Unlimited Jazz music hits - The best Jazz sessions, Classic Jazz, Vocal jazz, smooth and oldies jazz music streaming from all genres, sleep timer, alarm clock to wake up with your favourite music & more Features Full application Unlimited Mp3 radio stations Update all the time Sleep timer Alarm clock Fast loading No registering needed HD animations Checked list of radio stations. Classical Music Request No more switching applications - Its all in one To change playlist or to change music - slide your finger left or right No limitations

Jazz music - Tune in to 24/7 Jazz live and online internet FM radio stations playing all Jazz genres alternatives


JAZZ.FM91 has been referred to by Business Week as one of the best radio stations in the world. You can now listen to JAZZ.FM91 on your mobile device. JAZZ.FM91 is an independent, listener-supported, registered Canadian charity committed to enhancing the greater jazz community through concerts, educational programs, and community partnerships

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Making music should be easy & fun. No other app is this easy and packed with the drum kits actual pros use Welcome to the BeatPad Community The ultimate app for music creation Fun, simple, easy, and so many sounds to choose from I am going to release an entire album made with BeatPad ~ Bolt928 My friends are amazed at how well this app does against their $500+ pro equipment ~ ZipDriverXNEW FEATURES| XMLOOP Packs in the kit store - Time-Stretchable sample loops make your beat come to life instantly | Apple Watch BeatPad App| Import 16 wave files in zip to easily create kits| Export flexible XMLoops to Rap-Studio| New Built-In Kits| iTunes File Sharing People are getting paid for selling beats they make with BeatPad BeatPad comes with tons of kits pre installed and you can download tons more in our kit pack store. Epic beatmaking awaits you FEATURES- Create XMLoops for Pocket Studio XMLoops can be played in Pocket Studio at any tempo and allow you to sing or rap over your beats in a more flexible way.- Create Custom Kits by sampling microphone audio or Importing audio from email and the web - Share your custom kits with friends - Download Kits made by others from around the world- Universal App Installs on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch - Quantize: Automatic Note Sync keeps you on beat- Email Your Beats to EVERYONE - Upload Your Beats to SoundCloud, YouTube & Your FaceBook wall- Professional Sound Banks used by Real Producers- 8 Channel Music Sequencing- Type and Save Your Lyrics to Each Song- Easy to use interface- Send your song files to friends for collaboration

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