Car Refinish color retrieval has gone mobile with KAPCI Coatings newest system SmartMix. Color Online Mobile brings the convenience of the car color search and paint mixing to your iPhone, IPad, and Ipod. Features:- SmartMix will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.- Free car color search Search on 120000+ car colors in our online database- Search car color by manufacturer, car color code or color group- Choose you preferred color- Adjust amounts of paint to mix based on your preference- Automatically convert car paint mix amounts from weight to volume and vice versa- Check the various versions of the color formula- Mix car paint cumulative or absolute


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KAPCI-SmartMix alternatives

Book Keeper Accounting

Book Keeper Accounting is a financial/business accounting app for small and medium businesses. Its simple user interface allows you to send invoices & estimates, track expenses & receipts, manage inventory, view & send various financial reports and much more. Our vision is to reduce the manual work and automate the business accounting/bookkeeping as much as possible so that business owners can focus more on growing business and spend less and less time on maintaining daily business transactions.

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Mobile Tech RX

Mobile Tech RX is a powerful, intuitive estimating and invoicing software developed specifically for Mobile Auto Recon Techs. Mobile Tech RX caters to all S.M.A.R.T. Well, it was KEY FEATURES:-Hail matrix estimation (multiple US, UK and Canadian matrices preloaded)-Large Dent Matrix (preloaded Paul Kordon, Tactical Dent and Dent Quote matrices as well as build your own)-Simple multi-car list approval for dealer lot walks-VIN scanning-Interactive customer approval-Interactive vehicle diagrams-R&I and parts screens-Multi-user capability, assign work order feature-Subcontractor feature allows you to merge your account temporarily with other users-Permission control: Admins get to customize what their techs and subs can see in do while logged in.-Email and Print capabilities from within the app-Income tracking, statement creation and reporting-Track how much you and your technicians earn based on Gross or Net billing totals.-Comparative Pricing (See what a bodyshop charges, Aluminum, HSS, repair notes and x-ray photos)-Save default Labor Rates, Tax Rates, Discount Rates and pricing data on an individual client level.-Photo saving capability -Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online and Xero exporting, and MUCH more

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Advance Professional VIN Scanner

The Advance Professional VIN Scanner simplifies your workday, quickly and easily allowing you to capture and decode a vehicles information by scanning its VIN barcode. Advance Professional customers can now scan and upload VIN information from a vehicle barcode (windshield or door mounted) and send it directly into their secure Advance Professional online account. For support questions on the mobile VIN scanner application, contact Customer Service at 1-877-280-5965 during normal business hours.

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QNB ALAHLI Mobile Banking

Stay in control of your banking activities, while keeping up with your busy schedule with QNB ALAHLI Mobile Banking. Now you can customize your lifestyle by choosing how and when you want to perform banking transactions through our Mobile banking services. Even if you are not registered on our Internet banking or our Mobile banking services yet you can still benefit from the application through locating the nearest ATM or branch to your location or checking our latest discounts and offers or even sending a request to apply for a credit card or loan.

  • size 37.0 MB

VIN Revise: instant access to car history check.

VIN Revise - provides easy access to millions of vehicle records to deliver the most comprehensive vehicle history report and auto auction records report simply entering a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or scanning it via camera. Vehicle history reports purchased through the VIN Revise app are $8.99, for a report containing information supplied by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database, which includes data compiled by insurance carriers, salvage auctions, and auto recyclers. Our auto auction report also contains:- a number of car accident photos, so if theres any damage to be seen, youll know about it- the odometer reading at the time of the auto auctionVIN Revise car history reports answer all the important questions So that buying a car becomes a simple, exciting and rewarding experience for you.

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Car color retrieval has gone mobile with the newest addition to AkzoNobels popular car color retrieval systems. iMatchColor brings the convenience of the car color search and paint mixing to your iPhone. Features:- iMatchColor works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.- Free car color search Search on 50000+ car colors in our online database- Search car color by manufacturer, car color code or color group- Choose you preferred color- Adjust amounts of paint to mix based on your preference- Automatically convert car paint mix amounts from weight to volume and vice versa- Check the various versions of the color formula- Lookup color documentation references (color documentation separately available to our customers)- Mix car paint cumulative or absolute- Find Color Universe formulas via the QR code reader

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AccuShade Mobile

AccuShade Mobile AccuShade has gone mobile with a breakthrough iPhone application to go with its current online color retrieval. AccuShade Mobile makes it easier and faster for customers to search for color codes and formulas. Features:-Provides access to over 500,000 formulas, including thousands of variants-Easy accessibility to the latest formula updates-OEM formula search-Competitor Formula Search-Color name search-Detailed formula information including notes, color chip deck, formula details, and actual formulation-Formulation by size and percent -Easy access to hundreds of Matrix Systems Material and Saftey Data Sheets (MSDS) and Technical Data Sheets-Side-by-side formula comparisons-Share formula via text and email-Search and share hundreds of product SDSs in English, Spanish, and French-Access to tools for training, technical support, and link for contact customer supprt

  • size 1.4 MB
  • version 1.9

Gallon Liter

[ Features ]Convert Gallon ( UK or USA Gallon) in Liter and vice versa Save the calculation Archive the calculation Formula always visibleShare calculation by email Shake for reset Retina GraphicsEase of use [ Retina Graphics ]The graphics are perfected to the smallest detail to make using simple, smooth and pleasant. Optimized for Retina Display on the iPhone and iPad. For suggestions please contact us at [email protected], or go to our website

  • size 54.9 MB
  • version 1.6

OfficeCalendar Mobile

OfficeCalendar Mobile transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad into a mobile office productivity tool by providing bi-directional wireless syncing between your Outlook, and OfficeCalendar Online, Calendar and Contact folders. Add new appointments to your calendar, or new contacts to your Contacts folder, and have them sync wirelessly from your iPhone to OfficeCalendar Online and Outlook on your desktop and vice versa. Support from iOS 5.1 and higher* OfficeCalendar Mobile Server V1.0

  • rating 2.57893
  • size 2.0 MB
  • version 1.4.3

CarHire - We compare car rental

Compare and save on your next car rental with the Global CarHire app from the owners of VroomVroomVroom, the car hire industry experts serving customers for over 10 years and assisting in over 2 million online bookings. Fast, efficient and easy to use, the CarHire app will have you comparing, selecting and booking in a record time with access to worldwide car rental deals. Features- Search using your Current Location no matter where you are in the world (accesses device GPS)- AutoCompleting location search for your convenience- Quick sorting options to give you preferred results in order- Ability to filter results by Car Class, Preferred Supplier, Seating Capacity, Transmission and Price Range- View maps and travel time from current location to depots with walking and driving directions- Location information provides map view for petrol stations close to returning depot- View / Retrieve ALL bookings- View your upcoming car rental bookings on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch- Bookings indexed in the Spotlight Search

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My Office Documents - 3 in 1 filer app: file manager, viewer, and printer. Transfer and save downloads

Save, manage, read, share, print and search your documents EASILY in your iPhone/iPad The app requires IOS 7 or later. BENEFITS >>Save and read your documents such as Microsoft excel spreadsheets (.xls, xlsx), Word documents (.doc, docx), Powerpoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx, .pps) and PDF documents. >> Save zip files and unzip them easily in the app>> Added support for pictures: save and view any picture (png, jpg or gif) transferred to the app via a zip file>>Synchronize with your Dropbox account >>Transfer documents directly from your PC to your iPhone/iPad and vice versa >>Print PDF documents , wirelessly, on AirPrint enabled printers>>Compatible with other Apps that support Open in functionality>>Create folders to organize your documents easily >>Rename folders and documents by tapping twice on their names >>Save the email attachments >>Share your documents via email or project them on a screen during meetings

  • rating 3.9
  • size 57.0 MB
  • version 7.1.1

Infinite beatmatched music Listen to the hottest songs from around the web in an endless DJ mix with Available online at - and now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Listen to the most popular music on on the go or in your car - Use the remote control on your headphones, in your car stereo, or on your phones lock screen to control the music.- Like songs or tweet songs to share with friends.- Connect with your SoundCloud account to save songs that you like.- Watch the beat drop with the live EQ - Optimized for iOS 9 (or higher) on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Notes: - For the highest quality radio stream, listen to on a Wi-Fi connection.- uses up to 2 MB of data per minute. By default, requires a Wi-Fi connection to make sure no data charges are incurred by your wireless provider.

  • size 4.4 MB
  • version 1.1.4

iFraction - Fraction Calculator

iFraction is a calculator for fraction math. This app aims to help you to deal with everyday fraction problems. Key feature:- Compute fraction math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)- Calculate both decimals and fractions in one calculator- Convert decimal number to fraction and vice versa- Triple keypad display to help you enter fraction number fastly- Calculate very big number (UP TO 18 DIGITs)With iFraction, you can:- Check your kids math homework- Adjust recipe quantities for a larger guest list.- Working on a home project in inches- Perform normal calculation as the normal calculator but with bigger supported value range.- And moreLet iFraction help you turn your iPhone, iPod, and iPad into a handful calculator.

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Future DJ

Future DJ is a DJ mixing app that allows you to mix like a pro dj in no time. This is not a toy, its a full-blown software that you can use to mix for an entire party if you want to. You can access directly your songs on the device, no need to import anything or use complicated desktop software.+ classic DJ setup with 2 decks and mixer+ fully manual or automatic mixing + pitch/speed control and crossfader+ one-click beat-matching and sync+ seamless intelligent looping and skip-beat+ automatic BPM detection (grid like) on the device+ effects, eqs, filters + vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play, brake, spin+ separate headphones/speakers output (using a simple stereo splitter)+ iPod library browsing system with search + professional CUE point functions including hot Cue-Play+ pitch bend (using the pitch sliders)+ MotionPlaying - place your iPhone/iPod on a turntable and scratch any song+ extensive settings+ Built-in helpTips for improving performance:+ use a fast device (like iPhone 4/4S, iPad, iPod Touch 4th gen or better)+ turn on Flight Mode when doing live mixes+ if you need both speakers and headphones preview, use a special inexpensive adapter (called a Splitter) that splits the headphones output so that the left channel will go to the speakers (master output) and right channel will go to the headphones (monitor)Watch the videos at

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FaceCraft Photos Blender - Superimpose and blend pictures in a snap!

2.0 Major update FaceCraft is an advanced photo blender app that let you superimpose and mix-up photos together. Its super easy to create with FaceCraft Blend faces with your friends and familyHow much do you and your friends or family really look alike? Now with FaceCraft you can easily make your own on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Step by step guides We will keep updating interesting guides in the app to help you get inspired and even get step-by-step help to create amazing face arts Easy to use, super simple experience Its super simple and straightforward to use FaceCraft on your iPod, iPhone or iPad:- Select pictures from your album, or search on web.- Adjust image color to have a better match.- Automatic face detection and alignment.- Different blend modes generate interesting results, and make the final picture more realistic.- Share to social networks or email to friends.

  • rating 4.3
  • size 18.0 MB
  • version 2.2