Have you ever been so frustrated searching for a specific membership card in your wallet to get rewards?And, have you ever accidentally lost a membership card that youve been collecting rewards with for so long?InsTamp is the key to clear all your frustration. This application creates virtual membership cards that have the same functionalities as the physical cards you currently have. You will save tons of space in your wallet and tons of time when you want to find a membership card using our application.


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ComFree Mobile

Best real estate app Photos are greatThe ComFree network is Canadas commission-free real estate network. Discover its catalog of more than 26,000 properties for sale The mobile application is the perfect tool for finding a house, a condo, a chalet or land. Its dedicated team has grown to more than 400 people across Canada and includes for-sale-by-owner operations in Saskatchewan and Quebec as well as brokerage operations in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba.

  • size 16.0 MB


Too often you end up unable to play your favorite game because you lack the stuff needed You forgot the Dice Dice simulates accurately up to 7 ( and 21 on iPad) dice simultaneously. Shake, or touch the screen to roll the dice. Pick an image from your own library

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Card Smash: Virtual Card Wallet & Organizer

The only mobile card wallet youll ever need Easily store, organize and use your gift cards, loyalty cards, rewards cards and membership cards with your phone. Declutter your wallet with Card Smash Backup & Store Your CardsDont you hate it when you lose your card? Download Card Smash for FREE today

  • size 70.6 MB
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inloyal - mobile cards wallet

You have multiple loyalty cards but dont carry them because they are useless and just make your wallet fat? Do you have trouble keeping a track of your reward points across all your cards?Are you too dependent on your brand for your loyalty membership with the brand?Presenting to you a new and improvised inloyal, a mobile loyalty wallet for customers like you where you can carry and manage all your loyalty cards and rewards on your phone. Keep watching this space Happy pocketing your rewards Team inloyal

  • size 68.7 MB
  • version 3.0.9


Walgo - Wallet on the Go Walgo lets you make anything you now carry in your wallet an item you can carry digitally in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Make all your physical cards mobile, including the following: Loyalty I.D. Some examples of how to use mobile cards in Walgo include: Loyalty and membership cards, accepted by most businesses Credit Card info for when shopping online or by phone Creating cards to store passwords or other credentials Creating cards to store your familys health plan information Car license, registration, and insurance information Any other info you want securely stored on your phone so its always with you when you need it

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Pocket Wallet

Simplify your life and stop carrying rarely used cards in your wallet Pocket Wallet allows you to take pictures of your insurance cards and protect your account with a passcode so no one else can access your information.-Got a toothache and dont have your dental card on you?-Lost your wallet?-Or you simply want to carry fewer things in your wallet but want to have your information nearby just in case of an emergency?Store it in Pocket Wallet and forget about it until you need it. Keep your drivers license, identification card, medical, dental, and vision insurance card or anything else you dont want to carry in your wallet FEATURES:-Your information isnt backed up onto a server so you dont need to worry about others viewing your information. In-app purchase has no ads, allows unlimited users and cards to be stored, and provides functionality to Mail or Message your card image.

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Card Wallet - Secure Card Storage on your Phone

Have you ever went to buy something online but only realized that you left your wallet in your other pants? And youre too lazy to get up and go get it?If youre lazy like me, this app is perfect for you. NOTE:- Currently only supports credit cards- Credit card themes and customizations are coming soon

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phyre : Loyalty cards wallet

Scan and store all your loyalty and reward cards in phyre and slim your wallet. No more flipping cards, just go to the cashier and show your iPhone - your new digital wallet. Slim your wallet Let it breathe Convenience - Find your card with few taps; Security - We support touch id security; Hot Deals - You have access to all hot deals from your favorite retailers; It is modern, so you are It is FREESoon we will support integration with Apple Wallet *Newsfeed is supported in limited regions only.

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Are you sick of carrying around a wallet as thick as a brick? WALLET + IS GREAT FOR- People who never clean out their wallets (you know who you are)- Frequent travellers who want to leave some of their cards at home- Online shoppers who dont want to search all day to find that one specialty card they rarely use - Families who share cards, insurance and more- Anyone who loves technology, and its application- The super saver who has a rewards card to every store- The credit card points aficionado, who has a new card every month- The car enthusiast who has 27 pieces of proof of insurance- Employers who want to allow give their employees easy access to certifications and moreAnd anyone else who has ever said whats in this wallet, I cant find my card, or I wish there was an easier way Download Wallet+ now, and experience the future of Wallets. Its about time you upgraded

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Audio Archive Player

iTunes is good for purchasing, storing and organizing your music collection. If you ever encountered yourself in a situation like this, this super simple audio player is what might help you. might have been accidentally copied along with music and now just steal precious space inside application bundle, because they can never be played by the app anyway.

  • size 11.5 MB
  • version 1.0

Oro: the smart loyalty card wallet & points tracker

Oro is the first smart mobile loyalty card wallet app & points tracker to help you truly manage all your rewards programs - securely, and for free STORE ALL YOUR REWARD CARDS ON YOUR PHONE - AND NEVER LEAVE ANY POINTS ON THE TABLE AGAIN Oro allows you to store your loyalty card wallet digitally on your phone, so you have your reward cards everywhere you go, in a single app, and never leave any points on the table again You can add all your reward cards by using our scanner, selecting our preset cards and entering your number, or even by adding your own reward cards that arent yet preset. Once youre shopping in store, simply have the cashier scan your digital card, or show your number to the cashier if they use an outdated scanning technology. Oroloyalty offers consumers great coverage, with over 500 loyalty programs, 100 of which are trackable Oro is quite simply the best loyalty card wallet app in the market today, and no loyalty organizer or points app offers better coverage than Oro Take part in the Oro lifestyle today

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Fantasy Cards | Make RPG card game style cards

Have you ever wanted to create parody fantasy card game style cards of your friends?Of course we all have at least I hope so Well now you can with Fantasy Cards Fantasy Cards is a simple application to use but with so many possibilities Start building your deck today and share your cards with your friends

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