iCloud Sync and Touch ID A password manager combining the military grade security with simplicity. Just provide the essential feature set for password management. You just know how to use all the features when you open it iCloud Sync between Mac and iOS (Requires In-App-Purchase) Support Tounch ID to unlock Complete encryption solution: AES-256 + Salt + PBKDF2 Local and iCloud data backup and restore Sorted and indexed item list Searchable item Automatic lock when switching to other application Automatic clean password from clipboard after 3 minutesFree version contains ads and has all the features in the full version.

Keys - Password Manager Lite alternatives

SafeBox-Encrypt to protect secret photo and video

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Pass2word Free

Password MUST NOT be written down Unfortunately, if you are a good password practitioner and you SHALL own many complex long passwords for different accounts and you SHALL change them regularly. If you dont write them down, sooner or latter only god knows what they are. Be confident with your confidential data Remember NEVER write down your real passwords at any time under any circumstance.

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PalmBox - palmprint privacy

PalmBox IntroductionA Cool safety tool that uses your own palm print to safeguard your private information. Palm print, fingerprint and facial recognition, all share the same level of robustness and uniqueness in biometric characters that can be used for personal ID authentication. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us via [email protected]

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