Jason is a JSON browser. It takes a JSON data, displays it visually in a native view, and lets you interact with it.


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NOSQL Explorer
Epic MAR
Pulsar for Salesforce
Appcelerator API Document
Echo Transfer - Wireless & Cloudless

Jason. alternatives

Standard Notes

# Its simple. Standard Notes is the easiest notes app youll ever use. Learn more at standardnotes.org.

  • rating 4.875
  • size 6.3 MB

GitPoint for GitHub

Built with React Native, GitPoint is an open source GitHub client with a minimal and beautiful UI.View repository and user information, control your notifications and even manage your issues and pull requests. GitPoint is the most feature-rich unofficial GitHub iOS client that is 100% free. Use GitPoint to: Communicate on your issue and pull request conversations Close or lock issues Apply labels and assignees Review and merge pull requests Control your unread and participating notifications Easily search for any user or repositoryGitPoint is free and always will be.https://gitpoint.co/Repository URL: https://github.com/gitpoint/git-point

Simplepin for Pinboard

A simple app for your Pinboard bookmarks. Simplepin makes reading and managing your Pinboard bookmarks easy. FEATURES Browse, edit, create and delete your bookmarks Search for your favourite bookmarks Create a new bookmark from Safari using the share extension 1Password integration Split View support for iPads (open links in safari) Mark bookmarks as read when opened Add URL from clipboardABOUT THE LOGIN Two ways to log in: username and password OR using API token Simplepin does not store your password (its only used for retrieving the API token)Please note that Simplepin does not have offline support.

  • rating 4.14286
  • size 12.6 MB

Working Copy Enterprise

Access Git repositories on the go. Clone, edit, commit and push while allowing other apps access to repositories. Note that repositories in one app will not show up in the other.

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 53.7 MB

Pinner for Pinboard

The best Pinboard app for iOS - The Sweet SetupPinner is a fast, full-featured app for your Pinboard bookmarks. Designed for all users of Pinboard, you can browse, edit, read, manage, and much more. Follow @pinner_app on Twitter or visit blog.pinnerapp.net for news.Pinner requires a Pinboard.in account for online syncing functionality, but can be used without sign up for local bookmarking.

  • rating 3.98462
  • size 17.9 MB

More Information About alternatives


JSON View allows you to view a JSON document and drill into the various elements. An easy to to view a complex representation of data on your iPad. An RSS to JSON converter allows you to convert most RSS feeds into a JSON document to view.

  • size 5.3 MB
  • version 1.0


PageCal is designed to be a very easy to use, straight forward calendar, which displays events for the day in a glance, along with days of the week and month in a single view. It is for people who wish to quickly see what events they have in the day, without having to deal with complex menus and functions. Features: day view with combined month view and weekday page icons list view birthdays view quickly see whats up for the day displays all events from the native iOS calendar database displays events from sync services such as iCloud if synced with the native calendar add, edit or delete calendar events easy, animated interface Preferences you can choose: which calendars to display first day of the week weekdays in red birthday notifications option to show red badge on app icon with day of month number from 7 built in themes

  • size 18.5 MB
  • version 2.2

NOSQL Explorer

NoSQL Explorer allows you to view the data inside the cloud. You can download, view and edit jsonAll links saved to the historyYou can viewing json as tableYou can save json to SDYou can create screenshot and save it to media library

  • size 27.0 MB
  • version 1.3

Epic MAR

Epic MAR is a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser. It lets you detect objects or images (magazine ads, billboards, flyers, logos, movies, a chocolate bar, ads etc) from the real world by scanning them with your phone camera, then the application displays digital contents related to them and you can interact with it on your mobile. If you want to add your own marker images and contents contact us at [email protected]: Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way in this application

  • size 22.3 MB
  • version 4.4


LXBeams for iPad allows you to view, edit and interact with LXSeries light plot (.lxxplot) files created on a computer. LXBeams for iPad includes plot, section, lights, reports and notes views for mobile access to the data contained in the plot. LXBeams for iPad also displays beams and can be used to control LXConsole using OSC.

  • size 23.0 MB
  • version 2.4.0


Dashbones is a bare bones dashboard. It displays KPI boxes based on a URL to a JSON file you supply and manage. Display your KPIs on:* iPhone* Apple TV* iMessages

  • size 13.1 MB
  • version 1.0.3

Pulsar for Salesforce

Pulsar is an intuitive, easy to use application that lets you access your Salesforce data even offline. Features include:* View/Update records offline and sync when youre connected again* View documents from your content libraries offline* Time saving shortcuts in a native app with intuitive user interactions* The app connects to your email accounts, calendars and address books* One-click lookup with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. * Simple ways to log and manage Salesforce Events and Tasks * Pipeline view helps you visually navigate your deals by stage* Custom object support, including offline (contact Luminix)* Visualforce page support (contact Luminix)

  • size 117 MB
  • version 2.5.12


EventBeyond is an event mobile app platform. It allows conference organizers to provide a native mobile app to use in connection with their event. Features of the App:* View the conference agenda* Access speaker bios and media* Connect with other conference attendees/sponsors* View sponsor profiles & media* Interact with a real-time feed of event activity, including discussions and media* Participate in event/session surveys* Participate in prize drawings* View custom pages the conference organizer has created

  • size 55.8 MB
  • version 2.2.15

Appcelerator API Document

The Titanium Mobile SDK lets you develop native, hybrid and mobile web applications from a single codebase. Many Appcelerator developers cite the speed of development, native UI, and JavaScript skill set needed as reasons why they choose to use Appcelerator. The app has a simple and powerful design, thanks to the api json file provided by appcelerator.com.

  • size 30.1 MB
  • version 3.1.0

Echo Transfer - Wireless & Cloudless

Echo Transfer (powered by Fenix Data) lets you wirelessly transfer photos, videos, documents, and contacts to other computers and iOS/non-iOS devices. You can also use your computer (via web browser) to transfer data to your devices and you can view or manage you device data from your computer. *Files supported 1) Photos/Videos, 2)Contacts, 3)Documents

  • size 22.2 MB
  • version 1.0.1