Special Edition for HongKongersSpam Calls BlockerDifferent blocking actionsJunk Call Guard is 100% made in Hong Kong, aims at helping our users in identifying and blocking the unwanted calls. Enjoy your life with NO spam calls Give a hand on updating the database, report the unknown numbers and build up a reliable communication network for all users. Sincerely thanks for your support to Junk Call Guard After editing any setting inside this App, please open Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > Turn on Junk Call Guard


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Hongkong Post

,- - - - - - - *This mobile application is produced by the Hongkong Post. It gives you an instant, on-the-go access to the postal information of Hong Kong. You can enjoy the following services - Promptly access tracking history of your mailing items with just a click of a button- Advise others of the delivery status of your mail items by SMS or email- Calculate postage of any item from a postcard to a parcel while you are on the move- Find your nearest post offices and street posting boxes- View the latest notices or press releases of the Hongkong Post in one click- Keep you abreast of the latest promotion offers at the Hongkong Post- Find and check the correct presentation of Hong Kong local address and save it into the mobile app*This mobile application requires an internet connection.

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CallBlocker - Bulk block range of unwanted callers

Call Blocker is the best call blocking app and blocks unwanted calls from marketers, robocalls, debt collectors and scam callers using a pre-defined Blacklist Add ranges of bad & annoying phone numbers using the Range Blocking feature selecting how many digits you want to block (up to 4). For example if you want to bulk block numbers starting with 786-309, select the country of the number (e.g. 1 for U.S), then select 4 digits and enter 786309 as the main number. Select your call identification & blocking options or setup your own rules setting custom ranges of numbers to block and get rid of the annoying phone calls once and forever Block responsibly

  • size 14.9 MB
  • version 2.0


GetContact : Search for unknown phone numbers & avoid spam callers+ NO ANSWERS + Quickly find who called you before you call back.+ SEARCH + Search instantly numbers, names or companies from GetContact App database.+ QUICK SEARCH + Copy a phone number or name to search for and let us find who you are searching for.+ UNWANTED CALLS (SPAM NUMBERS) + Avoid disturbing or unwanted numbers and get protection from them. + Identify unwanted phone numbers or spam list + Get GetContact Apps Top 200 Spam List and see how many times they are reported as spam.+ DISCOVER + With Discover feature, GetContact App lets you connect people who you may know.+ UPDATED PROFILES + See updated contact information of Person, Hotel, Customer Services, Sales or Marketing Services, etc and with lots of more new features, download GetContact App now Moreover, GetContact App never share your contacts with 3rd party people, companies or any other places without your permission.

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Reverse Phone Number Lookup is the best app for helping you deal with unknown or unwanted phone calls and texts Simply enter any cell phone or landline number in the United Stats and Canada to immediately find out who is calling you. Features:- Finds first and last name associated with searched number- Finds address- Finds phone carrier- Finds Facebook profile photo, gender, education, job, and city if phone number is listed on Facebook profileUse Reverse Phone Number Lookup to:- Find out the full name, location, carrier, photo, gender, education, job, and city behind the mystery number that shows up on your call ID- Avoid annoying bill collectors, telemarketer spam, scammers, prank callers, ex-lovers, and wrong number callers so you can avoid calling back someone you have no desire to speak to Note: Only United States and Canada numbers are eligible. Reach out to us at [email protected].

  • rating 3
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