A fun, easy and engaging way to teach your child Tamil, Karka Tamil is designed specially to familiarize your child with Tamil letters and words. In a captivating and homely voice, letters and familiar words are spelled out. Fun filled game, which helps the learner to enhance and measure their knowledge.

KarkaTamil alternatives

Hindi Play & Learn

Featured 4 times on the App Store in multiple countries Using a host of colorful cartoon characters such as an owl and a butterfly, iPad app Hindi Play & Learn aims to create an interactive Hindi learning experience while exploring Indian culture at the same time. - INDIA WEST Now, learning about Indian culture and its language just became fun, cool and interactive, thanks to Hindi Play & Learn. Come explore India and its national language FEATURES:*Interactive peacock that dances when you rub his neck or pluck his feathers*Explore each alphabet sound by playing with feathers*Spin the alphabet wheel to navigate through all letters*Watch alphabets & their characters sing, dance and entertain you*Follow step by step tutorials to help your child learn how to write Hindi*Put jigsaw puzzles together to make the characters come to life*Learn fun facts about Indian culture

  • rating 5.0
  • size 170 MB

Learn Tamil-(HD)

Learn Tamil-(HD)/Mazhalai Tamzhil teaches your kids, how to write Letters. This App consists of over 31 Letters with Uyir Ezhuthukal and Uyir Mei Ezhuthukal

  • size 28.1 MB

Tamil 101

Learn to write and pronounce Tamil language alphabets easily using three fun modes. EASY mode provides a hand pointer to guide you in writing the alphabets. Learn, share and enjoy Please visit the support link and suggest a new feature that you would like to see in the future updates.

  • rating 4.8
  • size 6.9 MB

Flashcards Tamil Lesson

This App helps new language learner (kids to adults) to learn Tamil words in easiest way. Builds vocabulary and pronunciation of basic words in categories like Animals, Birds, Body Parts, Vegetables, Fruits, Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Alphabet (Vowels and Consonants). * Quality/Professional Studio Audio recording* Soft, clear and friendly female voice for children ears* Large and Clear words * Beethovens fur elise music for End of the card indication in every categories* Soft, gentle fingers friendly Autoplay option for slide show* Repetition of words by simple single Tap * Easy Left & Right swipes for transition, No Next, Previous buttons* Shuffle option to randomize the card display* Setting page to Setup/Choose the Voice/Music * Enable/Disable Transition speed using Fast Transition option* Nice chime audio for Image Transition* Beware of addictive Find me & Match Me game, Kids/Parents will love it* Match me is for drawing line between matching words with images, when it matched the red line changes to Green* Find me is to find correct image out of four random images, user answers is indicated with correct/wrong sound and symbol* Baby, Kids and Adult tested* An app designed as an universal (iPhone, iPad and iPod) app

  • size 79.2 MB


Tamil is a beautiful and ancient language spoken in various parts of the World, predominantly in South India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia. It has so many alphabets (247 to be precise) and hard to learn. Happy Writing and Reading

  • size 24.6 MB

More alternatives

Malayalam Aksharamala

A fun, easy and engaging way to teach your child Malayalam, Malayalam Aksharamala V2 is designed specially to familiarize your child with Malayalam letters and words. In a captivating and homely voice, letters and familiar words are spelled out. Fun filled game, which helps the learner to enhance and measure their knowledge.

  • size 50.9 MB
  • version 3.0.1


Program to teach English with songs for children Teaching letters and words and numbers, colors easy and fun way for children and helps to teach writing letters and all these lessons voice and image

  • size 29.0 MB
  • version 1.0


FREE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY Normally $1.99 Teach your child their ABCs in this exciting interactive flash card that is both colorful and engaging. A perfect way to help your child develop early alphabet and language skills. FEATURES- Perfect for toddlers to build their vocabulary and learn first words- 26 illustrated cards with bright and cute illustrations to charm and engage in learning- Fun and educational- Softly spoken letters and words- Shake to randomize- Remembers last card

  • rating 3.62814
  • size 56.2 MB
  • version 2.0

Lets Start Spelling - Learn To Spell

Lets Spell is a fun a engaging way for 5-8 years old to practice their spelling. With each correct word spelled, you earn coins which can be used to purchase a gifts to unlock toys in the prize room. Features:- 5 Difficulty Levels- Words range from 3-6 letters- Go on streaks to earn even more coins- Teaches kids to spell in a fun and rewarding way

  • size 27.1 MB
  • version 1.4.1

Preschooler Early Learning

Teach your child their first sight words and how to count with these two fun and engaging educational apps for preschoolers at a discounted price

  • size 139 MB

Teach Me Words

Help the thirsty crow by constructing 750+ words Teach me words is a interactive game in the Fun and Learn series, which make your child learn letter construction, phonics in interactive way. Teach me words includes more then 750+ words, each word with engaging animation, sound, phonics in 4 different levels. App is specifically designed for kids from Preschool through Grade 2 (Age 1yr-8yrs).Lookout for surprises on completion of every 20 words.

  • size 25.2 MB
  • version 1.2

First Words Wizard & Letter in Word

If youre looking for Apps which mimic lettering used to teach the basic words in life and letters in the alphabet, you have come to the right place. We call the basic words in life as First Words, e.g. apple, hand, ant, boy, ball, box, cat, duck, egg, fish, and so on The so-called First Words Wizard is a complete set of Apps for teachers and parents which make it fun and easy to teach the First Words and Letters to kids.First Words Wizard is also designed to help every child learn the First Words and letters happily, this series of apps is fully customizable to suit childs needs, they are in USA School Fonts Handwriting Styles, followed by their pictures and sounds.Future 26 Letters A to Z in the alphabet 100+ Words in life(Animals, Fruits,Colors, Numbers, Shapes, and so on ) Letters are followed by the First Words which contain the special letter. Support all iPad and iPhone

  • size 85.6 MB
  • version 1.3

Abcd learn

Discover a simple way to familiarize your kids with the reading Through the ABC, your child can decrypt any word alone. He just needs to tap the screen the letters he sees written and a voice reads the word after it spelled each letter. The reading appears so simply This application runs in the language configured in your phone, therefore, she works in any language.

  • size 15.4 MB
  • version 1.3

Wh Questions by Teach Speech Apps

WH Questions by Teach Speech Apps helps develop the skills needed to understand who, what, when, where, why and how questions. We often refer to these as WH words because they include the letters WH (for example WHy, HoW).This interactive app helps individuals learn WH questions in a fun and engaging way. To learn more, visit : http://www.teachspeechapps.com/privacy-policy.htmlEmail Teach Speech Apps with questions or feedback: [email protected] us onFacebook: Teach Speech Apps, LLCTwitter: @teachspeechapps

  • rating 4.42856
  • size 25.1 MB
  • version 1.7

Baby Writer HD

The essential writing and learning application for your Child on the iPad Baby Writer is an electronic copybook for your child to learn vocabulary and practice handwriting in a fun and engaging way With child-friendly and entertaining graphics, Baby Writer shows English words and their corresponding images and sounds for letters and the word. Your child needs to simply use their finger as a pen to practice writing letters, words and handwriting. This will make learning to write more fun and provide the essential building blocks to writing words.

  • size 15.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Train Maze Kindergarten

SIMPLE DRAG AND DROP GAME TO LEARN WORDS, SHAPESTargeted to create zeal in enthusiasm in their mindsOur Goal is to learn kids simple letters and words, and matching shapes.++ Designed for young minds and tiny fingers, the gameplay is simple and without fuss - filled with heaps of lighthearted fun and even more room to grow ++ Accompanied by a friendly voice guidance, children are encouraged to play and learn at their own pace. ++ Perfect game play for any young child to learn their colors and shapes Kids VISUALLY and VOCALLY Learn with fun and touch screen interactions.+ Child-friendly interface specifically designed for small fingers + Clear and pleasant voice guide spoken by native speakers+++ GAME HAS 4 LEVELS TO PLAY +++ ++ Matching Letters ++ Matching Tracks ++ Matching Parts of the Pictures ++ A Simple Train match GameEndless fun and learning to be enjoyed all for the price of one. Happy Play and Learning

  • size 20.0 MB
  • version 4.0

AbcTiger Phonics

A for APPLE, L for LION Identify first letter, place it in its spot and youre presented with the correctly spelled word Kids will learn their ABCs, recognize letters and words and gain vocabulary 75+ picture flashcards Audio: pronunciations for words and letters (phonics) Montessori letters (blue color for vowels, red color for consonants) Complimentary Memory Match game: find all picture or letter pairsYour child may start with only one letter. Increase the the number of extra random letters (1 to 5) to challenge your child. Your next goal could be to work with the original AbcTiger app which lets kids build and write whole words.

  • size 45.3 MB
  • version 1.7

Toddlers My Baby First Words Flash Cards Free

So when do babies start talking and saying their first words? Follow our talking timeline to learn about this important child development milestoneFirst Words Flash Cards offer children a fun way to practice their first words to prepare for school., The set features 50+ cards that help reinforce child development. All the words have pronunciations to let child learn his first words Introduce baby to first words with a bucketful of flash cards plus fill-and-spill fun Designed specially to encourage babys development Flash cards designed for the little one to learn new words and concepts.

  • size 25.2 MB
  • version 4.0

Toddler Words

Awesome app to teach your preschool children about-Letters-Words-Spelling Features a selection of child friendly three letter words which they spell out as clearly voiced instructions read the letters to them

  • size 12.6 MB
  • version 2.1

Happy Alphabet

Have you ever thought of teaching your children English in a fun and easy way? Do you wonder how to do it so that your toddler learns alphabet effortlessly? Try it for free today and your kids will never tire of playing it Happy alphabet ABC offers:- 26 English words to explore and learn- teaches children letters, spelling, and words- beautiful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way- helps toddlers and younger children to learn and improve their memory, attention and fine motor skills thanks to its features such as tracing letters

  • size 81.1 MB
  • version 1.2