This app gives you a quick and beautiful access to EXIF-, TIFF- & IPTC-Data in your photos (e.g. location, aperture, shutter, ISO-Rating, photographer, keywords, description and a lot more).You can share and save your photos with or without meta-data and you can view a histogram. You can also edit the exif-data (not just iOS-meta-data). This App should be installed not only by every photographer :)Aaaaand: No Unlock-Everything-Features If you encountered a bug or if you want to suggest a feature, feel free to contact me: [email protected]


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Exif Viewer (Grainhappy)
Image Data
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ImagExif alternatives

Network Analyzer - wifi scanner, speed test, tools

The ultimate tool for network analysis, LAN scanning and problem detection. Network Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in your wifi network setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect various issues on remote servers thanks to the wide range of tools it provides. Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6.WIFI LAN SCANNER Fast and reliable detection of all network devices (wifi & VPN) IP addresses of all discovered devices NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour), LLMNR, and DNS name where available Pingability test of discovered devices IPv6 availability and discovered IPv6 addresses Wake on LAN (WOL) including remote WOL Scan of custom IP ranges Filtering and search in the discovered device listPING & TRACEROUTE Round trip delay including IP address and hostname for every network node Geolocation data including latitude, longitude, country, city, and time zone AS number and network name information Complete trace route visualization on the map Graphical ping statistics updated in real time Configurable ICMP/UDP probes for traceroute Configurable ping payload size Both IPv4 and IPv6 - selectablePORT SCANNER Fast, adaptive algorithm for scanning the most common ports or user specified port ranges Detection of closed, firewalled, and open ports Description of the known open port services Scan of complete port range or user-editable common ports Both IPv4 and IPv6 - selectableWHOIS Whois of domains, IP addresses and AS numbers DNS LOOKUP Functionality similar to nslookup or dig Support of ANY, A, AAAA, CAA, CNAME, HINFO, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SPF, SRV, SSHFP, TLSA, TXT records Decoding and showing DNSSEC records such as DNSKEY, CDNSKEY, RRSIG, NSEC3PARAM, NSEC, NSEC3, DS, CDS INTERNET SPEED Test of both download and upload speeds Graphical speed test view Speed test history NETWORK INFORMATION Default gateway, external IP (v4 and v6), DNS server, HTTP proxy Wifi network information such as SSID, BSSID, IP address, and subnet mask Cell (3G, LTE) network information such as IP address, network provider, MCC, MNC Monitor of wifi, cell and VPN data usage (both sent and received data since the last boot) LOCAL SERVICE DISCOVERY Bonjour service browser UPNP/DLNA service and device browserMORE Full IPv6 support everywhere History of all performed tasks with the possibility to star the favorite ones Export by email, AirPrint, and AirDrop for most tools Copy/paste support Detailed help Regular updates, support page

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 15.6 MB

iConnectHue for Philips Hue

iConnectHue will bring out the best of your Philips Hue lights Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, areas or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions Want to go to bed? If you think its expensive, have a look what app development means: can do much more than Philips app: of use:

  • rating 4.23529
  • size 29.7 MB

Mobile Mouse Remote

Mobile Mouse instantly transforms your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch into a wireless trackpad, remote, keyboard, and MUCH more for your Mac or PC. Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Provides remote control capabilities for programs like iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Quicktime, Front Row, Keynote, Powerpoint, Windows Media Center, WinAmp, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Kodi

  • size 46.8 MB

AirMap for Drones

AirMap is the leading provider of aeronautical data & services to unmanned aircraft, or drones. AirMap offers these features and more:- View only the airspace rules you need based on the context of your mission with localized rulesets for Germany, Japan, the U.K., the U.S., and the Canada.- Super Fast Vector Maps- Pilot Profile View- Manage UAV Aircraft- Create & Manage Flights (incl. Future Flights)- Submit Digital Flight Notifications to Participating Airports- View Public Flights- Get Real-time Traffic Alerts- Toggle between Four Different Map Styles- Search Map by Place or Location- Confirm that your flight is cleared for takeoff with AirMaps recommended preflight checklist.

  • rating 3.30709
  • size 116 MB

Exif Photo Viewer - View photos and EXIF metadata

Exif Photo Viewer is an app that allows you to check a variety of information from photos saved in your photo app. - Displays Photo InformationIn the photo thumbnail list screen it is easy to check information such as the data and time the photo was taken, the vertical and horizontal size of the photo, as well as the file size. (Brightness at the time it was shot, flash settings, focal length, etc.)

  • rating 3.16667
  • size 3.5 MB

More Information About alternatives


View and edit meta/exif data. Delete GPS information so your pictures cant be tracked add a copyright watermark if you please. You can even export your data if you want via email.

  • size 2.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Exif Viewer (Grainhappy)

Import a photo to display aperture, shutter speed, ISO, camera model and lens model from any photo that has EXIF metadata available Copy to clipboard enabled, so that you can easily share your settings to social media.

  • size 13.2 MB
  • version 1.0


You can check Exif data which a picture contains. Also you can tweet and e-mail a pictures Exif data with the picture, and compound a watermark with a picture. You can check following items:- Image Size- Camera Maker- Camera Model- F Number- ISO Speed- Shutter Speed- Focal Length- 35mm Equivalent Focal Length- Lens- Latitude- Longitude- Resolution- Exif Version- Date- Profile

  • size 13.4 MB
  • version 1.2.2


Change your photos EXIF, IPTC, GPS tags like a pro, directly on your iOS devices. You can select multiple photos from photo album, edit their tags, change them in a batch, and save them back to album. The property value can be set using variables, e.g. use todays date time, use filename, create number series, create date time series, copy from other property value, replace, truncate, uppercase, lowercase It also supports quick preview feature, which allows you to see the files thumbnail while you edit it.

  • size 12.4 MB
  • version 1.1


piRAWnha is the only full-featured raw image developer for iPad piRAWnha will help you get the most out of your raw images when youre on the go or at home, no desktop or laptop needed. Simply import your raw images onto your iPad, edit them with piRAWnha, and share with the world piRAWnha features both raw developing and post-processing options, including: -Exposure compensation-White balance correction (automatic, manual, camera-specific)-Highlight recovery, Gamma correction-Denoise operations-Saturation-hue-brightness adjustment-High-quality contrast adjustment-Sharpening and Image Blurring-Updated image histogram (red-green-blue) while editing-Display of EXIF information (shutter speed, aperture value, ISO, )-Ratings/Keywords with XMP file support-Full size export and full-screen full resolution display for iPad 2-Custom output file format (jpg, tiff, )-Cropping and Rotation-Vibrance Control-Current Zoom display-Ability to open RAW files from other apps such as Mail, Dropbox, ShuttersnitchOnce youve found the settings you want, piRAWnha will export a high-quality JPEG image file to your Photo Library (leaving the original raw file unaltered, of course). Develop, adjust and perfect your raw images with piRAWnha, all for the price of a lens cap.

  • size 41.0 MB
  • version 9.1

Image Data

What is new in version 2.0.2- new image picker - new look & feel - detect photo library changes - improved speed - shows file size - shows file name (on iOS 5 and up) - iOS 6 ready- shows all metadata dictionaries supported by iOS ( Exif, JFIF, TIFF, IPTC, GPS, PNG etc ) Image Data is a universal app that displays the metadata stored inside an image. You can check the properties of your images such as DPI resolution, orientation or even pixel depth, get some more information about the data captured by your camera, discover more about the tags and keywords embedded in your images or simply find out where your photos were taken and locate them on a map. Your current location is not used by Image Data it is needed to gain access to the photo library.

  • size 0.8 MB
  • version 2.0.2

Zirkle for 500px

Inspiration for pro photographers and help for amateur photographers. 1) Find the most popular photos around youYou can move around the map and select the place where you would like to photograph. Photo information:- photographer- location on map- date - date and time- aperture, shutter speed, focal length- rating, likes, comments3) Go and take a great photoPick a location, choose time and select suitable equipment (camera, lens, tripod) with you Zirkle is designed for photographers but its a great tool for travel planning too

EXIF Manager

The EXIF Manager takes all the images on your device and allows you to compare them in 6 different ways - by Exposure Value, by Shutter Speed, by ISO Rating, by f/stop, by focal length and by camera maker. Select one of the various rows in the table and youll be shown a screen of images with the relevant information underneath each one. In these cases it may not be possible to calculate the Exposure value for the image or the image may basically say very little (images from my iPhone 3G seem to have little EXIF data in them).For the various orderings if the required information is not available then the image is placed in the Unknown set of images.

  • size 4.7 MB
  • version 1.3.0

Photo Gear - EXIF Viewer

If you want to take a deeper look at your favorite photos, Photo Gear is for you. Photo Gear is a photo metadata browser for EXIF, TIFF, GPS and much more. And this is the most likely reason why Photo Gear does not show what youve expected.

  • size 1.2 MB
  • version 2.2.0

PhotoInfo-EXIF,GPS,remove GPS

PhotoInfo App and Extension App shows the place of photo and extended information and GPS in your photo libraries and able to remove location of it.+ File Information - file name, size, date- color, width, height+ GPS - location on map - latitude, longitude, altitude- open location in Map app+ EXIF (Extended Information)- Make, Model, Software, Resolution- LensMaker, LensModel- Aperture Value, Brightness- Exposure information - FNumber, Flash, FocalLength- WhiteBalance, Shutter Speed + Photo- zoom in/out- send photo to email, SMS, facebook, twitter+ Remove GPS data - Can save a copy image without GPS data- Can share image without GPS data+ Extension app for Photos.

  • size 12.2 MB
  • version 1.2.6