Join the fitness world of Nuvola series on upright bike, recumbent or elliptical. Only simple steps can set your personal goals on workout This app works with the following hardware:Nuvola V9 (and later) Upright bikeNuvola E9 Elliptical trainerFeatures: - Quick pairing with Nuvola fitness equipment by using bluetooth. Functions: - 16 Tension levels controlled by APP - TIME / SPEED / DISTANCE / CALORIES / Heart Rate/ Pedaling RPM - Programs: HRC/ 3 Hill / 3 Interval / 3 Random / Customized - Additional readout in visible icons to set up goal for Time / Distance / Calories - Personalized work out data to help you achieve your fitness objectives

Home Fit alternatives

Circle Timer

With Circle Timer you can design any interval program in seconds. You can use it for basic intervals or create advanced programs with many combinations of different pausing and work. Save your own favorite programs for later use and choose between different sound schemes (in-app purchase)Works on both iPhone and iPad.

  • size 22.6 MB

RaceMyGhost+ - Indoor cycling on a wind trainer, turned into a motivational virtual bicycle race

iMeditation - Guided Meditations

Cycle Companion Lite

This is the perfect indoor cycling companion Choose from a selection of training programs, theres one for you whether youre looking forward to improve your maximum oxygen consumption or you just want to have fun. During your training, when its time to change the intensity, a visual and audio cue will let you know. Additionally:- Optimized for retina display- Airplay support

  • size 1.9 MB

FitTrip - Fitness Tracking, Heart Rate Based Coaching and Virtual Trips

YOUR PASSPORT TO FITNESS - FitTrip works at your pace, on any machine and at any location. As featured in TechCrunch, iPhone Life magazine, and Top Fitness Apps New version includes audio coaching profiles which can be used with your outdoor or indoor workouts. CyclistThe video looked amazing on my iPad Mini Ill take riding alongside a beach over watching the news any day iPhoneLife

  • size 83.8 MB