K-Touch, Kramers application for iOS, allows AV installers to easily integrate common touch devices as user interfaces in a Kramer-based, room control system. Using the application first requires a Kramer Room Controller unit, with the required configuration file, as well as designing the dynamic application screens on the Kramer K-Touch screen builder. Once the dynamic application screens are ready, download the K-Touch application, sync it with your screens on Kramers server and continue to configure the selected controllers IP properties.

K-Touch alternatives


Looking, feeling and working just like an AMX Touch Panel, TPControl is easy to add to existing or new AMX installations. TPControl fits conveniently into your integration world, you control your AMX system wherever you are, connecting via WiFi or MobileData - worldwide. NOTE: Any users experiencing loading issues after update please try the Reprocess TP4 file option within Settings>TPControl>Developer Settings>TP4 file options on your device

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