Tap into your Destiny 2 Guardians weapons, gear, vault, and inventory all from your device. Instantly transfer items between characters and the vault. Check out Ishtar Legacy.

Ishtar Commander for Destiny 2 alternatives

Great Lightsaber: Duel Star in the War for Force

The Original Great Lightsaber - the most downloaded light saber game ever Loved by over 4 Million fans, top 3 free in multiple countries This is the Best Lightsaber on the App Store - check all the reviews It looks great, it sounds great and it takes advantage of your devices full screen, be it iPhone or iPad. First, make sure you have your speakers turned on before launching the sword. It is soo fun playing with my little brothers

  • size 22.6 MB

Tower Ghost

This app allows you to transfer items between profiles, with various filters. It is available on all mobile platforms and all common browsers, it is also available as a standalone app for most major operating systems. More information here: http://TowerGhostForDestiny.com/Some of Features SupportedShare your URL with friends so they can see everything you haveEquipping Items across characters and within itselfStoring items across charactersFilter by Perk Name, Description, Gun NameFilter by gun progress (Maxed (gold border), Full XP, Missing XP)Filter by burn (Kinetic, Arc, Solar, Void)Filter by weapon type (Scout, Auto, Hand Cannon, etc)Filter by Tier (Exotic, Legendary, Rare, etc)Auto Refresh Toggle, Custom set secondsDestinyDB tooltips with personal statsPersonal primary stats in transfer popupInline stat values on the item iconsView and transfer materials & split stacksSmart Transfer Algorithm works better than everMuch much more

  • rating 2.61538
  • size 77.3 MB

Alerts for Warframe

Tracking new Warframe PC, PS4 & XBOX One Alerts have never been so easy Join the Tenno fight fully prepared with unofficial Alerts for Warframe app Youll never miss a single Alert This app will notify you of all new alerts and store expired alerts for twenty-four hours. Features:* Get notifications of all new PC, PS4 & XBOX One alerts;* Keep an eye on time left until an alert expires;* Check all active Invasions & Infestations in the game;* Customize your alerts by toggling reward filters or custom text filters;* Open related wiki-article with one tap on alert;* Share alert with your friends to help you assemble a party;* Set notification filters - be notified of the important stuff only;* Keep up with the latest news;* Add a timer for your Titan Extractor and get the goodies just in time If you found any bug or issue please report it via Report feature on About screen before leaving bad review. Love it how helpful This app is extremely useful Thanks I check this more often than Facebook now :PWarframe and the Warframe logo are registered trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd.

  • rating 4.71795
  • size 70.5 MB