Lists are better when theyre shared; share your Todo lists and reminders with SharedLi - Stay in sync by sharing your todo lists with anyone- Your lists are private unless you share them- Add items to the list while your significant other is at the store, no more forgotten items- Share reminders with everyone subscribed to a list- Easily search all your lists- Receive notifications when items are added or completed- Smart notifications wont spam you for every item checked off- More than grocery lists, create a list for anything- Send lists by email or text message to those without the app- Full list history- Facebook integration for easy loginConquer your todo list with ease or invite others to help you Share grocery lists, todo lists, around-the-house projects, or collaborate on what needs to be done for that big group presentation at the office or school, SharedLi is the app to keep everyone organized and on the same page. Easily create shared todo lists and reminders with simple gestures. So send your spouse to the other side of the store and tackle that shopping list together, plan that cookout, or share reminders with your roommate *We welcome feature requests and feedback via the provided in-app feedback

Shared Todo Lists - SharedLi alternatives

Groceryx - Grocery Shopping List Shared and Synced with Family and Friends.

Easily share a list with your spouse or roommates. Changes show up instantly on everyones iPhone or iPad. Reorder aisles to match the way you usually walk through your local store.

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Shopi - Shared Grocery Shopping Lists

Shopi is a unique shopping list app for iPhone. Shopi learns as you use it, remembering your favourite items and preferred order when shopping. It comes with a 30 day complimentary subscription, after which it becomes Ad-supported, with the option to purchase additional subscription time if you wish to remain Ad-free and support Shopi directly.

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The easiest way to track shared to-dos with friends and family Are you going on vacation? FEATURES Super fast and easy to use interface Online syncing with your friends Push notifications for assigned tasks Full history of your past eventsChecked is part of the Ensemble suite of apps. If you need more participants, you can unlock the full version with a cheap one time in-app purchase.

  • size 2.8 MB