This game is simple in concept, 3 Levels, yet addicting and challenging. the one tap control and 2D graphics reminds me of Flappy Bird type game. Hold to Keep Jumping


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Impossible 3 Levels alternatives

Fair Food Donut Maker - Games for Kids Free


Welcome to Airspin, a flight tourism destination with locations on City Island, Aurora Island, and Skull Island Now that youve arrived its your turn to take control of the most maneuverable light plane around. With it you will explore the islands landmarks, test your skills on landing pads, zoom through speed zones, and defy death in fiery crash zones - 3 spectacular island locales with 100 goals each - 5 planes to choose from, all with animated flaps, rudder, etc.- iCloud support (goals and options synchronized between all iOS devices)- Flight model based in reality but augmented for fun- Takeoff and land at will- Lots to see- Free flight mode- GPS option in case you cant find all the goals Thanks for playing Also try Airspin Real, now available on the App Store Additional keywords: nintendo, mario, pilotwings, pokemon, kids, easy

  • rating 4.34783
  • size 121 MB

Classic Miner

* Classic Miner is one of most popular online games. Now its available on iOS. Tags: Free games, Fun games, Free entertainment, Casual games, Brain games,QQ Game,Best,Online games

  • size 25.4 MB


#1 racing game in 76 countries From RedLynx, creators of DrawRace 2 and Trials HD MotoHeroz takes the fun, fast gameplay of a Trials style game, adds it to a frantic rally race, and delivers a fresh new kind of side-scrolling, platform racing game. Inspired by the critically acclaimed WiiWare game MotoHeroz, named Best WiiWare Game of the Year by IGN and Nintendo Life COOL FEATURES - Physics-based racing: fun gameplay with 6 vehicles in 30 exciting tracks- Single player fun: Unlock tracks by beating opponents and different challenges- Fun for many: Race against your friends in asynchronous multiplayer on each track - Claim the top spot: Global and Friends Leader Boards let gamers compete against each other- Fully optimized: File size under 20 Mb and blazing fast load times, instant restarts- Upgrade your vehicle and acquire in-game goodies for super boosts- Gather secrets: Find all of the hidden treasures to beat the game 100% MotoHeroz is a remarkable achievement in track design and high score-chasing. 148 Apps Keep in Touch Help you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected]

  • rating 4.08633
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PopStar! Lite

1 - 2 - - 1 2 1 (= x x 4 2= 20 3= 45 4= 80 10= 500 20= 2000 2 (= 2000 - x x 20 10= 0 9= 380 8= 720 = 2000

  • rating 3.46154

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Jetpack Bird - FREE

Jetpack Bird dreams of flying with his tiny wings. Finally he can fly with jetpack. FEATURES: Simple but skillful One Touch control just HOLD or TAP arcade game 2 Control Types - HOLD and TAP 3 World Skin Types - FOREST, PIPE and BOX 7 Trophies for your scores - BRONZE, RUBY, SILVER, CRYSTAL, GOLD, MASTER and PLATINUM Universal App - Buy once, play on iPad and iPhone Integrated Game Center Leaderboards Optimized for iPhone 5 Notice: This game is inspired by Flappy Bird, a really genius game by GEARS Studio (but not available anymore in the world) and a remake of Flappy Bird and dedicated to Flappy Bird Lovers.

  • size 17.0 MB
  • version 1.1

Wing-Suit Jetpack: Stickman Air-Plane Flapper

Wing-Suit Jetpack is a fun and addicting parody of flappy bird With Cool Doodle Graphics and Challenging Game Play. Once you start, you Cant Stop Just One More Try to Better your Score How to Play: Just Tap Tap Tap to control your jetpack. Share your best score with your friendsCheck out our other great games at

  • rating 2.6
  • size 31.2 MB
  • version 1.0

Tap Man

Tap Man is a simple yet challenging game where you jump through as many obstacles as you can before you crash into one. If youre a fan of Flappy Bird this gives you a new challenge in an alternative style. Good luck

  • size 3.1 MB
  • version 1.1.1

Flappy Box - Jump across obstacles, Simple concept tough to master!

Flappy Box, Tap to Jump across the obstacles and try to complete all Levels. Simple concept, but tough to master Happy or Flapp Box is a Simple, Addictive, Amazing Jumping Arcade game, Free and Enjoyable Loved by millions of people all over the world, more than 10 kinds of different obstacles and over 100+ challenging levels waiting for you to clear up How to Play:- Simply Tap the screen to jump. Download and experience the excitement of Flappy Box

  • size 8.6 MB
  • version 1.0

ASCII Shooter

Classic 2D shooting gameSkillz multiplayer, win real money. Old school game with modern engine and pixel perfect graphics. Reminds me of one of those games I used to type in from a magazine hoping for Robotron.

  • rating 5
  • size 65.3 MB
  • version 1.3

Tap Tap Bird HD

Tap Tap Bird, is a simple but very nice application based on a popular flappy mechanics. Our main advantage is the best graphics among all the competitors. Please note: this game will get on your nerves, keep tap tapping and stay cool :)

  • size 41.3 MB
  • version 1.4


Tap to spin your Fidget Spinner when you see a Gem Try not to miss Test your reflexes. The most addicting game since Flappy Bird Game Features: Free to play Endless gameplay Simple tap-to-play control Beat your friends Highscore

  • rating 4.8
  • size 60.7 MB
  • version 1.09

TinyFly Christmas 2014 - Xmas Flappy Racing - Multiplayer Birds Edition

Start Challenging your friends in the Family Flappy Birds Racing Now support Multiplayer [How to play] - Tap screen to keep the bird flying - Dont let the bird fall or hit the pipe - Collect as many coins as possible - Try to archive 4 medals [Single Player mode]- Tap Single Play to start your race in Single mode. [2 Players mode]- Active SPLIT mode to play with your friend HEAD TO HEAD. This game is inspired by the famous Flappy Bird game, but it is not Flappy Bird and is not affiliated with Flappy Birds owner.

  • rating 3.64286
  • size 12.1 MB
  • version 2.4.2

Pirates Quest

Pirates Quest is a simple, yet hard to master, game. Keep tapping and keep hitting in Flappy Bird style while striving for the highest score* Flappy Style Simple Gameplay* Control with just a tap * Extremely Addictive* Beautiful Landscape* Looks easy but it is not, almost impossible* Have full potential to make you crazy* Shop for Character Selection included Fit for everyone, every time, everyplace : getting bored in class or in office, play it with just a tap and kill some time in quality way FREE, FREE, FREE, Score high to unlock more characters. Do try

  • size 10.2 MB
  • version 1.0


Forget flappy bird, tap tap to keep this bee flying Absolutely free, with no in-app purchases. Different levels generated every time you play. Supports Game Center Leaderboards.

  • size 12.4 MB
  • version 3.1