Car Refinish color retrieval has gone mobile with KAPCI Coatings newest system SmartMix. Color Online Mobile brings the convenience of the car color search and paint mixing to your iPhone, IPad, and Ipod. Features:- SmartMix will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.- Free car color search Search on 120000+ car colors in our online database- Search car color by manufacturer, car color code or color group- Choose you preferred color- Adjust amounts of paint to mix based on your preference- Automatically convert car paint mix amounts from weight to volume and vice versa- Check the various versions of the color formula- Mix car paint cumulative or absolute


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KAPCI-SmartMix alternatives

Book Keeper Accounting

Book Keeper Accounting is a financial/business accounting app for small and medium businesses. Its simple user interface allows you to send invoices & estimates, track expenses & receipts, manage inventory, view & send various financial reports and much more. Our vision is to reduce the manual work and automate the business accounting/bookkeeping as much as possible so that business owners can focus more on growing business and spend less and less time on maintaining daily business transactions.

  • rating 4.15789
  • size 37.1 MB

Mobile Tech RX

Mobile Tech RX is a powerful, intuitive estimating and invoicing software developed specifically for Mobile Auto Recon Techs. Mobile Tech RX caters to all S.M.A.R.T. Well, it was KEY FEATURES:-Hail matrix estimation (multiple US, UK and Canadian matrices preloaded)-Large Dent Matrix (preloaded Paul Kordon, Tactical Dent and Dent Quote matrices as well as build your own)-Simple multi-car list approval for dealer lot walks-VIN scanning-Interactive customer approval-Interactive vehicle diagrams-R&I and parts screens-Multi-user capability, assign work order feature-Subcontractor feature allows you to merge your account temporarily with other users-Permission control: Admins get to customize what their techs and subs can see in do while logged in.-Email and Print capabilities from within the app-Income tracking, statement creation and reporting-Track how much you and your technicians earn based on Gross or Net billing totals.-Comparative Pricing (See what a bodyshop charges, Aluminum, HSS, repair notes and x-ray photos)-Save default Labor Rates, Tax Rates, Discount Rates and pricing data on an individual client level.-Photo saving capability -Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online and Xero exporting, and MUCH more

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 28.1 MB

Advance Professional VIN Scanner

The Advance Professional VIN Scanner simplifies your workday, quickly and easily allowing you to capture and decode a vehicles information by scanning its VIN barcode. Advance Professional customers can now scan and upload VIN information from a vehicle barcode (windshield or door mounted) and send it directly into their secure Advance Professional online account. For support questions on the mobile VIN scanner application, contact Customer Service at 1-877-280-5965 during normal business hours.

  • size 5.2 MB

QNB ALAHLI Mobile Banking

Stay in control of your banking activities, while keeping up with your busy schedule with QNB ALAHLI Mobile Banking. Now you can customize your lifestyle by choosing how and when you want to perform banking transactions through our Mobile banking services. Even if you are not registered on our Internet banking or our Mobile banking services yet you can still benefit from the application through locating the nearest ATM or branch to your location or checking our latest discounts and offers or even sending a request to apply for a credit card or loan.

  • size 37.0 MB

VIN Revise: instant access to car history check.

VIN Revise - provides easy access to millions of vehicle records to deliver the most comprehensive vehicle history report and auto auction records report simply entering a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or scanning it via camera. Vehicle history reports purchased through the VIN Revise app are $8.99, for a report containing information supplied by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database, which includes data compiled by insurance carriers, salvage auctions, and auto recyclers. Our auto auction report also contains:- a number of car accident photos, so if theres any damage to be seen, youll know about it- the odometer reading at the time of the auto auctionVIN Revise car history reports answer all the important questions So that buying a car becomes a simple, exciting and rewarding experience for you.

  • rating 3.83333
  • size 5.8 MB

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Car color retrieval has gone mobile with the newest addition to AkzoNobels popular car color retrieval systems. iMatchColor brings the convenience of the car color search and paint mixing to your iPhone. Features:- iMatchColor works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.- Free car color search Search on 50000+ car colors in our online database- Search car color by manufacturer, car color code or color group- Choose you preferred color- Adjust amounts of paint to mix based on your preference- Automatically convert car paint mix amounts from weight to volume and vice versa- Check the various versions of the color formula- Lookup color documentation references (color documentation separately available to our customers)- Mix car paint cumulative or absolute- Find Color Universe formulas via the QR code reader

  • size 3.0 MB
  • version 2.0.5

AccuShade Mobile

AccuShade Mobile AccuShade has gone mobile with a breakthrough iPhone application to go with its current online color retrieval. AccuShade Mobile makes it easier and faster for customers to search for color codes and formulas. Features:-Provides access to over 500,000 formulas, including thousands of variants-Easy accessibility to the latest formula updates-OEM formula search-Competitor Formula Search-Color name search-Detailed formula information including notes, color chip deck, formula details, and actual formulation-Formulation by size and percent -Easy access to hundreds of Matrix Systems Material and Saftey Data Sheets (MSDS) and Technical Data Sheets-Side-by-side formula comparisons-Share formula via text and email-Search and share hundreds of product SDSs in English, Spanish, and French-Access to tools for training, technical support, and link for contact customer supprt

  • size 1.4 MB
  • version 1.9

OfficeCalendar Mobile

OfficeCalendar Mobile transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad into a mobile office productivity tool by providing bi-directional wireless syncing between your Outlook, and OfficeCalendar Online, Calendar and Contact folders. Add new appointments to your calendar, or new contacts to your Contacts folder, and have them sync wirelessly from your iPhone to OfficeCalendar Online and Outlook on your desktop and vice versa. Support from iOS 5.1 and higher* OfficeCalendar Mobile Server V1.0

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  • size 2.0 MB
  • version 1.4.3


Mobile solution to find, shop, and share MADE IN THE USA Products, Manufacturers and Retailerslets save and create American jobs Our Company builds tools to make it easy for Consumers to find Made in America Products, the Manufacturers who make them, and the Retailers who sell them. Our Members can share the Products they like from our live database with their Family & Friends in their Social Networks, including WHERE they are available for sale PRODUCTS- browse listings of Recently Added Products, or those In the Vicinity of your current location- search for Products by Name, filter them by Name and / or Category- add Products of interest to one or more Shopping Lists (automatically grouped by Retailer)- share Products you like with Family, Friends & Followers on your Social Networks- flag any Product in our database you feel has an issue with its Made in the USA claimDIRECTORIES:- browse our listings of Manufacturers, Retailers & Services by Name- filter Companies by Name and / or Category- filter Manufacturers by State; filter Retailers & Services by your current location or a zip code- choose between Local Stores or Online Retailers- save your favorite Manufacturers & Retailers to make future searches faster- add nearby Retailers to our online database with a few taps- save your favorite Services for faster access, and add nearby Services with a few taps- directory listings with GPS coordinates can be viewed in a Map (optionally get driving directions)- dial a Manufacturer, Retailer or Service Provider phone number with a single tap (requires iPhone)- share Manufacturers, Retailers & Service Providers with Family, Friends & Followers on your Social Networks- manage your Manufacturer, Retailer & Service Provider favorites directly within our Directory listingsOTHER:- read about app updates, and other news in your personal Inbox- manage Shopping Lists of Products you saved from our online database (grouped by Retailer)- Contact Us with any issues or suggestions for our application- Share Us via Email, iMessage and your Social Networks with your Family, Friends & Followers- set the Startup view for the application to your preference- update your Member Profile, including user name, password, and email addressYou do not need to buy any Products in order to help save and create American Jobs. Works best on iPhone 6 or higher, but also on iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6 & 6 Plus, 6s & 6s Plus, iPod touch 5th & 6th Gen, and on iPad 2 or higher.