Powered by Kids Web Services (KWS), the Kids Web Services App lets you preview and try out plug & play features specially designed to support COPPA/GDPR-compliant kids apps. Some of the main features to explore:- Kid-safe single sign-on: kids can create a single secure login for your collection of apps- Kid-safe user profile: collect and store your users data securely- Verifiable parental consent flow (VPC): sign up flow for under-13s which complies with COPPA/GDPR - parents are notified and verified before giving permission for data to be collected from their child- Parent Portal: a fully customised portal where parents can manage their childs data, with different permission levels per geo- Loyalty Points programs: let kids unlock content on your app through earning loyalty points, which they can spend on rewards- Compliant push notifications: get parental permission to send kid-safe push notifications to your users- Invite a friend: let your audience invite their friends to join your app via email- Competitions & Leaderboards: encourage healthy competition and engagement with your app through kid-safe leaderboards and online/offline competitions- Localisation: All tools can handle apps in multiple languages - English, French, Italian and Dutch. The KWS App provides you with the documentation to get started straight away


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KWS App alternatives

HUAWEI HiLink (Mobile WiFi)

HUAWEI HiLinkHuawei Mobile WiFiRumate HUAWEI HiLinkHuawei Mobile WiFiE5HuaweiHonor CubeHuaweiHuaweiHUAWEI HiLinkHUAWEI HiLinkHiLink 1 HiLinkmicroSD HiLink Wi-Fi SSIDAPNHUAWEI HiLinkHuaweiHUAWEI HiLinkMobile WiFiE5E5331, E5332, E5372, E5375, E5756E5151, E5220, E5221, E5251, E589E5730, E5776, E5377, E5786, E5573EC5321, EC5377U, E5771,, E5331, E5332, E5372, E5375, E5756 E5151, E5220, E5221, E5251, E589 E5776, E5730, E5377, E5786, E5573 EC5321, EC5377U, E5771, E5785,E5787,E5573 HW-02G, HW-01F,HW-02E, 401HW, 506HW, HWD34,HWD35,HWS31,KD02,KD04USBE8231, E8278, EC315, E355,E8372CPEE5186, E5170, E5180, B31X,B52X,B618WS318, WSR20, WS331a, WS331b, WS330, WS550, WS880WS326, WS328, Honor CubeWS860, WS831, WS832, WS833, WS851, WS852, WS560

  • rating 2.10713


Shrink links , put an ad in the middle of links , get urls from videos , get urls from images .multi task app

  • rating 3.74242
  • size 10.4 MB

More Information About alternatives

Norton Family parental control

The Norton Family app, from the makers of Norton Security, helps teach your kids safe habits for Web exploration and helps you stay in the know about where your kids are. Norton Family Premier offers an impressive range of parental control and monitoring features for parents of todays hyper-connected kids.~ Neil J. Rubenking, Reprinted from www.pcmag.com with permission. NOTE TO PARENTS: If you face any issues with the app on your childs device, send us an email [email protected].

  • rating 1.8
  • size 26.7 MB
  • version 1.6.1

Locate365:Family Locator:Team Tracker App

Family Locator: Team Tracker reduces complexities from increasingly busy and difficult world and improves social connectivity among friends and family members. It also allows supervisors to track location of team members all from the convenience of single app. It allows Parents to easily observe: Who the kid is talking to (Phone) Who the kid is chatting to (SMS) Where the kid roams around (GPS Tracked Location) What does the kid do with his phone (Apps) Behaviour of your kid in digital world (Reports) How the rules were challenged (rules and alerts) Early warning from Potential Hazardous Interactions (reports)It provides parents with the required data to guide their kids about their behaviour and family expectations

  • size 32.1 MB
  • version 1.0.28

unGlue: Parental Control App

PARENTAL SCREEN TIME MANAGEMENT, FOR PARENTS BY PARENTS- Featured in USA Today, TechCrunch, Forbes & the App Store- unGlue lets parents easily set limits to screen time on their kids devices- More than a parental control app, empower your kids to learn better screen time habitsunGlue, the screen time management app that invites your family to develop healthy relationships with technology. Our pact: to change kids screen behavior with innovative features that encourage time management, covering apps, social media, videos, games, websites & adult contentFEATURES-Set limits on Entertainment Time: social media, games, videos & more -Custom chores so kids can earn more Entertainment Time (Your family will love this)-Steps4Time: kids walk or run to earn more Entertainment Time-Assign multiple devices per kid & designate shared family devices-Create internet schedules, wake up & bedtimes-Monitor app, game & website activity with usage reports for each device-Remotely turn the internet off on any one device or on all devices in your family with a single click-Simple app setup makes getting unGlue started a breezeunGlue empowers Parents & Kids screen time management equally through their parental control iPhone. Refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of any termQuestions: [email protected]: www.unglue.com/faqsTerms of Use: www.unglue.com/terms_of_servicePrivacy Policy: www.unglue.com/privacy_policy

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Child Silence Timer

This app is for parents who want to spend quality, quiet time with their children. Its a fun way to practice being quiet with your child just by setting the clock-timer. PRIVACY POLICY This app:- Does not contain ads- Does not contain in-app purchases- Does not contain social media integration- Does contain links to Keaton.coms apps and official web site- Does not use analytics or data collection toolsThis app contains Parental Gate that restricts your kids from accessing a parents section (includes Keaton.coms More Apps and official web site).

  • size 17.3 MB
  • version 1.2.1


Use Keedgo to organize and manage your afterschool activities. Keedgo organizes all kids activities in one place, allowing fast communication, easy scheduling and sharing group member information for instant connections and updates. Features include:- Shared parent and staff information- Shared group list- Special notes parents can share important information about their child with the staff- Activity information, allowing easy navigation and instant connections by phone or email- Event scheduling time and location always up-to-date, as well as additional event information- Attendance reservation and actual attendance tracking- Signing-in and signing-out of children- Announcements any important information not reflected in event details or group information can be communicated to parents- Messaging - parents or staff can be messaged individually or as a group; parents can message the business or individual staff members- Staff notes all internal notes, general or kid-specific, consolidated in one place- Documents share forms, special instructions, fliers, and pictures- Push notifications parents receive announcements, messages, updates to events and sign-in/sign-out information on their mobile devices

  • size 19.9 MB
  • version 4.2.1

Parental Controls for Facebook - FamilyControls

Parental Controls for Facebook SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY THE BEST APP FOR FACEBOOK -Wired Magazine Keep your kids SAFE NOW on Facebook Set Parental Controls & view multiple profiles as stackable, scrollable pages that are visually stunning & interactive. - Block bad words & inappropriate content - Review Friend Requests, Messages & Notifications - Restrict web access & shared websites - Parents PIN & manage restrictions - Add multiple accounts (children + parents) - Limit Inbox & messaging - Chat with trusted friends + family - Set Parental Alerts for bullying & more - Customize controls for children - Also restrict Twitter & Instagram - Turn off ability to post photos & status updates PEACE OF MIND FOR JUST $4.99 #1 Shared Experience for Social Media with Children - Beautiful Photo Galleries (with Slideshows) - Swipe-based navigation - Push Notifications - Birthday & Event Calendars (with free Gifts ) - Interactive Video Player - Games with Friends - Poker, Tiny Zoo, Tiny Chef, Mob Empire & more - Trending iPad Apps - Upload & Download Photos - Photo Effects & Change Profile Picture - Quick Links (Inbox, Notifications, Groups, Profile, News Feed, Friends, Search & more ) - Portrait & Landscape modes - Pull-Down to RefreshA more friendly way of being social. Unfortunately we can not support all features for iOS 3.2 indefinitely - Thank you.

  • rating 3
  • size 28.5 MB
  • version 1.0.2


TPIs Mobile Apps are revolutionary marketing tools that empower casino marketers to send loyalty club members one-to-one variable offers, personalized push messages and timely, auto-generated reminders/alerts directly to their phone all driven by the casinos database and offers that TPI has been trusted with over a decade. The TPI My Offers App is a fully-functioning example of what we can develop for your casino, and your casinos patrons, as well as an example of the cutting edge tools and enhanced communication vehicle your marketing team and hosts will have at their fingertips. A My Offers App from TPI lets your players: Receive Segmented and Variable Loyalty Offers Receive Personalized Push Messages, including reminder alerts prior to an offer expires Check their Points Balance View your properties Entertainment Schedule Learn more about Upcoming Promotions Make a Hotel Reservation Book a Tee Time or make a dinner reservationKeep loyal players connected to your casino with a Smart Offer App developed by TPI the gaming industrys leader in variable data direct marketing solutions.

  • size 55.2 MB
  • version 1.12

Jigsaw Puzzle Fun 1

Fun guaranteed for children and parents alike, with this collection of cute jigsaw puzzles in a friendly and intuitive game, specially created for toddlers en pre-school kids Choose from a variety of cheerful puzzles, with themes such as dinosaurs, fairy tales and cowboys. Make the puzzles match your skill level: select the number of pieces and show or hide the puzzle grid and background visual. Try to pop as many bubbles as you can as a fun reward and choose the next puzzle to solve Features:- 8 attractive jigsaw puzzles for both boys and girls- 3 different levels of difficulty; 6, 12 and 24 pieces- show or hide puzzle grid and example- relaxing background music- easy navigation and intuitive design - themes included: dinosaurs, animals at the farm, knight and princess, forest creatures, fruits and vegetables and moreFrizzly Fun apps:- are designed to be both fun and educational- help to expand vocabulary by presenting themes and images familiar to toddlers and pre-school children - contain child-friendly and safe COPPA compliant content recommendations- stimulate problem solving abilities and provide a playful introduction to digital skills and touch gestures

  • size 29.6 MB
  • version 1.0

Smart Handwriting - learn how to write letters and numbers, count to 20

Worried how your wiggleworm will learn to write his letters and numbers? Let a fat juicy caterpillar, smiling snowflake or a fluffy spider teach him. SPECIAL FEATURES+++What Kids Love:++++ Friendly animated characters as guides Multi-sensory auditory and visual feedback while writing Generous praise for each attempt Creative themed games to celebrate accomplishments No grades or penalties for mistakes Welcoming graphics, music and professional voiceover keep the mood upbeat and relaxed +++Important For Parents and Teachers:+++ Dual teaching methods (for letters)- RECOMMENDED which groups letters based on similarity of strokes and difficulty - ALPHABETICAL which allows selection of any letter Choice of two popular school fonts HWT style (Handwriting Without Tears) and ZB style (Zaner-Bloser) Dedicated EASY mode for beginners and special needs kids that uses maximum prompts for each of 3 tries Varied levels of difficulty in which prompting gradually decreases each time through with emphasis first given to learning the proper starting point; then staying within the lines; and finally memorizing the order and direction of all segments and making a complete stroke without the finger leaving the screen Errorless learning to prevent reversal and misshapen letters Built-in reinforcing mini-games motivate kids to continue their learning DETAILED PROGRESS REPORTS track the status of each letter/number (studied, learned, not attempted), number of tries and mistakes and uses data to reorder letters for additional practice Support for up to 30 student profiles with custom settings for each Ability to individually mute sound effects and voiceover, alter number of trials between reinforcers and specify criteria for mastery COPPA compliant child safe app with no ads, external links or in-app purchasesVisit us: http://www.kindermatica.com Follow us: http://twitter.com/kindermatica Like us: http://www.facebook.com/kindermatica

  • size 403 MB

Simplex Spelling HD - Dolch Sight Words With Reverse Phonics

Simplex Spelling improves English spelling and reading skills in a fun and interactive way by combining a unique reverse phonics approach with contextually relevant spelling rules that explain why words are spelled in a particular manner. It works like a personal spelling coach with every word. - Placed 2nd in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards- TheiPhoneMom Approved - If tremendous was a Dolch sight word then you would find it in Simplex Spelling HD and it would be right at home because this is a tremendous spelling app - AppsforHomeschooling (earned 5/5 and a Golden App award) - Simplex Spelling HD uses incredibly rich, educationally sound, and powerful tools to teach high frequency words.- Applicable2U has explored a number of spelling applications, and this is the best one yet.- Technology in (Spl) Education - Simplex Spelling If you have Spelling Goals in your IEP, then this [is] the app for you.- Kids Apps Awards (earned 5/5 and an Education Award)- BestAppsForKids (4.5/5 editors choice) one of the best spelling apps (maybe the best) in the app store at the moment.- Mobile iEducator (4.5/5)- Muslim Friendly Apps (Rated a Gold Apple)- CrazyMikesApps (4.5/5)- iPadAppsReviewer (4.5/5)- The Daily App Show Featured App - If you are looking for a great spelling app, feature packed for your iPad, Simplex Spelling HD is your app.- PadGadget Recommended (4/5)- CommonSenseMedia (4/5)- Lunchbox Reviews (5/5)- Featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy, Whats Hot and Grammar & Vocabulary- Editors Pick Best10AppsPrivacy Disclosure: - Does not contain 3rd party ads - Does not share any data - Does not contain In-App purchases - Does not link to social media - Contains in app links to view a safe enclosed version of the developers website for additional information, support and teaching tips.- Contains links to email the developer questions and rate the app COPPA Compliant http://www.pyxwise.com/privacypolicy.html

  • rating 3.2
  • size 94.7 MB
  • version 3.5.0