Application for remote operation of playlists on KHAudio, Cobalt or SL Studio systems. This app allows for operation of a loaded playlist on any of the above system without any pre-configuration. Of course you have to be on the same WiFi network as the presentation system.


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Orange Door 8000 Remote
SKYi Remote
Rokumote Remote for Roku
SL Udisk
PreSonus SL Remote-AI
Airconsole QuickStart
SL Memory
Photo Transfer Pro Edition

KHAV Player alternatives

NWT Pinyin

This app enables you to quickly and easily navigate the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures and Sing to Jehovah PDF files (Chinese Pinyin versions) from

  • size 4.1 MB

Theocratic School Timer:Life and Ministry

NEW Pre-Meeting Setup with an Advanced Report tab Custom Backgrounds Custom colors and more Hello Brothers How exiting it is to have an updated version of our meeting Here is an app that allows you to time the WHOLE MEETING Enjoy Note: It has been specifically tailored for the Life and ministry meeting that started in 2016If any bugs are found please email me at [email protected] :)

  • size 78.6 MB

KHCONF Listener

Client application for KHCONF Listeners. Uses data connection on device to listen to meeting.

  • rating 4.65
  • size 21.6 MB

JW Meeting Stopwatch

A simple and intuitive stopwatch for Jehovahs Witnesses meetings. Divided in color-coded sections, it helps keep track of time during the weekend and midweek meetings, with each meeting part having its own designated stopwatch. More features to come soon

  • size 36.8 MB


Mobile version of TheocBase to view and edit LMM schedule. This software is intended to use as a companion with the desktop version of the software (Theocbase), which can be downloaded from Any suggestions are welcome and should be transmitted using theocbase forum at

  • size 46.9 MB

More Information About alternatives

Orange Door 8000 Remote

This Management APP allows Managers to run their 8000 Series systems from their mobile phones - Control player operation- Play jingles- Play requests- Search songs- Manage requests from the Orange Door Request app- Play playlists- Manipulate playlist- Manage personal playlists- Manage favorite songs- Preview all songs- Send pictures directly to your TV screen (multimedia only)- Manage other rooms on multi zone systems- Manage settings- Manage multiple 8000 series systemsTo add this app for use with your Music System, go to your 8000 Series Music System and click MENU - CONTROL PANEL - REMOTE APP. Here you can add and manage users of the 8000 Remote App.

  • size 64.4 MB
  • version 1.3

SKYi Remote

The SKYi Remote app supports configuration and operation of the Triax SKYi Field-side Aggregator, part of the SIM-G impact monitoring system, via Bluetooth Low-Energy. More information about the Triax SIM-G system can be found at: Supports the following functions:- View SKYi Status- Start and Stop Recording of Impacts- View SKYi Network Connection Settings- Connect the SKYi to a Wifi Network- View Most Recent Impact

  • size 15.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Rokumote Remote for Roku

Roku Remote is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app which works as a WiFi remote for your Roku digital video player. Both iPhone (iOS device) and Roku have to be on the same router for it to work. See FAQ on our website for an optimal network configuration.

  • size 7.3 MB
  • version 2.0.5


SeaView, designed for the the yachting people, allows you to connect to the onboard C-PRO CCTV systems without any configuration. With our ZERO configuration protocol is connects both while youre on board and while away from your boat, using the network and the communications devices already installed. Please contact C-PRO for more info about C-PRO CCTV systems by email to [email protected].

  • size 32.3 MB
  • version 1.1

SL Udisk

The SL Udisk is the ultimate solution for memory expansion on iOS device. Its provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without Wi-Fi, network signal or battery power. Whether traveling by airplane for a business trip, stuck in a remote location without reception, or wanting to share photos and videos of a recent vacation, SL Udisk fits perfectly into any lifestyle.

  • size 26.5 MB
  • version 1.2

PreSonus SL Remote-AI

SL Remote-AI for iPad provides remote control of nearly all of the mixing functions of PreSonus StudioLive AI-series mixers. SL Remote-AI connects wirelessly to any StudioLive AI-series mixer on the same wireless network, freeing the sound person to move around the venue while making adjustments to the mix and empowering musicians to take control of their monitor mixes. iPad must be connected to the same wireless network as a StudioLive AI-series mixer running firmware version 5651 or later.

  • size 45.8 MB
  • version 1.2.1

Airconsole QuickStart

Airconsole is a Serial and Ethernet over WIFI adapter for iPad and iPhone. It allows for connecting legacy RS232 devices into your iOS device. Read below for features - Quickly configure Airconsole devices via out of band Bluetooth Low Energy - No Need to join Airconsole-XX WIFI network or connect to same LAN to get up and running - Allows for most configuration tasks - setup LAN IP, Gateway, DNS, WIFI, Serial Ports and Remote Access - Save configuration from one Airconsole and Apply to another one later - Works with both Airconsole 2.0 and Airconsole TSTo learn more about Airconsole adaptor see

  • size 2.3 MB
  • version 1.1

SL Memory

The SL Memory is the ultimate solution for memory expansion on iOS device. Its provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without Wi-Fi, network signal or battery power. Other features include file encryption, contacts backup-restore, and video streaming via Airplay, Whether traveling by airplane for a business trip, stuck in a remote location without reception, or wanting to share photos and videos of a recent vacation, SL Memory fits perfectly into any lifestyle.

  • size 34.9 MB
  • version 2.0

Photo Transfer Pro Edition

Photo Transfer allows you to quickly transfer photos between your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac using your local Wi-Fi network, without any 3rd party transfer utilities. It can easily access your photo libraries via wifi from any computer with a web browser on the same wifi network, very easy to use

  • size 9.5 MB
  • version 3.14


PTZView or Pan Tilt Zoom view allows remote access to Sony PTZ network cameras from an iPhone connected over Wifi or cellular networks. Basic configuration is accomplished by entering the network cameras URL, port number, user ID and password. A reasonable value for the frame rate is 6 (~60 kB/sec) when operating on the cellular network.

  • size 4.7 MB
  • version 1.3