Mit dieser Kapego RF App ergeben sich neue Effektbeleuchtungsmglichkeiten.- Jede Farbe ist einzeln dimmbar- 9 Effektprogramme- Einstellbare Geschwindigkeit- mehrere Controller knnen gesteuert werdenFunktionen-Farbwahl -Dimmfunktion -Programme whlbar-Geschwindigkeit einstellbar der ProgrammeControl your home lighting by using iOS device- dimm every single color- 9 effect programs- speed control - you can control different controllers with this applicationfunctions- color wheel- dimming function - choose programs- speed control of the different programs


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Kapego RF 2.0

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XKchrome - Bluetooth Remote Control LED Lighting

XKchrome is an innovative app-enabled light system that completely changes the look of your night rides. It casts dynamic light that highlights the beauty of your vehicle with any color you picked. You can also turn off this feature at any time.

  • size 31.2 MB


Control your SUNLABZ Smart LED Bluetooth bulbs with this App and enjoy 16 million RGB colorful light options to suit every room in your home. Seamlessly adjust brightness, color temperature and full RGB color directly from your Iphone or Ipad. Its the best thing to happen to light technology since the Clapper.

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Flux Bluetooth

Flux Bluetooth is a revolutionary new light bulb that changes the way you see light. Flux Bluetooth is a Bluetooth enabled smart LED light bulb that you can control with your smart phone or tablet. Requirements:Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device and iOS 7.0 or later.

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LED Magic Blue

This is a application software for built-in bluetooth light. It let smartphone directly control built-in bluetooth light wireless come true. Wonderful Thank you

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Magic Home WiFi

Magic Home is a wifi controller APP for smart led lighting. What product does this APP support?1.WiFi RGBW/CT led bulb: It has ON/OFF,colors,dimming,timer,fade.jump,music and remotely control function etc;2.WiFi CT/RGBW led downlight: It has ON/OFF,dimmer,timer and remotely control function etc;3.WiFi RGB/CT/Mono led controller, It has ON/OFF,colors,dimming,fade.jump,music control function etc;3.WiFi RGBW led controller. Run magic home APP.

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Kapego RF 2.0

With this App you have the possibility to control all Kapego RF devices.- Single (1 channel)- White (2 channel)- Color (3 channel)- Color & White (4 channel)Functions- colorwheel- dimming function- choose programs- speed control for different programs

  • size 18.7 MB
  • version 1.1


Hueda provides a powerful and simple way to control LED World HUEDA DMX Touch RGBW Color Controllers over Wi-Fi with your iOS device. Simple touch controls allow you to control your DMX RGB/W light strips with ease, including the ability to change color to the beat of your iPhones music, manage multiple separate zones and more. FEATURES: Control color, brightness and power with simple intuitive controls over Wi-Fi 8 customizable and controllable zones (e.g. kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc) Advanced beat detection software using state of the art spectral analysis that changes the color of different zones independently to beat with your choice of music Can control both RGB Flex strips and White Flex strips at the same time via LT-840 DMX decoder 2 different choices of white (Warm white, Pure white) 9 different color changing customizable effects with adjustable color changing speed Supports independent control of multiple Hueda devices with minimal complexity Control Hueda devices using dedicated device access points or through a local area network, whichever your prefer Load and save multiple lighting configurations for easy scene management For more information visit: or

  • size 21.9 MB
  • version 2.1.2