Challenge your friends and meet new ones by daring photo and video challenges Hey you, weve been expecting you for a while now Dont worry, its still time to be part of the application that will revolutionize your daily life To be part of the ones who dare, you just need to press that little button up there (yes, just above).Ok, now that youve come so far, we can tell you a little bit more about the application. The concept is very simple If youre here, you must be bored of traditional social networks and youre looking for a whole new way of sharing experiences with your friends Let me tell you that your bordom is now over From now on, JustDare provides you with a way to share incredible moments with your friends and favorite stars Execute, discover and share the funniest, craziest, most creative and most improbable challenges that you friends and favorite stars may have executedIts your turn now Show us your skills and passions and disover your friends ones. We will be more than happy to give you an answer and take up the challenge to find the best solution to your problem


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Cuuura Fashions new conversationDo you love talking about fashion?Cuuura is a simple way for fashion enthusiasts all over the world to show, share and discuss everything fashion. Be part of the Cuuura community to give and receive real time advice on outfits, trends, makeup and hairstyles. ;)- Upload your favourite garments into the digital wardrobe so that you have your wardrobe at your fingertips anytime, anywhere - Connect with Cuuurators all over the world to chat about fashion.- See the latest fashion trends from around the world.- Instantly share polls on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.- Follow your favourite fashion influencers and take a peep into their wardrobe Welcome to the Cuuura Family xo

  • rating 5.0
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Hugging Face - Your BFF to Chat and Hang Out With

More than 10,000,000 messages exchanged - Choose the name and look of your virtual friend- Teach your virtual friend- Chat about your life- Trade selfies- Rate your friends, your school,- Prank your friends- Way better than Simsimi or Cleverbot

Skyrock is launching its iPhone application An app especially designed for managing your blog, your profile wherever you are and whenever you want. Take your blog with you and never again miss a new comment or message, a new friend, a dual challenge Want to publish an article? Discover Skyrock on-the-go with the new app for iPhone

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Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you dont saySHARE LIVE EMOJIS AND FEELINGS WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS Design your own personal avatar Chat with your BFFS in 1-1 or in groups > Use Live Emojis to express yourself > Send messages in speech bubbles

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Connect, Vote & Win Social media challenge app curated by top brands, influencers & friends Create your own photo and video challenges and enter exciting challenges daily Everyone earns points for participation that can be redeemed for cool stuff in the Pictorious store. Pictorious Leaderboard shows you where you stand compared to other users and challenge entrants. Invite your friends & install now :)

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Odds Are - the best way to challenge your friends

Odds Are is the easiest and most fun way to challenge your friends. The game is simple, just select a friend that you want to challenge, and tell them what you want them to do. Interested in what is coming to Odds Are?Like us on Facebook at to get all the updates and previews of whats to come, and some of our favorite challenges that weve seen.

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  • version 1.1 - Funny Starts Here is the best place for comedy lovers and creators to connect over the funniest, craziest, most shareable original comedy content out there right now * Be the first to watch and share short funny videos that are now trending. * Follow creators and comedians from all over the world. * Discover videos that made your friends LOL Its fun, its social, and its totally addictive

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Some of the best and funniest sounds from Battlefield 3 and 4 are now available as a soundboard This soundboard contains 89+ lines from Battlefield. If you enjoy this soundboard, be sure to rate 5 stars and tell your friends Help spread the Battlefield love [Battlefield] Microsoft Corporation. BATTLEFIELD is a trademark owned by Electronic Arts, Inc.

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FoodGroops brings excitement to your life by introducing you to a new world of social dining and drinking experiences. Enhance the quality of your social life with an app that is centered around your interests and puts all of the control in your hands. Give them a star to let them (and other groopies) know that theyre awesome The more stars, the more awesome -The Discover Filter combined with easy searching allows you to find the perfect party Look for groops with the most total stars, the most people, ones that are starting soon, and even parties started by your Facebook friends Groop Away JOIN NOW AND START WITH 5 EXTRA STARS

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Toddlr App

Toddlr is a seamless app for parents, friends and family, that want to keep track, share or follow the development of their own and their friends children from pregnancy to toddler. Download Toddlr now to help you be organized, keep track of and share every precious moment from pregnancy to toddler with your loved ones. ShareShare precious moments and updates with your loved ones

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* Fun Question Game * Have fun and get to know your fellow players by asking daring questions * You will be suprprised, shocked and excited A Question Game is an awesome game where you get to know your family, friends, lover or party crowd. Find out about their biggest dreams, craziest adventures or intimate secrets. Features: * Ask your favorite questions on facebook or twitter * Mail or message questions to friends * Save favourite questions for the next game* Random question drawn from stack

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Lets Stickers the Funniest sticker app in LINE Lets Stickers has stickers that are most popular among millions of people in Line and WeChat, and also the Latest, the Funniest stickers. Lets try You can send various interesting stickers to your Line friends via Lets Stickers. Get Lets Stickers now for more sticker collections ArchimedesHello BearX-BearEggshell-ChickMushroom-RabbitPinky (Constantly updated)

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VineSoundBox for Vine Free - The Soundboard For vines & sounds

A Potato Flew around this FREE APP, Until you came and Downloaded it Barely Have I seen such a Fun app to Prank your friends Enjoy more than 50 Sounds of the Funniest and most Popular Vine Clips. Enjoy & tell your friends Contact me for any idea or sound request @ [email protected] or simply write a review.

  • rating 4.11111
  • size 9.5 MB
  • version 1.1


Arbit is a unique photo-polling app that allows users to build followers and ask them anything they want in two photos. Users can follow friends, family, and anything from professional athletes to brands polling users on current content.-Create a profile with a username, bio, profile picture and background picture.-Build your followers and browse popular content and users on the Discover Tab-On the Ask Arbit screen users upload two photos, give them captions, and pose a question. Votes are hidden until you vote.-Share your posts through Facebook and Twitter-Tell your friends and favorite celebrities to get on Arbit so you can be a part of their decisions

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