InnerVoice helps teach communication skills to people with autism or just about anyone else using the universal languages of fun and laughter InnerVoice can function as an engaging multi-cultural language and literacy learning tool, as a powerful communication app, or as an entertaining, interactive toy that creates a unique social learning experience. Type an English word: watch your pictures, line drawings, or toys come to life, as they translate English into Spanish, Arabic, or Korean its up to you. InnerVoice is designed by speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists, and educators who work with people with autism, dyslexia, and other communication disorders.

InnerVoice Complete Communication Bundle alternatives

InnerVoice: Communication

InnerVoice promotes best teaching practices for those who have challenges with verbal communication at a fraction of the cost youd expect from a typical AAC app. InnerVoice can help teach speech, language, and social communication skills to people with autism or just about anyone else using a combination of science and fun. InnerVoice teaches communication in a different way by offering a customizable multi-sensory, emotionally expressive language-learning experience.

  • size 359 MB

InnerVoice Sender: Communication App

InnerVoice Sender is a powerful, yet fun, free accessory that pairs with InnerVoice 2.0 to create a captivating teaching instrument or a hilarious digital puppet, which captures your attention and keeps you engaged while learning. InnerVoice Sender works exclusively with InnerVoice: Autism Language and Literacy Tool. Show your child when and how to say thank you in real time, right when he receives a gift.

  • size 94.7 MB