Kairoscloud allows users to manage their time in a very effective and efficient way. It allows to record your daily working hours and paid time off for each client. - Timesheet entry in hours and minute format- Different textbox Color to indicate Holidays, Paid Time off and WeekendsManage Paid Time Off:- View time off current period allocated hours, available hours and requested hours.- Submit paid time off on one or more days at a time with start date and end date selectionApprovals:- Approve or reject the submitted timesheet- View the detailed submitted time hours.- Approve or reject multiple timesheet at a time.


Similar Apps

Burnett/Choice Timesheets
Manuh MIMS
CA Time Collection
ClickTime Mobile
JobDiva MyTime

Kairoscloud alternatives

Glassdoor Job Search

Find a job you love and get hired using Glassdoor job search. Access the latest job listings from companies hiring right now, and get an inside look at company reviews, salaries, benefits, and office photos shared by those who know the company best the employees. See salary and compensation by company, job title and location Research averages and ranges for base salaries, bonuses, stock options and more Read about what benefits are offered and what employees think about themCompany Reviews Read reviews from employees about the work environment, culture, senior leaders and more View pros, cons, and advice to senior management Get opinions from current and former employees about specific companiesFollow Companies Follow your favorite companies to get the latest updates Easily find your way back to the companies you love on the Companies tab Get relevant suggestions of new companies to followJob Interview Questions & Reviews Read reviews from applicants about the interview experience See job interview questions that top companies are askingThe Glassdoor iPhone and iPad apps support iOS 8.0 and higher.

Expensify - Expense Reports & Receipt Tracking

With over five million users worldwide, Expensify is the #1 tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Snap a photo of your receipt using SmartScan and Expensify takes care of the rest Designed for small businesses, accountants, and individuals who are sick of wasting time with spreadsheets, Expensify streamlines business travel and tax compliance with expense reports that dont suck The Best Business Travel App - Business InsiderExpensify is like a virtual accountant - Wall Street JournalA mobile app that helps you run your business - ForbesNamed one of the hottest startups by Forbes, voted a Top 10 Most Innovative Company by Fast Company, and endorsed by the AICPA and CPA.com, Expensify has been widely acknowledged as the best tool for business travelers. Download Expensify to save time and streamline your business travel and receipt management process today


Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Stop by and learn more at: https://slack.com/

  • rating 3.33333


Meet where you want with GoToMeeting on your mobile device. Join, host or schedule* a GoToMeeting session from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Joining a GoToMeeting session as a participant is free and does not require an account.

  • rating 3.42857
  • size 75.2 MB

Asana: organize tasks & work

Whether youre between meetings or in line for a latte, use Asana to quickly capture tasks, to-dos, reminders, and ideas. Get updates from coworkers, organize tasks and projects for work, or manage your to-do list for the day. Your use of this app is subject to the Asana Terms of Service, which can be found at https://asana.com/terms

More Information About alternatives


Time4Care allows you to submit your daily work hours for each client, including your service, activities and mileage. Time4Care is an intuitive tool. Features- Well designed, easy-to-use and intuitive interface- Easily review past entries, grouped by timesheet period.- Supports multiple clients tasks and activities- Timesheet submittal- Timesheet tracking based on timesheet period- Easy to find timesheet- Real-time hour tracking for multiple clients- Password protectedTags:Public Partnership LLC, Timesheet, Time Entry, timesheet status,Time4Care, Better at work, work hours, PPL Portal

  • size 2.9 MB
  • version 2.1

Burnett/Choice Timesheets

This Burnett/Choice Timesheet application is for Burnett/Choice Specialists Staffing Employees and Clients to enter and approve time. Clients Clients can log into their Burnett/Choice account and approve or reject timesheets for their Staffing Employees. Staffing Employees Staffing Employees can log into their Burnett/Choice Account and enter, submit, and track their timesheets.

  • size 20.9 MB
  • version 1.0.7

Manuh MIMS

Manuh Information Management System (MIMS) is used to enter timesheet which keeps track of day-wise effort spent by employees on various projects. Allows Project Manager to approve or reject efforts entered by employees. For Project Managers they will get an option to view all their employee lists who are on leave and can provide leave approvals based on the project plans.

  • size 6.0 MB
  • version 1.2.1

CA Time Collection

Managing timesheets is easy with the CA Time Collection Right from your smart phone, you can submit, approve, and view the status of timesheets including color-coded metrics. As a manager, you can view and approve submitted timesheets from your staff or return for changes. Contact CA for further details.

  • size 24.5 MB
  • version 1.0


The new DesignTracker App allows you to view and approve jobs while on the go with instant notifications Features Include: View Your Orders - Approve or reject your orders in just a few clicks. You can search all statuses to see where your jobs are at. Receive Real-time Notifications - When a job status changes, you will be notified immediately.

  • size 65.8 MB
  • version 1.0.3


Findmyshifts online staff scheduler now comes complete with a companion app for iOS. To use the app you will need to have been added to a schedule by your manager, or have already registered an account on the website. Employees can:- Check their shifts (past and future)- Swap or cancel shifts- Cancel time-off- Add a profile picture- Check and post messages on their noticeboard- Clock-in and out of shifts- View employee contact detailsManagers can:- Approve or reject shift requests- Track employee locations as they clock-in/clock-out - Approve or reject time-off requests- Moderate messages posted on the noticeboard

  • size 8.9 MB
  • version 1.52

ClickTime Mobile

ClickTime Mobile is the perfect companion application for current ClickTime users to track their time, expenses, and receipts easily. Track your time on the go, track expenses, create expense sheets, and snap copies of your receipts on the go. FEATURES Capture your time against your clients, projects, and tasks while on the go Track expenses and create expense sheets Upload receipts from your iPhone directly from your smartphone camera Submit both time and expense for supervisor approval without needing a PC Managers and administrators can review and approve or reject submitted timesheets Track your time off (sick, vacation, etc) Keep track of your reimbursable totals while on the roadClickTime has been developing timesheet and expense software for thousands of companies worldwide since 1999, earning high praise from large enterprises, small businesses, and nonprofits.

  • size 40.1 MB
  • version 1.3.373

JobDiva MyTime

JobDivas MyTime App lets Contractors of JobDiva clients manage Timesheets and Expenses through their iPhone, iPads and other iOS devices. Using the App, they can: track Hours worked submit Timesheets for Approval track Expenses submit Expenses for Approval upload photos taken of receipts along with Expenses make corrections upon request to submitted Timesheets and Expenses view historical Timesheets and Expenses anytime Push notifications will notify Contractors when their Timesheets and Expenses have been Approved or Rejected. Note to JobDiva Clients: The App supports several formats of Timesheets, allowing the Contractors of JobDiva clients to enter a total of hours worked, daily entry or Time In/Time Out, depending on the end clients requirements.

  • size 2.3 MB
  • version 2.1.1


A general purpose Enterprise Approval application built on the Appcelerator Platform. The mobile app lets managers, executives and employees submit approval requests, approve or reject requests, reopen approvals and view a dashboard of company approvals. Note: To use the MyApproval mobile app and/or to use it with your own business data contact Appcelerator at www.appcelerator.com.

  • size 13.3 MB
  • version 1.1.5


Timeper allows you to simply create, view, and submit your timesheets on-the-go. Calendar and attachment view will give you the best navigation experience. FEATURES Record hours weekly by just clicking on the calendar Easy to use navigation Change profile information, password easily SSL Security, Encrypted passwords Multiple Images can be attached in pdf and other image formats Easy camera and photo library access Save or Submit your timesheet on the goSIGN UPUsers must be authorized to use this app.

  • size 16.6 MB
  • version 1.8.17