Here we offer you one of the most advanced free indoor drone flight simulator 3D game on the Apple App Store. Take your colorful drones for a flight in this simple simulation game and practice your skills without the cost of crashing a real one If you like various indoor remote controlled UAV, then this Free Drone Flying Simulator game will definitely be a great way for you to kill the time Channel your inner pilot to steer your drone to the correct spot in building to pick-up and drop multiple objects and compete for the challenge. Indoor Drone Simulator Game KEY FEATURES- Super realistic indoor flight missions.- True to life drone multi rotor drone controls.- Fly through amazing 3D indoor home environment.- Addictive non-violence game makes it perfect for kids of all ages- Move ahead with the game as the missions become harder and harder and choice of drone selection is activated.

InDoor Drone Simulator alternatives

Craft Vehicle: Car Mechanic Simulator

Start your blocky mechanic career now Explore this cartoon world in search of some interesting materials and details, use your super multi-purpose tool to quarry resources and then turn them into the fantastically colorful car Play Craft Vehicle: Car Mechanic Simulator game and you wont be disappointed Welcome to the colorful world made of blocks Its your chance to craft absolutely wonderful cars from these blocks Craft your car step by step: start with different carcasses, then go to engine and finish with wheels Do your best and make the best car made of steel, dark metal or even glass to impress your friends Become the most experienced car mechanic in this colorful blocky world and have fun Become an experienced car mechanic trying to unlock all types of blocks Quarry various resources like wood and stone to start your car building, but remember: the technologies are gone too far today, so stones and woods are not enough to build really great car Use your super tool which contains a hammer, screwdriver, pick and other instruments and gather all the necessary resources Play Craft Vehicle: Car Mechanic Simulator and have fun Earn points for successfully collected resources and built cars and unlock new types of different colorful blocks to make your blocky car really perfect Use such colors as red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, gold, steel or even glass to make your blocky car really unique Craft Vehicle: Car Mechanic Simulator features: Wonderfully colorful cars to build Chance to try interesting blocky craft system Various types of fantastic materials Colorful cartoon 3D graphicsExplore this fantastic world filled with different interesting objects Quarry them with your super tool and create really wonderful cars playing Craft Vehicle: Car Mechanic Simulator

  • rating 3.75
  • size 103 MB

Robot Transform Sim - Superheros War City Game

Robot Wars is an action packed robot battle game where you will be saving the city from criminals by riding cars and transforming into superhero robots. The super robot machine that can transform from a car sounds futuristic and has a superhero aura about it. Features of Robot Wars:+ Numerous Robot Battle Missions+ Car driving experience+ Real Robot Fighting Gameplay+ Multiple robots to play with+ Play as a car or robot+ Awesome 3D game graphics

  • size 216 MB