Art, Text Art, Static Emojis, Animated Emojis,Hidden Skype Emoji, Custom Emojis, word emoji maker, Text to Emoji Many many NEW emojis and they are all FREE Use the BEST TiMoji Keyboard ever) ALL NEW iMessage Emoji Stickers:) Emoji & Sticker Favorites:) Better Organized Emoji Categories:) Regular & Funny Emojis:) Simple & Instant Keyboard Setup:) ALL NEW Animated Emoji Stickers:) 10 Colorful Keyboard Themes:) Fun Guess The Emoji Puzzle Games:) iPhone and iPad SupportAmazing animated emoji and more vivid smiley icons are offered. You can use it to anniversary party, relaxation shopping fashionYou can get whatever kind of emoji you want here to finish brilliant messages Download it at once

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Keyminator - Animated Keyboards

* Limited time price *Keyminator is the best animated custom keyboard Stop using the boring default keyboard This app allows you to customize the background and buttons animations of your iPhones or iPads keyboard. Bring them to life Features: Multiple button effects Combine button effects with keyboard background animations Best hand chosen designed themes Quick emoji bar Click sounds Use in any other appCustomize your keyboard now and type with a whole new look and feel All of your friends will be so jealous of your cool keyboards

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Winter Keyboards Free

Improve your texting style with amazing new Winter Keyboards Free Here you can find the best themes and skins with winter motifs, that will make your iPhone look icy cold Celebrate Christmas and New Year with trendy frozen keypads with winter decorations and use cute fonts and text styles to type like a pro Winter Keyboards Free app features:- User friendly keyboard app interface.- HD graphics.- Exclusive background patterns and frozen stickers.- Deluxe decoration for your iPhone.- Insert holiday symbols and emoji for more fun.- Multiple key styles and fonts.- Select language, theme, color palette and key sounds.- Quick messages for when you are in a hurry.- Customize your typing style with emoji keyboard - Share it via social networks Winter Keyboards Free offers multiple cool backgrounds and skins for your phone, to make it look absolutely stunning Have fun every time you are texting with your friends using these awesome winter style themes. Each of these cute holiday skins is a unique representation of wintertime. Wish your friends Happy Holidays Everyone will absolutely adore these vivid background themes Combine them with original text fonts and cute emoji and you have the perfect Winter Keyboards, for free Download them now, and enjoy texting throughout the winter

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Cat Me!

Want to make the Purr-fect picture?Always wondering what you would look like as a feline Now do both and more with Cat Me Put your face in a picture of a cat or put a cat in your picture 80 fabulous felines for you stick your face in Then add awesome captions Or more cats Or fun goodies Stick it all in a frameThen share via facebook, twitter, instagram, e-mail, sms, etcGet it now Its the cats meow And if you like it please come back and give it a review. Includes these packs, they come with a bunch of free stuff, or buy more for a low price 1. Frames pack Put your finished picture in one of over 40 great frames Quick Instructions- Download it, then open it - Click a kitty pic.- Then either take a photo or choose one from your photo album.- If youre using IOS 5 and above the app should find your face and place it in the hole.- Use Multi-touch to move and resize your photo until its purr-fect ( Click Flip if you wanna flip the pic )- Click Color to adjust the colors of your image to make it match the pic - When your done click on the goodies tab to add fun stuff to your pic - Then click frames to add a classic frame to your picture - Or at any time click the share button in the bottom right and - Then you can save it, put it on facebook, twitter, Instagram, or send your pic in an SMS or e-mail

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