This is an authentic 2013-14 Khartargachchha Tithi Mantavya for Swetambar Jain. Get all the major events, Moon rashi, Nakshatra, Chogadia, Hora, Panchkhana time and niyama, Japa timings, 24 thirthkar panch kalanayak, Jinrashi Chakra and lot more in a single app. Jaya Gurudev


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Jain Panchanga alternatives

Gujarati English Dictionary

Gujarati to English and English to Gujarati Dictionary. Text to speech feature and auto-complete suggestion for both language. Features- - DUAL offline dictionary- Auto-complete suggestions - Text to speech feature for both language- Gujarati diary- Transliteration for non-gujarati users- Antonyms (opposite words) for English words - Study plan section - MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)

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Jain Panchang, Tithi, Events and Choghadiya

JAIN PANCHANG with TITHIS, IMPORTANT EVENTS and CHOGHADIYAS Jain Panchang is now available as an APP EXTENSIONS on Todays Widget Jain Panchang is now available on Apple Watch Features- It has MODERN JAIN PANCHANG showing combination of English Calendar and Jain Panchang.- The Jain Panchang also includes important Jain Festivals and important dates.- Pachkhan audio added.- The Jain Panchang includes daily Navkarsi, Porshi, Sadha Porshi, Purimaddha, Avaddha, Sunrise, Sunset and Chauvihar Timings based on your current Location- Jain Panchang will works without active internet connection. You can install it and use without active internet.- The Jain Panchang shows TITHIS in GREEN, YELLOW or RED, depending upon whether one should take green vegetables or not on that day, as per Jain religion.- The Jain Panchang shows DAY and NIGHT Choghadiyas based on your current location.- Multiple Languages supported you can switch languages from settings (English, Hindi and Gujarati)RED= ChaudusGREEN= AathamYELLOW= PanchamBLACK = Events

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Stotra Sangrah, 100+ stotram collection in English, Gujarati and Hindi

100+ StotraBiggest collection (Sangrah) of stotrams for daily use. Stotra is one type of hymn addressed to devotionList of stotras included in Stotra Sangrah1. Search a Stotra Adjust the font size Enable Night mode, where the screen will be turned into black and fonts are all white User friendly interface and easy to navigate Multiple language support:- Available in Hindi/Gujarati/English

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Prabhu Vandan

Jainism is a religion that prescribes pacifism and a path of non-violence towards all living beings. This FREE app attempts to provide a quick and mobile way for Jains and religious followers to worship all Tirthankars, various Tirths and Dev-Devis.

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Hindu Calendar: A Tithi Calendar and Tithi Reminder

* * * * Features * * * *~ Check Hindu Tithi of every day not just for this year but for Every year.~ Find out current Vikram and Saka Year.~ Checkout daily Sun Rise and Sun set timing. ~ Find festivals date of whole India. Key Feature of the application is that it allows to set reminders based on Tithi,For example You can set reminders for Ekadashi to remind on same day or before one day.~ User can add notes, and Task also to calendar and can also set reminder for particular tasks.~ User can check current Choghadiya as well for Muhurt or to start some good work.

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More Information About alternatives


This is a Jain Tithi Panchang for Vikram Samvat 2070 (English years 2013-14). The calendar provides Tithis and significant events throughout the year as perceived by Digambar Jains. This application is developed for Vitragvani - An initiative by Shantilal Shah Parivar, Mumbai

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  • version 3.2

iHoroscope Vedic

This app calculates and displays your Birth Chart (also known as Janam Kundali) based on Vedic Astrology. Following are the main features of this program:- Displays Birth Chart (Rasi Kundali) in North and South Indian style- GPS support for current location and time chart.- Displays Bhava Chalit Chart.- Displays Divisional (Varga) charts i.e. Hora, Drekkana,Chaturthmsa, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Trimsamsa and D10,D11,D12,D16,D20,D24,D27,D30,D40,D45,D60- Displays planetary positions and several Lagnas with respect to Rashi as well as Nakshatra - Planet and House Analysis including Arudha Lagna.- Displays Ashatakavarga for each house.- Displays Planetary Strength (Shadabala) as total strength as well as itemized strength. - Calculates Vimshottari and Yogini Dasa which includes Mahadasa, Antardasa and Pratyanar.- Calculates Transits for any date and time.- Calculate transits from Dasa/Antar/Pratyantar by simply clicking on the period.- Calculates Solar Return Chart (Varsha Kundali).- Support for Planet names and Zodiac signs in Sanskrit/Hindi and an option to use glyphs.- KP Charts, KP House and Planet information for Nakshatra Lord and Sub-Lord.- Capability to zoom charts.- Panchangam for the date of birth i.e. Tithi, Var,Karan, Yoga, Nakshatra- Search location using iOS Geocoder.- Select Ayanamsa from Lahiri, KP, Raman and Others- Load and Save horoscopes.- Configure to set chart style, default location information, mean or true Rahu (Ketu) positions.- View and Email charts as a PDF attachment.

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  • version 3.3


6th Annual Womens Private Equity SummitMarch 14 & 15, 2013; The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CaliforniaOn Thursday and Friday, March 14 15, 2013, more than 400 women in private equity, venture capital, real assets, real estate, and infrastructure will gather at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California for the 6th annual Womens Private Equity Summit. This must-attend event brings together an influential group of senior-level women GPs, LPs, and their advisors to make new connections, nurture existing relationships, and discuss successful strategies for doing business going forward. The firms content-rich events are designed to bring together institutional investors, fund managers, and advisors to the industry for an honest exchange of business ideas and information, unmatched deal-making, and invaluable networking.

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  • version 2.2


An interactive calendar that displays the current day in different calendar formats including Gregorian, Julian, Jewish (and Essene ), and more. The software also shows the phases of the moon over time and the zero year date can be set at any point in the calendar. Events can be set and viewed, Try it and see

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  • version 1


HELP+ App lets you search for the appropriate medical service providers (e.g. Doctors,Chemists, Laboratories, Hospitals & Ambulances) in your area. You can instantly book appointments with Doctors or Laboratories, at your convenient time and place for FREE. - Instant Book Appointment saves you a great deal of time.- Get a holistic view of Medical Profiles with Qualifications, Awards and other information.- See facility details such as Timings, Consultation Fees, Address & a lot more.- Navigate to your selected facility with integrated Google Maps.- Lets you select your preferred Doctors, Chemists, Laboratories saved under an unified view.

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  • version 1.2.0


Connect your cameras to 3dEYE Cloud for easy and secure access to live footage, archives, real-time events and more.3dEYE easily supports both single and multiple locations. It tracks what matters most to you, and lets you keep tabs on things while youre away. And if you get stuck, our help desk is ready 24/7.See how easy it is

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FutuHR Mobile HR Solution

FutuHR (pronounced future) is the first and only, 100% mobile HR solution that is changing the way small and midsize companies collect, maintain and use employee information. Its the simplest and most complete way to manage HR in your company keeping your records safe and making the day-to-day tasks of tracking people, time, projects, benefits, payroll, performance and more all possible for every company. With FutuHR, you get all of this and a whole lot more: 24/7 access to Employee, Company and Position data, from anywhere Time and Project Tracking Benefits Management Vacation/Time-off Tracking and Calendar Performance Ratings Payroll Administration/Integration with all major payroll companies including QuickBooks Employee and Manager Self-Service to ease your workload Standard and Customizable Reports Video Tutorials Customer Support

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Easy To Use - Microsoft Word Edition

Microsoft Word is the Worlds Favourite Word Processing Software and is today used by millions around the Globe each and every day. Microsoft Word has many hundreds of features that are all designed to make your life easier and this selection of MORE THAN 500 easy to follow video tutorials will help you master them and get you up to speed producing stunning professional looking documents. Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating Search by title or notes View by favourites or ratingLessons include:Word 2013 for Beginners Part 1 An Introduction to Using Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 2 Whats New in Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 3 Using Word 2013 with a Touch DeviceWord 2013 for Beginners Part 4 How to Open and Save a Word 2013 DocumentWord 2013 for Beginners Part 5 Using Online and Offline Help for Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 6 Setting Preferences and Options in Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 7 Understanding the Word 2013 RibbonWord 2013 for Beginners Part 8 The Quick Access Toolbar QATWord 2013 for Beginners Part 9 Using the Mini ToolbarWord 2013 for Beginners Part 10 Backup Autosave and Autorecover in Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 11 Entering and Editing Text in a Word 2013 DocumentWord 2013 for Beginners Part 12 Navigation Word Wrapping Selecting Text in Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 13 Inserting Symbols Date Time and Document PropertyWord 2013 for Beginners Part 14 How to Cut Copy and Paste in Microsoft WordWord 2013 for Beginners Part 15 Using the Word 2013 Navigation PaneWord 2013 for Beginners Part 16 Using Find and Replace in Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 17 Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tips in Word 2013Word 2013 for Beginners Part 18 Print Layout Web Layout and Draft ViewsWord 2013 for Beginners Part 19 How to Zoom In or Out of a Word DocumentWord 2013 for Beginners Part 20 How to Open a Word 2013 Document in Read Only ModeWord 2013 Headers Footers and Page NumbersWord 2013 Pictures and Text WrappingWord 2013 Formatting PicturesWord 2013 Background RemovalWord 2013 ShapesWord 2013 Text Boxes and WordArtWord 2013 Arranging ObjectsWord 2013 TablesWord 2013 ChartsWord 2013 Spelling and GrammarWord 2013 Track Changes and CommentsWord 2013 Finalizing and Protecting DocumentsWord 2013 SmartArt GraphicsWord 2013 StylesWord 2013 ThemesWord 2013 Mail MergeConvert Numbers To TextCdtick Pasting The Cd LabelsWord - How To Create Letterhead In A Word Documentmp4Email Mailmerge Using Excel And WordUsing Word How To Create Forms In Microsoft WordSetting Leader TabsTop 10 Windows Shortcut Keys Whats YoursKeyboard Shortcuts Everybody Should KnowWord 2010 Header And Footer TechniquesSend And Receive A Fax On Your ComputerWord 2010 - Create An Automatic Table Of ContentsHanging Indent - Word 20102011Turn Word Documents Into A Pdf FormHow To Write On A Pdf Without AdobeHow To Create A Fillable Form Using Word 2010 And Adobe Acrobat Professional XScanimage To WordtextHow To Convert Pages To WordHeaders Footers And Page Numbers From Simple To Elaborate In Word 2010Line Paragraph Spacing In WordHow To Delete An Extra Page In Microsoft WordMail Merge Word 2010Create A Form Letter With Mail Merge In Word And Exceland many more

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Islamic Calendar + Azan, Qibla

Islamic Calendar Plus 15 Islamic Apps for youre iPhone, iPod and iPad. App Features: Quran Majeed - in arabic uthmani script with 40 translations Qibla direction - Compass pointing to makkah Daily prayer times - notifies you when its time to pray Set Athan Alarms - athan plays when the prayer time starts View current Islamic & Gregorian Calendar dates View a list of Islamic Events for any Year, Hijri date on App Icon, Moon phase for current date Hijri correction setting allows you to adjust the dates 99 Names of Allah - with meaning and description Dua - 40 Rabbana Duas and 100 Duas from Hisnul Muslim Ramadan time-table for any location / any year Greeting Cards - send Eid and Ramadan greeting cards Zakat Calculator - calculate the zakat easily Tasbeeh Counter - see a list of common azkar and counter Masjid Locator - locate the nearest masjid from your current location Halal Restaurant Finder - assists you in find nearest halal restaurant Works using devices in-built GPS & Location services Automatic DST settings for Prayer Timings iOS Widget that shows Prayer times, Islamic date and Daily islamic reminders Now you can also get Prayer Times to work without GPS Quran Recitations - Download in 3 Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu (Requires pro upgrade) Duas Audio and 99 Names Recitation Audio (Requires pro upgrade) 5 Beautiful Islamic Calendar Themes to select from (Requires pro upgrade) Quran Verse of the Day - Shows you a random verse from the Glorious Quran every day. : .

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  • version 9.0

Circuit Lap Timer

Great For Sports Coaching - 4 starsVersion 2.04 - Mar 8, 2016 (UK) Easy to use, accurate timing and an essential bit of kit if you need to time more than a couple of runners in training or racesGreat multi-timer for any application - 5 starsVersion 1.03 - Apr 21, 2013 (Australia)I am not a trainer but I use this app to keep track of multiple sampling sites for agricultural field testing. The multiple timers allow me to record the time between samples taken at different places in the field multiple times a day with a single tap, and the CSV export allows me to easily get the data into excel for further processing. This app can also be used by individual athletes to monitor their own progress.

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  • version 2.06.03