Connect to any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and control remote desktop. Use the ISL Light app to support clients remotely or access your unattended computers even behind a firewall or a NAT proxy. Over 100,000 registered users from more than 100 countries are using our software to provide remote desktop support to their clients or to access unattended computers.

ISL Light alternatives

PRTG - The App for PRTG Network Monitor

Keep an eye on your network wherever you are. With PRTG, your iPhone is your network monitor. PRTG covers all aspects of network monitoring: Alarms with Push Notifications Today Widget for your quick status check Up-/downtime Traffic and usage Zoomable charts for the last 48 hours, 30 days, and 365 days Maps, Libraries and Logs View your reports Access the ticket system* You can monitor about 20 devices with PRTG 100 for free, bigger licenses will be subject to a charge after 30 days.PRTG and Paessler are registered trademarks of Paessler AG.

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  • size 34.1 MB

RemotePC Remote Desktop

RemotePC - Access and view your computer remotely, from any iOS device Install the RemotePC app on your mobile devices and access your computer remotely from anywhere. You can connect to your office or home computers remotely, at after hours or on the fly, and work on documents including emails, and applications. You can change the screen resolution of your remote computers from your mobile device.

  • size 38.6 MB

CrazyRemote Lite

PC AppCrazyRemote CrazyRemote Lite . [ Lite ]* WiFi , ( or ) . * .

  • rating 2.9

NetSupport Manager Control

The NetSupport Manager Control for iOS provides mobile remote control for existing NetSupport Manager remote control users remotely from any iPad, iPhone or iPod. The mobile Control allows a user to quickly search and connect to both local computers by either IP address or PC name, or to browse, connect and view remote computers utilizing the free NetSupport Manager Internet Gateway component. Refer to the NetSupport Manager website for help configuring the Gateway).4) From the NetSupport Manager Control browse and find your Clients.5) Select a Client and choose to View, Chat or send a Message.

  • size 14.8 MB

Kinoni Remote Desktop - Fastest PC Remote Control Application

Kinoni Remote Desktop allows you to use your desktop computer just like you would do it sitting in front of that computer. It is fast, easy and secure. FEATURES: Fast: 60 frames per second video makes watching movies and playing games perfectly smooth Retina resolution support: Full resolution display to see every single detail crystal clear Easy setup: After simple one-time setup your computer can be accessed from anywhere Enterprise-grade security: Keeps your session and data safe with SSL encryption Universal application: Works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Auto-discovery: Use Gmail account to access your computer everywhere using 3G/4G network Usability improvements like kinetic scrolling and scroll bars make navigating computer desktop quick and easy Compatible with any application on your PC: Use Office applications, access full desktop browser with Flash and Java support Watch movies from Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, DVD and Windows Media Player Control unlimited number of PCs 400% zoom to see details and work without straining your eyes Works smoothly over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks thanks to adaptive data compression Supports international keyboard layouts and external Bluetooth keyboardKinoni Remote Desktop Pro (In-App Purchase) Audio support: CD quality stereo audio to play music, watch movies and enjoy your PC games No advertisementSUPPORTED PLATFORMS Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP For best performance a dual-core CPU is recommendedTECHNICAL SUPPORT Please see our website for answers to most common questions Support is available via [email protected]

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  • size 8.3 MB