JemCall application will add a new JemCall number to all your international contacts. JemCall number has 088 prefix instead of a + or 00.The application will not modify your international contacts phone number, it will only add JemCall number as an additional phone number. For more information, please visit:


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Quick Contacts Book
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JemCall alternatives

Call Recorder - VoIP phone calls & recorder

Call Recorder allows you to make domestic and international phone calls via WiFi/3G at very low price and to record your outgoing phone calls with your iPhone/iPad/iPod. The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone. Note: make you sure you backup your recorded files (via iTunes/email) before you uninstall the app because the files will be removed with the app.

  • rating 2.91304
  • size 9.0 MB

Cheap International Calls & Text | Vinota

Super cheap international SMS and cheap calls with amazing voice quality, Vinota is great for calling India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico, China, Egypt, Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Nepal Turkey, Yemen or any other destination. Save money on international call costs and roaming fees without sacrificing on voice quality while traveling abroad. (Check our amazing rates inside)- Try before you buy - your first call is free- Use WiFi or 3G/4G- Send SMS- Activate Caller ID- Enable VPN (Secure Calls)- Access to your own integrated Phonebook- Cheap Calls- Cheap SMS- Cheap International SMSCheck our Facebook page for updates Support team is super friendly & always ready to help on: [email protected]

  • size 48.0 MB

Cheap Calls - IntCall

Save on your phone bills with Cheap Calls - IntCall Cheap Calls - IntCall is an amazing app that allows you to make cheap national or international calls directly from your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad to any other phone in the world.I called my sister in Brazil and she didnt even know I was not using my usual phoneWe didnt want to buy our son an iPhone - now he is calling us using his iPod I was usually using Skype from my desktop computer but it is so much more comfortable to use my iPhone and still pay much lessI cant use PayPal in my country so I was happy to find out I can buy credit directly from App StoreThis app is not free - you are given some free credit to test the app. To really use the app you need to buy credit via in-app purchase. More info at our web site: Try this app today

Phonetastic Phone - Prank Soundboard to Dupe & Fool Friends with Fake Ditty

Phonetastic Phone The ultimate Fun Phone experience for your iPhone, iPod and iPad Now you can change your voice during calls with your friends Best Phone Call App in App Store Absolutely Ads free Turn your iPad/iPod touch to an iPhone Call anyone, anytime, from anywhere in a cheaper way. Account free, no need to put any information RECORD phone calls for free Pay As You Go with Apple ID , can pay as little as 1 dollar

Cheap Calls - Talk more for less

Keep in touch with the people who are most important to you at unbeatably cheap prices and across national borders. Cheap Calls provides you with best quality calls to any country in the world, and at top prices: securely, easily and with transparent pricing. You can find our current minute prices in the app, or at

More Information About alternatives

Quick Contacts Book Free

It is an application to make it easy to group contacts, add phone with prefix, send bulk email, etc. Based on the concept of decide what to do first, you can perform frequently used procedures with the minimum steps. Please launch the iPhone standard settings application and turn on Quick From Privacy> Contacts.- Changing contacts and groups using this application will be reflected in standard iPhone contacts.

  • size 17.9 MB
  • version 1.0

Quick Contacts Book

It is an application to make it easy to group contacts, add phone with prefix, send bulk email, etc. Based on the concept of decide what to do first, you can perform frequently used procedures with the minimum steps. Please launch the iPhone standard settings application and turn on Quick From Privacy> Contacts.- Changing contacts and groups using this application will be reflected in standard iPhone contacts.

  • size 14.1 MB
  • version 2.4.0


Prefixer allows you to quickly add prefixes and suffixes to numbers in your contacts. It creates new entries for all of your contacts, without deleting any existing information. When youre done travelling, simply disable all the prefixes the app added with one button tap, and maybe enable a different one Because the changes are added as an additional field in your contacts, you can call through with the added prefix or suffix without returning to the app, making for a clean, built-in solution that you can use in the Phone app, Contacts app, or even with Siri

  • size 0.4 MB
  • version 2.0

Rubrica4146: prefix dialer

Rubrica4146 can be used whenever you need to add a prefix before a telephone number without changing your address book. Its the best way to manage your SIM card with dual billing profile (personal/business). Main features- Access to iphone address book;- Use SIRI for your calls with prefix;- Choose a favorite graphic theme;- Choose whether using the prefix or not;- Customizable prefix;- Choose whether using a suffix in order to disable the initial operator notice (if present);- Favourite contacts;- Last outgoing calls;- Browser to call numbers found in Internet;- Phone dial pad for direct calls;- Possibility to call always with prefix without confirmation;- Possibility to call a number not present in the addess book after copying it to the clipboard;- Whitelist to call some numbers with prefix automatically;- SMS to multiple recipients;- 3DTouch support (only enabled devices).NOTE: Prefix/Suffix cannot contain the characters * (star) and # (pound/hash).

  • size 5.0 MB
  • version 1.8.4

Corporate Call Free

Corporate Call is a perfect app that lets you make calls by putting a prefix to the phone number without having to change your address book, great for those using SIM business plan with differential tariff Also good for use the international calling card international, for entering PIN code and prefix before telephone number. Its designed with iPhone style User Interface will allow you to use it immediately without having to learn to use it. The strengths of Corporate Call are: - Prefix customizable for any mobile operators and plan - Suffix Management (for remove the voice prompts) - Does not change your iPhone address book - Management of your favorite numbers - Remember for each contact if you want to use or not the prefix - Call history with the possibility of recall - Direct calling via keypad you no longer have a copy / paste of numbers, or alter your phonebook, with this application, use your business plan will be as simple as using the iphone

  • size 5.8 MB
  • version 1.6


Contacts-Excel is a easy, clean and security iPhone contacts maintain tool. Using Contacts-Excel, you can: * Add/modify/delete your contacts easily on your computer using Excel, OpenOffice or any other Excel-compatible application. Contacts Management * Add, modify & delete contacts groups * Add, modify & delete contacts * Multi-add contacts to groups * Multi-remove contacts from groups * Multi-delete contacts

  • size 1.1 MB
  • version 2.4.1


This application allows you to look up any unknown number and see who they are. See who called you and add their numbers to your contacts. This application only works for danish Phone NumbersFeatures:*Look up phone numbers*Add number and address details to contacts*easy to use and beautiful userinterface

  • rating 1
  • size 10.3 MB
  • version 2.1

Quick Add

Ever been in the situation where youre in a hurry, simply wanting to quickly add a friend or a businesss phone number on the go, but didnt want to go through the Contacts apps numerous steps to add a simple number?Quick Add is a fast and easy way to instantly add a contact to your iPhone or iPod touchs Address Book contacts list. Yet at the same time, its much, much more than a contact adder. FEATURES:-Full (but optional ) integration with your devices address book-Quick and easy contact retrieval and saving.-NEVER loses any input information - you can quit the app, leave fields empty, and Quick Add will save the information as appropriate-Keeps track of the retained contacts that have been saved using Quick Add, and whether or not they are present in the devices address book-Quickly edit a contacts information within the application

  • size 0.9 MB
  • version 2.3

Business Organizer

Business Organizer is an easy to use app that enables you to keep a track of your contacts, projects, appointments, financial and investment information systematically. Contacts List sheet is provided so that you can add and edit contact details like name, phone and address. Please visit

  • size 20.0 MB
  • version 8.0


For our customers, our Callthru service eliminates costs associated with their cell phone bill for all their outgoing calls including while traveling and greatly reduce those for their long distance calls. One advantage of our Callthru is to use your cell phone directory. Operation of the app: 1 - On the first screen, enable the type of service you want to use 2 - Click on the Setup button at the top of this screen 3 - Make the service configuration by choosing one of two options a) Option Callthru Omnivigil - Enter the following informations : - Username (Provided by Omnivigil) - Password (Provided by Omnivigil) - Your mobile number (Iphone) - Service Number (Access Number : 10 digits number you were given when you register for Omnivigil Callthru service) - Enable transparency 3G field b) Option Prefix dialer - Setup access number to 10 digits NB: Here the calls will be answered and this message Please enter the 10-digit number you wish to call 4 - Then you can dial your calls by Contacts and keyboard tabs and talk Users who are not our customers but having service number (prefix number) from other suppiers can also use this application Prefix Dialer Option.

  • size 1.5 MB
  • version 1.4