The IoT Manager for the Telit IoT Portal gives you the ability to view and manage your IoT resources, review API logs and more. We also include an IoT Simulator that acts as a personal tracker with some additional features that help you learn the API commands used to communicate with the Telit IoT Platform. This application is not built by or endorsed by Telit.


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IoT Manager for Telit IoT Portal alternatives

Fing - Network Scanner

Wi-Fi Fing Wi-Fi DNS ping Fing + Wi-Fi / LAN + IP MAC + NetBIOSUPNP Bonjour + + Internet + ISP + + TCP + ping traceroute+ WOL+ DNS DNS + SSHFTP+ + + IP Fingbox + Internet + + Wi-Fi + Internet + Internet + + Wi-Fi

  • rating 4.79258


It actually makes your smart things smarter and its a really cool way to integrate IoT into your daily life. Huffington PostThe award winning Stringify app connects your smart home, wearable devices, and services to create powerful automated experiences. Discover more on Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Official Page:*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • rating 4.1875
  • size 243 MB


Applets 400 app IFTTT TwitterTelegram, Google DriveTwitch, Weather UndergroundInstagramGmail, Amazon AlexaGoogle Home, NestPhilips Hue, iPhone Applets Amazon Alexa The New York Times ESPN Dropbox Google Drive Instagrams Twitter Pinterest The Health app, Twitch, Telegram, Spotify, YouTube, Google Calendar, Tumblr, Medium, Pocket, Square, eBay, Giphy, Automatic, LIFX, Fitbit, Withings, littleBits, Google WiFi, Evernote, Reddit, Digg, Skype, Slack, LINE, MailChimp, Salesforce, Todoist, Applets iPhone iPad Applets

  • rating 4.7111

BroadLink e-Control

This application is used for smart plugs designed by Broadlink Co. Ltd; Its main function is to remotely control your home appliances via turn on/off Broadlink smart plug.

  • rating 3.3
  • size 79.1 MB

VNC Viewer - Remote Desktop

VNC Viewer from RealVNC gives you instant remote access to your Mac, Windows and Linux computers from anywhere in the world. You can view your computers desktop, and control its mouse and keyboard as though you were sitting down in front of it. Protected by UK patents 2481870, 2479756; US patent 8760366; EU patent 2652951.

  • rating 4.66667

More Information About alternatives


DIACloud is a cloud-based IOT platform developed by Delta Electronics Inc With this platform and the corresponding network gateways, users can communicate with field devices, collect data and push them to cloud web portal, and push the control commands or settings to field devices at anytime, anywhere. Device status, alarms, field data will be shown on this mobile APP, meanwhile, control commands can be sent from the APP as well. (Currently, it is the Open Beta test version.)

  • size 7.9 MB
  • version 1.1.6

Cabin - Manage Kubernetes

Cabin is Kubernetes gone mobile Cabin allows you to quickly manage your Kubernetes applications with easy scaling of deployments, ability to execute commands in containers, access logs and even add or delete labels. Wherever you are, Cabin gives you quick access to your Kubernetes clusters with intuitive actions that will remind you of kubectl. Cabin will automatically setup Helm in your cluster if it is not present and you will be able to use it from your local machine.

  • size 14.7 MB
  • version 0.4.0

Reserveout Manager

Reserveout iPad Manager, is an advanced easy to use Restaurant Management platform, It was built to help restaurants, lounges and clubs staff to organize and maximizing their business. Reserveout Manager offers the restaurants staff the ability to:* Manage online and phone reservations* manage the restaurant tables by seating and assigning reservations or walk-ins* Manage guest details to be used in marketingThis application is for restaurants, if you are a user and want to make a reservation please go to:

  • size 97.9 MB
  • version 1.40.71


Take your ITSupport 247 Portal on-the-go with the ITS247 app for iOS. Weve extended the functionality of your portal to your smartphone, giving you the ability to manage all of your machines from your mobile device. Some of the key features include: Remote access to all of your computers that have an agent installed Transfer files remotely with File Manager and save files to your device Attach files to emails directly from the ITS247 application Gain more control, become more productive and up your game with the ITS247 app for iOS.

  • size 19.1 MB
  • version 4.1.4800


Mobile app that makes relocating easier for transferring employees whose relocation is being managed by XONEX Relocation, LLC. Features include direct email and phone access to your personal relocation services manager, a progress-tracking relocation checklist, a moving box inventory tracker and expense reporting on the go. Plus, there are handy resources like driving directions, packing tips and recommendations/deals at your new location.

  • size 12.4 MB
  • version 1.5

Expense Tracker - Personal Pocket Finance Manager

Expense tracker is a complete app to track your all the expenses bared by your pocket or bared by you & manage your personal finance. So that you can trace where your money goes as well as from where money comes in, you can limit & plan accordingly. You can also call it as your expense manager, as there is no difference between expense tracker or Expense Manager.

  • size 33.9 MB
  • version 2.0.0

MStack-Mobile Openstack Cloud

MStack - Mobile Client for Openstack Easy and simple to manage your Openstack cloud from anywhere at any time, MStack support openstack cloud platform version Icehouce or above version, it use openstack open API to access and manage your cloud environment, the app do not need additional register or other actions as long as your iPhone/iPad have network connection to your openstack cloud environment. Current Features:Support multiple tenants and multiple regions, easy to switch and manage your resources in other tenants/regions at any timeView resource usage summaryCreate,view,delete,start,stop instances, view instance console logs, associate,disassociate floatingip to your instance. View image name,size etc properties View flavor VCPU,RAM size etc propertiesCreate,view,delete security group and security group rulesCreate,import,delete keypair, save private key to safe place by emailCreate,delete,associate,disassociate floatingipCreate,delete,edit network Create,view,edit,delete subnetCreate,view,edit,delete router, add,delete,view router interface set/clear router gateway

  • size 23.6 MB
  • version 3.5

Craft Task Manager for Etsy Sellers

Craft Task Manager is an Etsy Sellers app for iPhone and iPad that can be used to track the status individual items within your orders. As individual items are ready they can be ticked off, making it easy to see which orders are ready to ship. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.

  • rating 2.29999
  • size 7.2 MB
  • version 2.0.3

Mobile Access Key Manager

This app is a utility that will be used together with our Trellis Platform Mobile Suite 5.0 product which is also available in the App Store. The Mobile Access Key Manager allows the user to install and manage keys that the Trellis Platform Mobile Suite uses to communicate with Trellis 4.0 (and newer) servers. This is a universal app, although currently only useful on the iPad and iPad Pro in conjunction with the Trellis Platform Mobile Suite 5.0 Product.

  • size 18.8 MB
  • version 5.0.0

Premier Agent

The lead-management (CRM) platform that helps agents and teams run their business anytime, anywhere. The Premier Agent App provides a simple and effective suite of tools to help you respond to leads quickly, communicate intelligently and manage your to-dos efficiently. Listing management and other resources Manage listings, upload a video walkthrough, post information about open houses or add additional photos Manage your Premier Agent profile by adding past sales or requesting reviews Access powerful tools and training through the Premier Agent Resource Center

  • rating 4.67296
  • size 75.3 MB
  • version 4.27.0