Theyre coming Zombie endless The town was occupied by a zombie Get rid of all the moving in zombies In order to survive How to Play Zombies and the matching can be removed by pressing challenge If you yourself to improvisation and ranking Try to register The difficulty is easy three-button 4-button is difficult, but the score is higher if you have to master 3button, 4button tackle now Mode Description - warming up game is to become familiar with warming-up Consisting of 13 warm-up stage Survival mode at a particular stage can be used in clearing the items that will be given as a reward Mode Description - survival In Survival mode zombies, fast treatment can keep the energy When the zombie treatment can be obtained bones and You can purchase an item from the shop. Shop There is mounting items and consumable items When you attach an mounting item to a passive effect can be obtained Consumable items can be used during the game after mounting If you open the Item menu, the acquired item is available in survival mode. And you can Buy items and upgrades by bones.

Just a Zombie Lite alternatives

Escape Block King

Unblock king playing with everybody in the world Challenge nowYou will need to move the red block to the exit. Horizontal bar can be moved from side to sideVertical bar can be moved up and down[Features]- Multiplayer mode: Brain match with the world player of online - Singleplayer: 4 difficulty level: easy to difficult- You can get a hint if Winning at Online match- Every day get a hint.- Supports your ranking, accomplishment, and multiplay- Support all tablet devicesFacebook: :

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